Broke Even Despite a Really Poor Weight Loss During Jogging Session

Day 386

My diet was not great but not terrible today. I rose to 78.5 by 7 in the evening after starting at 76.7. At that point, it was an increase of 1.8 kg.

I also drank more water than yesterday, which means the weight might fall off fast. However, I don’t seem to be going to the bathroom much, so my body may need this water for now.

Like yesterday, I just needed a little more to eat even after 7. So I had a fairly small meal and rose to around 78.7 kg. That put my daily max increase at 2.0 kg. Then, at about 10 at night, I dropped to approximately 78.6. So that put me 1.9 over for the day, which was pretty similar to yesterday. However, I will sleep soon tonight and get a lot more shut-eye than last night. This will hopefully help me lose plenty of weight overnight.

I weighed in a little late in the morning (about a couple of hours after getting up) and was 77.6 kg. However, that was before going to the bathroom. I was possibly 77.8 when getting up, so regardless of doing it late, I lost quite a bit overnight.

I finally went to the bathroom and weighed 77.3. That was only a few minutes before running, so that was also my starting weight for the one-hour running session.

Today, I just don’t feel like running hard. Yesterday, I felt the same way and still ultimately ran harder than usual. I had measured my heart rate halfway through, and it was at about 140. Then, I was actually surprised to measure at the end and see a heart rate of around 152. So my average heart rate must have been at least 140.

However, today is probably the time that I really will slow it down a little. If that causes a little bit of weight gain, I am not even going to worry about it. I do hope to lose at least .6 kg, though, which seems like what happens on 60-minute runs when my results are bad. Actually, though, .6 would break me even since I lost a lot in the bathroom. So I still might actually lose weight today even with a slower run.

Well, the run was very strange. I only lost .5 kg, which ties the lowest mark for in-exercise weight loss that I have ever recorded for a one-hour jogging session. The wind was blowing extremely hard, which possibly affected the amount. Despite the weird result, I still broke even today because my weight had already gotten down to 77.2 before the run started.

This is one of the strangest days I have seen so far. My diet was so-so, actually getting up to a 2.0 increase. Then, I had the really bad run result of .5. What allowed me to break even was the fact that I dropped 1.5 kg between going to sleep and running, which was a period of about 13 or 14 hours. It was that drop that made the difference. Unfortunately, you cannot plan on such a drop every day or do anything to make it happen (obviously, I am excluding really bad ideas like drugs or things that cause dehydration). So it’s best to just focus on the right diet and exercise and let the rest take care of itself.

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