Broke Even After Sacrificing Over Hunger Pangs At 11 At Night

Day 385

I was doing pretty well up until 8:30 at night or so today. But my body was still craving some food. I was at about 78.1 at that time. But after eating a little more, my weight got up to 78.4. That is still only 1.7 kg over the starting weight of 76.7 kg. However, this was my weight at 11 at night. So things might not end well for this daily period.

Whatever happens today, I have no regrets. In fact, I was still hungry at 11 at night for some reason. But before getting some more yogurt, I decided to weigh in. And that is when I discovered that .25 kg of yogurt would be pretty bad for me and almost guarantee a weight gain today. So I sacrificed and just told myself to ignore that hunger pang.

There is something I have written much on yet in this blog. In fact, I don’t even think it’s in my Pentamize book. As discussed above, I was still hungry even at 11 at night. A cup of yogurt would have done wonders for me. But since I was up to 78.4 kg, that would have put me at about 2.0 very late at night.

Here’s the good part. I went to bed a little hungry. But I woke up not very hungry. That hunger pang passed, and I was actually less hungry in the morning than the night before.

My weight loss overnight was pretty average. I was 77.7, and that was at 9:30 in the morning. Nonetheless, we can imagine how bad it would have been had I not exercised a little restraint.

I just wasn’t dropping much before the run and only hit 77.6 even after finishing up in the head. But the good thing is that my day finished with a respectable exercise weight loss of .9 kg. That dropped me to the starting weight of 76.7, which meant that I broke even today.

Breaking even on a day like this is considered a success to me. Now is the time when you want to think about the sacrifice you made the night before if you were in the same situation. I almost certainly would have gained weight today instead of breaking even if I had polished off that yogurt that I chose not to eat. Turning an almost-certain weight gian into a breakeven day should always be considered a successful day of sacrifice. Remembering the success will hopefully motivate you to sacrifice again when necessary. And as I have stated hundreds of times now on this blog, you know when it is time to sacrifice by continuously doing Pentamize tracking.

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