Another Good Weight Loss Despite Drinking Coke

Day 384

I ate a little more today than yesterday, including drinking quite a bit of coke. This may do me in for the day and cause a weight gain. But yesterday was so good and included such a small amount of food that I needed it, anyway.

I am currently doing just fine, at 76.9 kg (today’s starting weight). However, I’d like to get down to the lower 76 or even the 75s on a bit more regular basis. The problem is that cheat days and some break days almost always push me to the 77 or even 78 range. I popped up to 78.4 on the last day without exercising. So constantly working to lose back that weight has become a recurring part of my weight maintenance plan. The only way to avoid this is to have no cheat days and have only break days where I eat very little. Since neither of those is to my liking, I have pretty much decided to limit cheat and break days as much as my somewhat limited discipline allows, but to be committed to working hard to lose that extra weight when it does happen.

I probably overdid it today on eating, but this is something I cannot avoid every single day. Nonetheless, my weight went up to a max of about 78.8, or 1.9 kg of increase. At least this stayed below my 2.0 mark, but the likely problem is that it consisted of a fair amount of coke. That sugar is not going to help matters at all. We’ll see what happenes, but it seems probably that I will end up gaining a little weight by the end of this daily period.

My overnight was decent, coming in at 77.9 kg. At that point, I was still 1.0 kg over the 76.9 start.

Before running, I had a small snack that was probably only about .15 kg. And my weight was 77.7 even though that was 4 hours after getting up. However, because of the small snack, my weight was a little more than what it would normally be. Still, it is not going to have a large effect on the final result today.

My run ended up being a lot faster than recent sessions. I got all the way up to a heart rate of about 168 at the end of the session. The second half was actually much faster than the first half. I turned around and rectraced my path, and I came back like 5 minutes faster. It was definitely not 168 all the way. But the last half was close to that because I did not really speed up that much at the end. This is the kind of pace that I cannot do on a regular basis. The energy just isn’t usually there, but I found it today for some reason.

The result of .8 kg lost during exercise was a little disappointing for such a fast pace. I would have thought that I’d see a loss of 1.0 kg. But alas, that did not happen. But it broke me even for the day so far with a 76.9 kg. Then, I ended up losing weight today after going to the bathroom and weighing in at 76.7 kg.

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