Lost .3 KG And Comparison To Yesterday’s Results

Day 382

I am coming off of two wildly different days. On Day 380, I lost a huge 1.1 kg. Then, yesterday, I gained .4 kg. That is still a very solid weight loss of .7 kg over the course of the 2 days.

Today will still be a 60-minute run only. I was up to 78.9 at 4 in the afternoon, from a start of 77.7. This is a good (meaning small) 1.2 kg increase so far. Because sacrificing at least a little is important today, I need to start being careful and tracking closely to try to stay well under 2.0.

The rest of the day was pretty good as far as diet goes even though I ate half a pizza at close to 9 at night. Of course, eating that late when I usually sleep around 11 is not a good thing for daily tracking purposes. It can cause a higher-than-expected daily weight but might or might not affect your weight on a longer basis. So while some recommend not eating late at night for actual biological reasons, I can’t really say for sure whether that biologically affects my overall weight maintenance. But it’s still not good eating late at night when I am doing daily tracking and finishing each daily period at about 12 noon. However, this was not a huge pizza. I only ate about .2 to .3 kg at night.

That final meal started when I still weighed only about 78.9 kg. So my final weight increase today was only about 1.5 to 1.6 kg. This is far below the 2.0 kg guideline. It sets me up with a very good chance of losing weight today.

I had a better day overnight than yesterday, getting down to about 78.4 kg. That’s still not super compared to some days. But it’s not realistic to lose that much more when not even eating that much. While I have often lost over 1.0 kg, that is usually when eating a lot more food than today. So today’s overnight loss of approximately .7 is perfectly fine.

Also, unlike yesterday, my run was slightly better. I lost about .8 kg, getting down to 77.6. For some bizarre reason, yesterday’s session only showed a weight loss of about .5 to .6 kg.

The difference between today and yesterday is huge in both categories of overnight and exercise weight loss:

yesterday: .5 and about .5 to .6
today: about .7 and .8
overall difference: .4 to .5 kg in these two categories

This difference of .4 to .5 kg would generally be enough for me to at least break even today. In fact, I am going to do better than breakeven today because I was already down to 77.6 kg after the run. And I still have a couple of hours left and need to go to the bathroom.

After having a decent run, I was able to go to the bathroom and lose an additional .2 kg. My final weight for the day was 77.4 kg, for a weight loss of .3 kg. That was almost enough to make back the .4 kg gained yesterday. I am not happy being in the 77 range. But it’s going to happen for a while after a break or cheat day.

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