Gained .4 KG On a Weird Day

Day 381

After a day rising only 1.0 kg and then losing 1.1 kg overall, the goal today is to try not to go overboard on eating. This is a risk because I ate so little yesterday, which was a break day. But since I will be running today, it’s almost inevitable that I will be eating and drinking considerably more than 1.0 kg.

Today, I will stick to a one-hour run at the end of the 24-hour period. It’s possible that I will run 90 minutes a couple of times soon. But for now, I don’t want to do that because running for 60 minutes seems much better for my body as long as it actually works. For now, the great development is that I seem to have effectively adapted to eating a little less food. So the 60-minute regimen can hopefully be permanent.

As expected, I started out eating considerably more than yesterday, rising to about 1.4 kg by 5 in the afternoon (78.7 kg). And I still need a little more. So I am just going to try to stick to 2.0 kg or below because it doesn’t seem like I will get enough to eat if stopping now. Thus, I will eat a final smallish meal at about 6 in the evening. That is finishing pretty early while also hopefully giving me enough food to get through the night, run in the morning, and then wait 3 hours or so for the final weigh-in.

I weighed in after all meals and going to the bathroom and was 79.0 kg. That means I rose about 1.8 to 1.9 kg (didn’t track perfectly, but this is close enough). This amount could possibly cause me to gain a little weight today. It’s going to depend mostly on how much weight falls off overnight. Regardless, I would not be too surprised if I gain a little due to losing 1.1 kg yesterday. That is such a large loss that it may negatively affect me. At any rate, I think I’ll do so-so at worst.

Something ridiculous happened after hitting 79.0. I stopped eating for the rest of the night and went to bed. But when getting up, I was still 78.5. I figured at that time that I could hopefully save the day with a good run.

Well, I went out and seemed to have a pretty good run. My pace was at least around average for a 60-minute session. But when I stepped on the scale, I was still 77.9 kg. What a disaster. I have some days where I don’t lose much overnight but do well on the run or vice versa. But today, both results (overnight and exercise) were horrible. Each showed a weight loss of only about .5 to .6 kg. In fact, overnight may have been even less since my 79.0 weight was well before sleeping.

I still have a couple of hours before final weigh-in time, so there is some hope to get closer to even. But there’s no way I can get all that close to 77.3 now.

That run result was terrible, but it does happen from time to time. I have lost up to about 1.1 kg, but this low mark of .6 is about the worst I have seen. Yet, I have seen this before. So it’s not unprecedented. I don’t know why it happens when it does. But like I mentioned above, the fact that I lost so much yesterday may have an effect.

After exercising, the good thing is I had time to go to the bathroom as much as necessary before weighing in the last time for today. And it worked out so-so, dropping me to 77.7 kg. That left one hour before the weigh-in. I just couldn’t drop anymore even when going to the bathroom yet again. So my final weight was 77.7, which was a daily weight gain of .4 kg. I’ll need to be even more careful on my diet tomorrow to try to make up for this.

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