Psychological Approach To Success The Day After a Break Day

Day 380

This is the first day after a break day, where I gained the substantial amount of 1.4 kg. Today is the perfect time to institute my plan to recover quickly after a break day. Actually, though, this process begins at the very beginning of the day. It includes both diet and exercise components. But as usual, the diet is going to be the most important at making a fast recovery from a break day.

You may have to do a lot of Pentamize tracking first to use this method. The first thing you will need to know is how much you normally eat. This is exactly why I do Pentamize tracking on a daily basis. For me, my most recent guideline for daily weight increase (including water throughout the day) is 2.0 kg. But it’s more than that if I am going to run for 90 minutes. I’ll need a little extra energy, and a little more food gives that energy. You must find this number for yourself because it is different for everyone.

Now, assume you have decided how much you would normally eat on a typical day and have also decided your workout for the day. For me, that is 2.0 and a 60-minute run. In my case, that one-hour workout will be at the end of the day.

Now, here is where the psychological part comes in. You are just coming off a break day. So the idea is that you need less food at this time because you are just coming off an exercise break day. You must keep this in mind at the BEGINNING OF THE DAY after your break day. Because your body needs less, then you must consume less than your normal amount. For me, it should definitely be well less than the 2.0 guideline.

Today, for example, I increased to approximately 79.4 kg, from a start of 78.4. That is not just below the 2.0. It is actually only 50 percent of my guideline. I was coming off a day with no run, so I naturally didn’t feel as much of a need to eat for energy. Always keep in mind that you are eating for energy, not to enjoy the food. Keep on telling yourself on a day like this that you don’t need as much energy as usual to recover. This is how I do it, and it worked like a charm today. A max increase of only 1.0 kg is almost impossible for me if I am coming off of a long run. I have done 1.4 to 1.8 on some recent days. But a 1.0 is extremely low and only possible because I need less food due to the lack of a workout session for the break day that just finished.

This need for less food is physical, but it’s also psychological. If you let yourself eat as much as you normally eat despite not needing that much, then you have psychologically allowed yourself to overeat for some reason. It could be just from habit, or it could be from something else. And it could be due to simply not knowing your tracking guidelines, such as my 2.0 figure. So get my book and learn how to start tracking every day. After a couple of weeks, you will have a base guideline and then can use this “recovery from a break day” method.

I had a pretty good run but dropped only .8 kg. Still, that reduced me to 77.3 kg after I had dropped to 78.1 before the run. 77.3 was also my final weigh-in, giving me a daily weight loss of 1.1 kg.

My technique was a great success this time. After gaining 1.4 kg on Day 379 (the cheat day), I have turned back around and lost all but .3 kg on this special recovery day. So let me summarize the method:

1. At the end of your break day, immediately plan on eating significantly less than what you normally would since you need less energy;
2. Decide on what workout you are going to do. Obviously, it’s going to be better to have a good workout since you are trying to lose the weight you just gained on the break day;
3. Stop eating when you are well below the guideline for the exercise you will be doing. I have given a specific example of this above (2.0 kg for me if I plan on running 60 minutes). There is no specific amount, but it was 50% less for me for today’s diet (1.0 kg today);
4. Complete your scheduled exercise session.

This is really it. You just need to know how much is close to breaking even on a typical day. Otherwise, you won’t know when to stop eating or how much to reduce. This is an advanced technique but not really complicated. But you need to already have a decent exercise and diet plan before you can use. The Pentamize Weight Loss System book can help you do that.

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