Took An Unexpected Break Day And Gained 1.4 KG

Day 379

One of my main rules when having a cheat day like on Day 378 is to not take a break day at the same time. So I like to exercise to at least burn off some of the extra calories. Of course, they can’t all be burned off in the same day if you have big cheat day. But it helps to burn some of it off right away.

Another thing that I have historically done is to start a recovery period the next day. This time, since I have already been testing 60-minute workouts, it felt like a good time to continue instead of doing a really hard recovery. I am in no rush, anyway. So it’s still a recovery, but a slow, methodical one.

That usual plan did not work out for Day 379. I was researching some stuff and just couldn’t get my mind into exercise mode. Frankly, I don’t take enough breaks, anyway. So I was happy enough just taking a one-day break from running.

Despite needing a break, it does take its toll temporarily. I ended up at a weight of 78.4 kg, which was a daily weight increase of 1.4 kg. This sounds ridiculously high. But this is my life. If I eat like I am going to exercise but then don’t exercise, that is virtually always going to result in a large weight gain. The good part is that I have a good method for recovering from such a bad result. Read the Day 380 blog for that method.

It didn’t help that today was actually a partial cheat day. I mean, it wasn’t that much out of the ordinary. But I had some coke and other tasty but crappy food. My weight got up to approximately 79.2 kg. At that time, I was expecting to work out in the morning. So this seemed decent and was about 2.2 kg above the starting mark of 77.0.

My usual procedure is to not eat or drink anything until after running in the morning. However, I had a very small snack and quite a bit of water in the morning. And at some time in the morning, I decided that the workout just wasn’t going to happen. So I did a weigh-in at 78.4 kg and called it a day. That is how I ended up gaining 1.4 kg overall on this break day.

Under my current schedule, which is doing a morning workout and then doing a final daily weigh-in only minutes after the workout, the results are going to be bad unless I plan in advance to take that break in the morning. That is because I eat with the plan to run at the end of the day and burn off all those calories. Granted, it’s actually water at the time, but I am not making that point here. I am saying that eating a regular full day’s worth of food but then not exercising as expected naturally results in a weight gain unless you are someone who normally does not gain weight without exercise. I am most definitely someone who does gain weight without exercise on a typical day. So a weight gain of 1.4, while bad, is pretty much inevitable for me on a day like this. It may be more or less than that. But it’s bound to happen.

I have discovered that I can often recover a very large amount the day after a break day. Read tomorrow’s blog post on how I do that.

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