Gained Exactly 1.0 Kg On Cheat Day

Day 378

My wife was having some friends over for lunch. And this is usually when I decide to take a cheat day. So that’s what today turned out to be, and the results were expectedly pretty bad. I gained 1.0 kg despite having a one-hour running session.

Despite gaining weight here, I am still happy because of my new-found ability to either lose weight or at least maintain with 60-minute runs. And these are not high-intensity runs, which is very important for me because I just don’t have the joint health (knees and ankles), lungs, or frankly even the desire to keep up a schedule of high-intensity running. So it must be medium intensity.

Because this was a cheat day, there was no way to stay close to my new guideline of 2.0 kg for daytime weight gain. I actually went up about 3.4 kg this time. That was due to an increase from 76.0 to 79.4. While substantial, I have gained a heck of a lot more than that on some cheat day. So 3.4, which is about 7 pounds, is not as bad as it sounds if you have not ever actually weighed yourself throughout an individual day. This includes drinks, which can greatly increase your weight in just a matter of hours. I actually recently gained 9 pounds in the middle of one day on a cheat day.

A lot of weight you gain from pigging out is just going to fall off overnight while you sleep, although results obviously vary. In this case, my weight went down to about 77.8 kg before starting my run. So it had dropped 1.6 of the 3.4 kg overnight plus a little extra time before running.

A cheat day plus a break day can be really bad and is obviously not recommended. In this case, I ran and lost about .8 kg during that session. So that dropped me to 77.0, which was also my final weight for the day. So what was a max increase of 3.4 got reduced to 1.0, or a little more than 2 pounds. So while the max was a substantial 7 pounds, you can see that sleep plus exercise can lower that dramatically in the same 24-hour period. In this case, the 7 pounds became 2 pounds, meaning I lost 5 pounds from sleeping and exercise. With no exercise, it still would have been a loss of close to 3.5 pounds. The extra lost from exercise, though, is very helpful in reducing the time needed to recover from a cheat day. That is why it is so good to at least exercise if you are going to have a cheat day. If you don’t, that could end adding several days to your recovery period, depending on the situation.

As has happened a lot lately, it seems like it’s going to be pretty difficult to stay really close to 75.0 on a regular basis. I get down there and then have to take a break or something. Then, it’s back to recovery. But for now, I am going to stick with 60-minute workouts after one break day. Normally, I don’t take a break day after a cheat day. But something was telling me I needed it. You can read more about that in tomorrow’s blog post, which is Day 379.

Final Result Today:

77.0 kg and gained 1.0 kg from a start of 76.0

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