How I Dropped 1.1 KG Even When Eating a Pizza

Day 377

In this blog post, I will be talking about how I was so successful yesterday. I lost 1.1 kg on a day where I ran for 60 minutes and even ate some pizza. It’s hard to beat that, ain’t it? It was sweet as heck. However, there is no way I could do this every day. It was a special result – in fact, a clear record for my 60-minute days and about as good as my best days with a 90-minute workout.

First, let me talk a little about today’s progress. I started at 75.9 kg, and my weight was a respectable 77.1 at 5 in the afternoon. At that time of the day, I was planning on having some smoothies in a couple of hours. I decided it was best to sacrifice until that time because I could end up eating too much if I eat again before the smoothies. If I naturally lose about .2 kg by that time, that would set me up really nicely for possibly another great 24-hour period. However, this would be a bonus but is certainly not necessary. Today, I drank more water than yesterday to rehydrate. That will probably end up raising my max above yesterday’s 1.4 kg. This is fine because 1.4 is far below my 2.0 guideline. That guideline remains in effect for today, as well.

When finishing up the smoothies and a little meat, I rose up to 77.7 kg, or an increase of 1.8 kg. As expected, that was more than the 1.4 from yesterday. But at the same time, it is below the 2.0 guideline. This may set me up for another good weight loss. But it’s hard to say because I finished eating at about 8:30 at night. So it depends on how fast my body digests the food. Smoothies typically go fast, but we’ll see.

The overnight weight loss didn’t go well at all. Even though I had dropped to 77.5 before sleeping, I was still 77.1 when waking up. The phrase “what a difference a day makes” definitely comes to mind here. Despite a pretty good diet day and maxing out at 1.8, I am in trouble of gaining weight even with a 60-minute run. However, this might just be the result of the body retaining more weight because of yesterday’s crazy result. Like I said, I knew that yesterday was unrealistic, and no one would need to lose that kind of weight indefinitely, anyway. I was just happy to finally have one day breaking even before starting the exercise routine. But as can be seen from today, that is not going to be possible all the time without a crazy level of near-starving. Yesterday, I maxed out at 1.4 and broke even before running. Today, I maxed out at 1.8 and was a full 1.2 kg when waking up. This might get down to .9 or something before runnning. But it’s certainly not going to get close to breakeven or even .4 (1.8 is .4 more than 1.4).

I actually had a very good run result, dropping 1.1 kg. Although that put me at 76.0, I had to end it there for the day due to scheduling. Perhaps I could have broken even, but I am recording a weight gain here of .2 kg. Still, that’s hardly bad coming off a record day.

Now, I will summarize why I think I was so successful yesterday despite eating a pizza. First, the pizza was one of those at the store that weighs about .3 kg (about .7 pounds). So we aren’t talking a huge pizza here. But it was not one of those mini pizzas, either.

The second factor is obviously that my weight only rose 1.4 kg. Clearly, that is small enough that some weight loss is highly likely.

Of course, running an hour also helps. Without the run, I would have pretty much exactly broken even. But the exercise took it from breaking even to being a record for days involving a 60-minute jogging session.

The final obvious factor is that I finished eating most of the food early in the afternoon. So that gave me something like 18 hours for digestion to take its course before I had to run and then weigh in.

It also helped some that I peed right after the run and lost an additional .2 kg or so. By that time of day, I often don’t need to go the bathroom anymore. So that .2 is an additional loss that I often don’t see in my Pentamize tracking.

As you can see, it takes a lot of positive factors and some luck to have the kind of day that I had yesterday. It’s literally the best I have ever done on a 60-minute-workout day.

To turn around today and gain .2 kg even though my max increase of 1.8 was only .4 more than yesterday shows how results from day to day can be wildly different. The difference in these days is .9 kg when you track the drop from max weight to final result (1.4 down to weight loss of 1.1 kg, compared to 1.8 down to a gain of .2 kg). That is, I dropped 2.5 kg yesterday and 1.6 today. It’s hard to explain such a big difference, but the key for me is that experience shows me that 1.8 is probably good enough for an average weight loss. That’s good since there is no way I can do the 1.4 all the time (it’s not quite enough food on a daily basis).

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