Best Day Ever With a 1-Hour Exercise Session

Day 376

I have just completed 2 disappointing days that both included one-hour jogging sessions. The best thing I can do today, though, is to just stick with the same thing and hopefully get better results. This will also be a one-hour exercise day.

A comparison of the past 2 days shows how unpredictable weight loss and maintenance can be. The first day, I did great on diet by only increasing my weight during the day by 1.7 kg. Despite that, I had a bizarre run result and ended up only breaking even by the end of that daily period. Breaking even is usually not a disappointment, but this one was so strange that it gave off a little bit of that feeling.

Yesterday was bad because I ate more and increased my weight by a max of 2.6 kg. Now, you might think that would put me at a huge disadvantage of about .9 kg since 2.6 is .9 more than 1.7. Yet, by the end of the day, I had gained .3 kg. One of the things that helped me is that I lost 1.0 kg during the run instead of only about .7. I can’t even begin to understand why this kind of difference occurs. But it helped me avoid a really bad day, and the .3 kg increase seemed almost like a relief. It could have been way worse.

Today, I am off to a good start. At 1:30 in the afternoon, I had only increased to about 77.7 kg, or a .8 kg increase. So the goal for the rest of the day is to eat only as much as I need to, without any eating just for comfort only. However, I didn’t eat for comfort yesterday. I legitimately felt like I needed more food for added energy to get through the day. Hopefully, I won’t feel this need again today because it would be good to have a little weight loss after 2 poor days.

At 4 in the afternoon, my weight had gone up to 78.3 after eating a pizza, drinking some water, and nibbling on a little bit of other stuff. That is still only a 1.4 kg increase. One more pretty small meal or 2 even smaller meals would set me up very nicely for a run in the morning. It seems possible at this point to limit my increase to 2.0 kg. At any rate, it looks like it will be well below yesterday’s excessive 2.6.

At 6, my weight had actually gone down .1, to 78.2 kg. That is only 1.3 kg over the starting weight. I didn’t even feel that hungry at this time, but I felt it was proper to eat a little something just to avoid possibly getting overly hungry later. Probably the best approach in this situation, at least for me, is to eat 2 small snacks the rest of the night. That would almost guarantee a big weight loss tomorrow morning. By “small snack,” I mean approximately .2 kg.

When I finished eating at about 6:30, my weight was actually 78.1, or only 1.2 kg over the starting mark. I presume that was because I ate only a small amount and also had gone to the bathroom. This is the best I have ever done in terms of diet, keeping in mind that it is my policy to not starve. Of course, anyone who starves would gain nothing. But that is not healthy.

At about midnight, I had dropped a lot to about 77.5 kg. And although my weight lost during sleep was only .5 kg, that was enough to drop me down to 77.0 kg at 8 in the morning. So over that previous 14 hours, I lost 1.1 kg. And that was before running. This is going to be a monster weight-loss day even if I have a fairly poor exercise result. In addition to that, I need to go to the bathroom before running.

I will be summarizing what happened today in tomorrow’s blog because this is a special day. Even though I am going to exercise, it is extremely rare for me to be at breakeven or actually even lose weight before the exercise. In my Pentamize tracking, I have only seen this a couple of times. There is good and bad to this. I can tell you that there is likely no way I could do this on a daily basis. As someone who is prone to gaining weight, it sounds good that you might be able to break even or lose weight even without exercise. But the fact that I can’t personally do this every day is actually a good thing in some ways. This will be explained in tomorrow’s blog.

I had a decent result for the run this time, losing about .9 kg. Before jogging, I had broken even for the day already by hitting 76.9 kg. So this run dropped me to 76.0 kg. And after finishing up the day in the bathroom, I got down to 75.8 kg. That made for a huge daily weight loss of 1.1 kg. And that was with a 60-minute run, not a 90-minute or 2-hour session. Of course, the big reason for this success was my diet. The exercise was obviously required, too, though, to get this kind of weight loss.

Oddly enough, this is the actually the lowest weight I have been at in months. Even with several weeks of 90-minute runs after vacation, I never got down to 75.8. As explained, I am going to go into a lot more details on this special day in tomorrow’s blog. That is the blog post for Day 377.

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