Gained Weight On a Day With More Fruits and Vegetables

Day 404

On this 4th day of “slow run” testing on one-hour sessions, I need to try to be a little more careful on diet. I rose up to 2.0 kg at the max yesterday, and the end result was a weight gain of .1 kg. That actually reinforces the idea that 2.0 is a Danger Zone that I should try to stay under. Even hitting that and doing a slow run, I only gained a small amount of weight. Just imagine going up to 2.3 or 2.4. It’s bound to be a disaster scenario.

Note: Ironically, I did hit 2.4 later today. And the results were not disastrous. But keep reading for clues why this probably happened.

This is actually my 38th day of testing 60-minute runs, and that is plenty of time to confirm that this system works fine as far as a typical daily routine when doing faster runs. The issue is whether the slower runs will work. So far, they are doing okay. But I want to get 30 days of testing under my belt for these slow runs.

Today, my first meal and rehydration produced a decent result. I had gained 1.4 kg, meaning a weight of 78.4 and up from the start of 77.0. However, it’s now time to slow down. I am still not very comfortable with these large first meals because they require very small meals (more like snacks) the rest of the day. But for now, I don’t see any way around it. The initial meal and large weight increase each day also includes drinking water after the exercise session to rehydrate. So as of now, I don’t see any way of getting around this. My mind just needs to get used to it.

The game plan for the rest of the day is to have a small snack at around 5 in the afternoon and then mango smoothies at about 8:30 at night. Other than this, I will drink the amount of water that seems necessary to maintain a healthy energy level.

At 2:45, things were going about as well as to be expected. I had drunk some water but still dropped to around 78.1 kg. This is exactly what needed to be done.

It is now getting tough, and I feel like I am starting to starve at 3:15. The plan was to wait until 5 to eat something. However, what I will do is eat two really small snacks instead of one small one. This is my usual practice, anyway. Large meals absolutely destroy my diet.

At 6 in the evening, I rose to 78.8 kg. That was a large increase from earlier, but this is likely a special situation. I ate a whole cucumber, which is somewhat weighty but obviously consists of mostly water. It’s not clear how that is going to affect my weigh-in today. But the final weigh-in is about 16 hours from now. So all of this cucumber has a good chance of being fully digested by that time. I will still have the smoothies, and it might push me over 2.0 kg. But as I said, this is a special situation. I usually don’t eat many vegetables, so the 2.0 kg guideline may not apply to the same extent as it usually does.

After the smoothies and about .1 kg of beef, I weighed 79.4 kg. That is an excessive increase of 2.4 kg. However, most of this is an increase from 1.1 to 2.4 kg through a cucumber and then fruit smoothies. This increase was healthy, but that extent of weight increase might be too much to come off in the 16 hours or so before weigh-in time.

Before sleeping, my weight went down a little to 79.1. Unfortunately, it did not drop that much overnight. I was 78.3 kg when getting up, and this will have to drop dramatically before the run. Otherwise, I will be gaining weight today.

The needed drop did not really happen. I was still at 78.0 right before the run, and that was even after hitting the restroom. I am screwed now. But this will be an interesting result in that the 2.4 is so far above the 2.0 Danger Zone. We’ll see how close I get to even. But it looks like I am going to be about .2 to .4 over.

I finished running and weighed in at 77.3 kg. To finish the day, I went to the bathroom and was 77.2. This is exactly what I predicted before even running.

Overall, I gained .2 kg today. Perhaps a diet with more fruits and vegetables might be better in the long run. As far as today’s results, though, it is inconclusive. I would need to test several days in a row to get a better idea. It may be that I would have digested more in the next 12 hours or so and actually lost weight. Unfortunately, I can’t do this right now because it would mess up my daily tracking. So I will have to test this later.

Total 60-Minute Days: 38
Result: lost .2 kg (77.4 to 77.2 kg)

Total Hard Runs: 34
Result: lost .3 kg (77.4 to 77.1 kg)
includes one break day, one cheat day, and one semi-cheat day

Total Slow Runs: 4
Results Starting At 77.1 kg
Result: gained .1 kg (currently 77.2)

I Must Make Slower Runs Work One Way Or Another

Day 403

It looks like I may be in big trouble for my 3rd day of slower-run testing. I started out fairly well for the first meal and water. From a start of 76.9, I was at about 78.3. However, things got a lot worse. Although it doesn’t seem like I ate a whole lot, my weight rose up to 78.9 kg at 5:15 in the afternoon.

78.9 is .4 kg more than yesterday’s weight at around the same time. Also, I maxed out at 1.8 and 1.7, respectively, for the first 2 days of this test. However, I am already up to 2.0 kg today, with yet another meal to go.

The thing I am not sure about is how much of this is water. My weight might drop sharply by morning if a lot of this is water. But even though I am almost insane about the extend of my Pentamize tracking, even I don’t bother differentiating between weight from food and weight from water. This is not how my tracking works. I include both the food and the water. And based on that, I am already in the Danger Zone. There is nothing I can do but just let this happen. I will need about 30 days of testing on these slower sessions. Otherwise, the results won’t be reliable. I don’t even care if I gain weight over this period because having an answer is the most important thing.

Perhaps I will find out that running slow for 70 minutes instead of 60 is enough to break even. Whether the answer is good or bad, I just need an answer so I can make proper adjustments. But one thing I am committed to not doing is starving or running really hard all the time. I can run longer, but I can’t run hard if “hard” means high intensity. Maybe I will have to run longer, but harder is out of the question. I have made this decision on that. If slower 60-minute runs are not enough, then I will either have to adjust my diet choices or run a longer duration. My body is not going to be able to handle these hard runs every day.

As I said in the title of this blog post, I must make slower runs work for me one way or another. And if 60 minutes is not enough, the time will have to be longer. Alternatively, different diet choices will have to be made. That would likely entail more vegetables and less meat.

Days with a lower 60-minute run are certainly going to sometimes result in weight gain. If even 90-minute runs do this, then of course I am going to gain weight on some days. The idea is to stay the course. I will know by the end of 30 days where I stand on this.

By 6:30, I had gotten back down to around 78.6 kg, which is an increase of 1.7. That was very much needed before my last meal, which I will attempt to keep at about .2 kg. I can possibly save the day today, but it will only be through the form of highly rigorous Pentamize tracking that you see in this blog post.

At 8, I weighed in at 78.7 kg. Thus, I was very successful at having one last very small meal. It pretty much satisfied me, and I should be able to abstain from eating anything else the rest of the night. Another thing is that I actually lost weight from 5:15 to 8 despite eating one more meal. This, of course, can only happen with natural non-exercise-related weight loss. But it’s also a testament to the fact that that last meal was small enough to keep me from gaining much weight while also just big enough to satiate me. Including half a banana and a few carrot sticks really seemed to help this time. It should be noted, though, that carrots and bananas are not the absolute best diest choices because they are actually pretty high in carbs. I am not claiming any such thing, as my Pentamize method focuses more on eating in moderation than exactly what you eat. But I personally minimize sugar and carbohydrates.

Similarly to the past 2 days, I was 77.9 kg when getting up. This will probably give me a chance to break even or lose a little weight. But if my weight “sticks” again like the past 2 days, then that won’t happen. But at least I have a chance.

My run result was just okay. I weighed in at 77.2 after it was over, which was a loss during the session of about .7 kg. Considering that my heart rate was only about 120 to 124, that is actually a pretty good result. Nonetheless, this does put me .1 kg over yesterday’s mark at the same time. So it could be difficult getting down to 76.9. I may be in trouble here. But if I am, it won’t be a terrible day.

After a good visit to the head, I dropped to 77.0 kg. That left me just .1 kg over the breakeven point. I have certainly avoided a really bad day but also likely won’t be able to lose weight. Recall, though, that I had increased to a max of 2.0 kg last night. So I pretty much expected a high risk of gaining weight today. All in all, my spirits are good.

Because of a time change this morning, we fell back one hour. Thus, I will weigh in at 11:10 in the morning to make the time almost exactly 24 hours instead of 25 hours.

My weight got stuck at 77.0 kg, and that was the final tally. So I gained .1 kg today. For the first 3 days of the current test, though, I have lost .1 kg.

Total 60-Minute Days: 37
Result: lost .4 kg (77.4 to 77.0 kg)

Total Hard Runs: 34
Result: lost .3 kg (77.4 to 77.1 kg)
includes one break day, one cheat day, and one semi-cheat day

Total Slow Runs: 3
Results Starting At 77.1 kg
Result: lost .1 kg (currently 77.0)

More Details On The Intensity Of My Slower And Faster One-Minute Runs

Day 402

This is the 2nd day of my test for slower 60-minute runs. Today, I will be explaining more about what I mean by “slower” running sessions. I realize that is an extremely vague term, so I will give more detail to make it easier to understand and apply for yourself if you would like to try the same thing.

All of my jogs – whether I refer to them as slow or fast – are within the general range of medium intensity. So the slow runs are probably best classified as lower medium intensity, and the faster ones may reach the upper level of medium intensity. Yes, I know this is still vague. The only thing I can really do to make it clearer is to explain it in terms of heart rate (meaning pulse measured by beats per minute).

My resting heart rate is about 55. When I do a slower run, which is what I started testing yesterday and will continue doing for a while, my heart rate is a little more than double throughout the one-hour session. I have measured it at 120, but I tend to speed up a little bit in the second half. My pulse might get up to about 130, but it’s not going to get much higher than that because my specific intent is to stay around 120. So my “slow run” is about 120% of my resting heart rate.

Now, I am going to talk about my faster runs. These have a bigger range. I may drift down towards 120 for parts of these runs. But in the second half and especially at the end, I often get up to 140, 150, and even 160 beats per minute. However, if it gets up to 160, that’s really only for the last 5 to 10 minutes because I personally cannot usually handle that pace for even 15 minutes. However, I can average about 140 for a whole hour when doing one of these faster runs. Thus, my baseline for slower runs is 120, and my baseline for faster runs is 140, with the caveat that it does get higher at the end of the session when I feel the energy to do that. The baseline of 140 is about 160% of my resting heart rate.

This is a summary of the heart rates:

1. resting heart rate: about 55
2. baseline for slower one-hour run: 120
3. baseline for faster one-hour run: 140

These numbers will usually differ for you because you will probably have a different resting heart rate and athletic ability than me. So figure these out through your own experimentation.

Today, my first meal, along with rehydration, was probably a little too big. I rose from 76.9 to 78.4. That is 1.5 kg, and yesterday’s max increase was 1.7. However, I will definitely be going to the bathroom before getting hungry again. So this amount will drop, and I will then hopefully have enough wiggle room to eat a couple of small meals without overeating.

At around 4:30 in the afternoon, I had drifted back down to 78.2 after hitting the bathroom. Then, at close to 6 in the evening, I had my next to last small meal. That meal consisted of about .25 kg of yogurt and around .1 kg of beef. I also had some more coffee and went to the restroom before checking my weight again and found that I was 1.6 kg over the starting weight (78.5 kg). This is pretty good so far because yesterday’s max weight was 78.8. However, I should try to stay even before bedtime by eating only one last very small meal.

At the moment, I am not too hungry. So this might just be possible, although coffee only might be enough to raise my weight .1 or .2 kg. But water is not going to be stored in my body for long, anyway. So the main idea is to have only one more small meal of only about .1 to .15 kg.

A little later, I dropped the minimum amount on the scale (.1 kg) to 78.4. Things are progressing nicely. One more small meal later, and I should be okay.

For the last meal, I rose slightly more than expected, finishing at 78.7 kg. That is an increase of 1.8 kg. However, it’s still .2 below the 2.0 Danger Zone. This will hopefully be enough for me to break even or lose a little in the morning.

Over the next 11 hours or so, including sleep time, I lost down to 77.9 kg. That is a decent overnight weight loss. I am now going to run early, hopefully get close to yesterday’s 76.9, and then wait it out about 3 hours and see if I can at least break even.

My run was the planned slower one, but it was very windy. At the end, I measured my heart rate at 132. So the average pace was probably around 125. I weighed in at 77.1, which was a good weight loss of about .8 kg. If I can lose .8 on a regular basis at the slower pace, then I may have just found the perfect combination of diet and exercise amount/intensity.

There are a couple of hours before my official daily weigh-in. I’ll need to drop from 77.1 to 76.9 to break even or any amount more than that to lose weight today.

A couple of hours later, I had only dropped to 77.0. This is rough one. I am giving it one more hour only because I am really thirsty. That will be an early weigh-in, but it’s not feasible to do the final tally at the exact 24-hour mark every single day. I can hopefully drop at least .1 kg more to break even today even though the weigh-in is going to about 1 1/2 hours early.

At around 12 noon, I just couldn’t wait any longer to eat. It was about 1 hour and 45 minutes early, but I did manage to weigh in at 76.9 kg. So I broke even on this second day of slower-run testing

Total 60-Minute Days: 36
Result: lost .5 kg (77.4 to 76.9 kg)

Total Hard Runs: 34
Result: lost .3 kg (77.4 to 77.1 kg)
includes one break day, one cheat day, and one semi-cheat day

Total Slow Runs: 2
Results Starting At 77.1 kg
Result: lost .2 kg (at 76.9 after second day)

New Testing Starts Today (Intentionally Slower 60-Minute Runs)

Day 401

It has been almost a week now since I’ve had even a single day of losing weight. Yesterday was another small weight gain of .1 kg. Today, my starting weight was 77.1, and it rose to 78.4 after the first meal. Lately, I have been eating a fairly large meal right after running. This is the first meal of the day. It allows me to get some energy and get the day going even though it’s not the time that most people eat breakfast.

The risk of an initial larger meal is that you will overeat later in the day if you are not careful. If you start with a large meal, then you generally must eat smaller meals the rest of the day.

At 5:15 in the early evening, I had dropped a little to 78.2 kg. That put me at 1.1 kg over the starting weight. As good as that is (it’s excellent at this time of day), it’s vital not to reward myself. The goal is to stay under 2.0. Losing discipline has easily caused me to go over 2.0 many times even after starting a day very well. So the plan should probably be to eat 2 more small meals. That will almost definitely keep me well below a 2.0 kg increase.

Instead of eating again at 6, I chose to wait longer and eat later at night due to a scheduling issue. This could cause digestion to be delayed by 2 or 3 hours. But most of what I am eating late is actually strawberry smoothies. So digestion will hopefully happen fast. I will also eat a small amount of meat, but not too much.

After the smoothies and a little meat, I rose to 78.8 kg. That is a daily increase of 1.7 kg. That is a good, solid number. For the rest of the night, I will only slowly drink one cup of coffee. So I should be about the same weight when going to bed in a couple of hours.

When I went to bed, I had dropped only .1 kg, to 78.7. But when waking up early at about 6 in the morning, my weight had had a reasonable drop to about 77.9 kg. Now, if the weight will just fall at a normal rate before the run, I should be able to lose weight today even with a slower pace for the exercise session.

Sadly, my weight wasn’t really dropping that much before the run. This seems to keep happening on a daily basis, and it’s quite annoying. From 6 to 11, I only dropped to 77.7. That’s a completely ridiculous .2 kg in 5 hours. It’s awfully hard to lose weight when this occurs.

I am getting tired of this. At 12, I checked again and was STILL 77.7 kg. Very frustrating. I will have to lose at least .6 kg on my slow run to break even unless I can lose a little extra from going to the bathroom right before the official weigh-in. A .2 kg loss in 6 hours is downright disgusting.

I am going to start a new testing phase today. From this point on for about 10 days, I am going to intentionally run slower than what I have been. In my case, this means running at a heart rate of around 120 instead of the 140 or so that I have been running since starting 60-minute sessions.

Also starting today, I will actually be running two tests at the same time and three in a sense. The regular one-hour testing will continue, and I am going to average the harder runs and start tracking the slower runs. So for any given day, I will be tracking two tests: one-hour runs in general and either faster or slower runs.

What is the purpose of these slower runs? I want to find out if running slower allows me to eat less. And if I eat less, the slower run might actually end up producing a better result than running a little faster but eating more. Even if it turns out to be the same result (close to breaking even), that’s fine, as well. Anything that allows me to exercise less while also maintaining weight is better. If running slower proves to be insufficient, then I can always go back to faster sessions or do a mix of slow and fast once there is time to analyze the various sets of results and come up with a more specific game plan.

On this first day of the slower runs, I lost .7 kg after starting at 77.7. That was enough to do better than breakeven since I started at 77.1 on the day. Then, I officially weighed in at 77.0 kg, which was a loss of .2 kg on the first day of this new test.

Looking at this first day, my weight last night increased 1.7 kg, I lost .7 kg from exercise, and I lost .2 kg overall. A guideline of 2.0 is probably going to be very tough here if I expect to break even. So as explained in the Day 397 blog post, 2.0 should be considered the Danger Zone. This is especially true with these lower-intensity running sessions, as there is very little room to spare.

Total 60-Minute Days: 35
Result: lost .5 kg (77.4 to 76.9 kg)

Total Hard Runs: 34
Result: lost .3 kg (77.4 to 77.1 kg)
includes one break day, one cheat day, and one semi-cheat day

Total Slow Runs: 1
Results Starting At 77.1 kg
Result: lost .2 kg (at 76.9 after first day)

Gained .1 KG When Reaching Daily Weight Increase Guideline

Day 400

Today’s goal is going to be just like every other normal day, which means to first limit my max weight increase to 2.0 kg or less. However, there is more of a focus on it now since it’s been about 4 or 5 days since I have lost weight. After 3 days of gaining weight in a row, I managed to break even yesterday. But overall, this is a serious bad streak that needs to be reversed.

My first two meals saw my weight increase to 78.6, which is from the starting point of 77.0 kg. That is 1.6 kg and does include quite a bit of water. I am already fairly close to 2.0 and realistically need to limit myself to a couple of small meals the rest of the day. This will not be easy, but it also shouldn’t be terribly difficult because I am not all that hungry.

At 5, I had eaten what should be my last meal and rose to 78.9 kg. However, I will still drink some coffee/water. That is an increase of 1.9 kg, so I am right at the cusp of the Danger Zone.

At 7, my body was screaming for a little more food. I decided it was not a good idea to starve all night. Despite the risks, it was better to get a little something to eat. Luckily, though, I had dropped to 78.7. So I was hoping to be able to eat a little bit without going over 2.0.

After eating that last meal, my weight was 78.9 kg. I had also gone to the bathroom before weighing in, so I maxed out at almost exactly 2.0. At least I will have some chance of losing weight this daily period.

I was 77.9 kg when waking up at 7:30 in the morning. This is a hair better than yesterday, but my weight will hopefully drop a lot more before the run than yesterday’s dismal results.

4 hours later, the scale said I was still 77.9 kg. I drank an extremely small amount of tea, so this number doesn’t make any sense at all unless my weigh-in when waking up was off or something. It looks like I’ll be gaining weight again today.

A full 5 hours later, the scale finally showed that my weight dropped to 77.8 kg. I have no idea what is going on with the time of day between waking up an running. But the past 2 days, my weight almost stays the same and doesn’t go down. This is killing my results.

My mental state is getting near the bottom of the barrel now for some reason. The only thing I can do today is go out and run really slow. In this case, I literally mean slowing way down and not even attempting to keep an average pace. Just finishing is all I feel like doing. Maybe I will get a burst of energy during the session. But I just don’t care about the pace today. I will make sure I am jogging the whole time, though. My experience is that walking is pointless for weight-loss purposes. I have even toyed with the idea of not running at all, but a session is necessary to avoid .7 to .8 kg of weight gain today.

My heart rate was about 120 to 128 during the 60-minute run. It was most definitely slower, just as I planned. And I lost approximately .6 kg for this slower session. Faster ones lately have been about .8 kg of loss during the session. So this is an acceptable result even though it’s pretty low. I lost .1 kg more in the bathroom and then finished the day at 77.1 kg. This means I gained the minimum today of .1 kg. When the run started, I was already expecting a gain because of the anticipated slower jogging pace. So the minimum gain is almost a win, although I have to do a little better to maintain my weight.