Another Big Weight Loss On 3rd Day Of One-Hour Exercise Test

Day 369

This is the 3rd day of my 60-minute test, which will last 7 days. So far, I am off to a fantastic and better-than-expected start. I have lost .6 kg in 2 days, for an average of .3 per day.

Another thing I have honed in on is how to proceed with modifying my diet. As explained in more detail in yesterday’s Day 368 blog post, my goal each day is to limit my daytime weight increase to 2.0 kg. Going under is not going to be much of a problem because that would almost require starving, which I am not going to do. Going over is something that I could easily do. While I am not a huge eater, I do like eating. So this is why I have to continuously do my Pentamize tracking to stay close to the 2.0 kg goal.

Since I started at 76.8 kg today, that means my max weight before sleeping should be no more than about 78.8 kg. This is certainly not an easy thing to do. But the goal is to achieve it or at least not go too much over. If I get up to the 2.0, then the idea is to sacrifice some, but without starving.

At 2 in the afternoon, my weight was around 78.0 kg. So I was doing pretty good so far. 3 more snacks or rather small meals will probably allow me to max out at or below 78.8.

After 2 more small snacks, I rose to 78.2 kg. This was excellent, and it gave me room for one more small meal of some fruit. I was well below 78.8 and not likely to even reach it. Expectedly, I rose to 78.4 for the last small meal. That put me way below the 2.0 kg mark. I rose to a max of only 1.6 kg before bedtime. This is even better than the 2.0 kg from yesterday. However, the end result may or may not be better. My run was so good yesterday that I probably can’t equal it 2 days in a row.

Surely, there will be days when I exceed 2.0 kg even though I am running only 60 minutes. But it’s starting to look like I can at least average this. So this 60-minute plan is looking good so far. The key was always going to be to properly modify my calorie intake. I have done that very well so far and hope my body will be able to get used to this on an ongoing basis. It sure feels good to run 30 minutes less and still get good-enough results to maintain my weight and actually even lose some so far during this test.

I didn’t drop that much in weight overnight, waking up and weighing in at 77.8 kg. So I am suddenly at risk of actually gaining weight despite doing so well on diet this time. Well, I knew this would happen at times with 60-minute run days. So I will just go out, do my workout, and keep doing the same thing. At any rate, it’s not that surprising since yesterday was so good. It’s hard to have that kind of success 2 days in a row even when running 90 minutes. Also, it’s still possible to lose a little weight. If I have a good result on my run and also go to the bathroom a couple of times, it could still finish up at under 76.8 kg (the starting point today).

I started the run at 77.6 kg. After a pretty hard run, I lost .9 kg, ending the 60-minute session at a heart rate of about 148. The .9 kg is fine, although it was not quite as good as yesterday’s crazy 1.1 kg. After finishing up in the bathroom, I had a final weigh-in of 76.4 kg. That was another great weight loss of about .4 kg. This test is a phenomenal success so far.

I know this crazy pace can’t continue. But things should be okay as long as I stick to goo diet choices.

Test Beginning Weight: 77.4 kg

Day 1 Result
lost .1 kg (down to 77.3 kg)

Day 2 Result
lost .5 kg (down to 76.8 kg)

Day 3 Result
lost .4 kg (down to 76.4 kg)

Overall Result
lost 1.0 kg after 3 days (average .33 kg per day)

Brilliant Day Of Weight Loss On Second Day Of 60-Minute Test

Day 368

This is the second day of my 7-day test of daily 60-minute running sessions. Yesterday, I got off to a good start, losing .1 kg. As you will see below, today turned out much better. I will be discussing in this blog the diet and exercise factors that I think catapulted me to great success today. It was much better than I would have though was even possible. I even ate pizza today and still lost a bunch of weight!

I started off the day thinking about what kind of weight increase would give me a chance to break even or possibly even lose weight today. In making this determination, I had to keep in mind that I would probably have to consume less calories, as compared to days with a 90-minute run.

On 90-minute run days, I did Pentamize diet tracking and previously determined that a daytime maximum weight increase of about 2.5 was a good goal to give myself a solid chance to break even or lose a little weight. Just using common-sense, unsophisticated math here, it became obvious that my max increase on a 60-minute run day would have to be somewhat less than 2.5 kg. Note that these kinds of numbers cannot be put into a chart and applied to everyone trying to lose weight. You’ll have to get your own estimate since everyone has a different metabolism.

My starting weight today was 77.3 kg. So adding 2.5 kg to 77.3 gets 79.8 kg. This would likely be a little too much daytime weight gain for a 60-minute run day. So I decided to zero in on 2.0 kg as a good goal today, but keeping in mind that this can be modified up or down later as more tracking results become available over the course of time. Nonetheless, if 2.5 is a good number for a 90-minute run day, then 2.0 does seem about right for a 60-minute session. I am not a mathematician, and these numbers are strictly supposed to be estimates. In fact, 60 is 67% of 90, and 67% of 2.5 would be right at 1.7 kg, not 2.0 kg. But I am giving myself a little leeway and saying 2.0 kg because 1.7 would be very difficult to do, based on my experience. Adjustments can be made over time depending on results.

I was very successful on my diet and did only rise to a max of about 79.3 today. I even 4 pieces of pizza. This kind of poor food choice is still okay, depending on the situation. I hit 79.3 pretty early, and it gave me time to drop to about 78.8 before bedtime. Then, I woke up and weighed 78.1 kg. Even though that .7 is just so-so, the great diet discipline today pushed me into a great position.

Next, I had a faster-than-average run and unexpectedly lost about 1.1 kg. That put me down to 76.9 kg, which meant I was already .4 kg below the starting weight. This day was turning out to be a humongous success. It’s hard to get this kind of success even when running for 90 minutes, although occasional crazy days of losing 1.0 kg or a little more have happened.

Note: Although the 2.0 kg figure that I chose today is probably a good one, it does not mean that I will achieve such great results every day. For some reason, I lost a larger amount of weight than expected during the run. I cannot always run as fast as today, so the results are not always going to be this rosy. Nonetheless, even if I had lost only .6 kg like yesterday, it still would have given me a chance to break even or even lose a little weight. The .6 from yesterday was very low for some reason, and the 1.1 today was very high for yet another unclear reason. Regardless, if we figure that the average is close to .8 kg, then it looks at this early stage that the 2.0 figure is good.

The journey down to 76.9 was awesome. However, it slowed down after that. I did finish at 76.8, though, which made for a daily weight loss of .5 kg. That is huge on this second day of the test. While I obviously don’t expect this all the time (it’s clearly way better than average), it does show me that, with the right diet, maybe 60 minutes is enough to at least maintain the same weight over time. More may be necessary to lose weight after cheating or a vacation or something. But if 60 is enough to maintain when also making proper diet adjustments, that would make me very happy.

Test Beginning Weight: 77.4 kg

Day 1 Result
lost .1 kg (down to 77.3 kg)

Day 2 Result
lost .5 kg (down to 76.8 kg)

Overall Result
lost .6 kg after 2 days (average .3 kg per day)

First Day of 60-Minute Exercise Test; Small Weight Loss Recorded

Day 367

My max weight for this first day of the 7-day test was 79.7 kg. That was higher than preferred since it is about the same as the last 2 days. But since those 2 days had a 90-minute run, there is a pretty big risk here of gaining weight on this first day. Again, though, I can’t afford to worry about short-term weight gain for this test. The whole idea is to find out what happens regardless of the results.

Before going to sleep, my weight had gone down to about 79.3 kg. Then, I had a pretty good overnight result, losing close to 1.0 kg. The scale showed 78.3 kg.

As expected, the 60-minute run did not yield as much weight loss as most 90-minute sessions. The scale said I was about 77.7 after that shorter run. That is a paltry .6 kg of weight loss. It should have been higher than that. I was expecting about .8 kg since my pace was pretty good throughout. My heart rate was 140 at the end. It’s possible that I was running slower than perceived. I had some constipation, and it was slowing me down. So my perception of how fast I was running may have been skewed by that since I was possibly exerting more energy than usual for the same pace. Anyway, there is no way to definitively say one way or another. But I hope my average is closer to .8 than .6, as a daily session loss of only .6 is almost certainly not going to be enough to maintain my weight. Anyhow, this is just one day of results, so it means almost nothing yet.

I had 3 more hours to go after the run before my final daily weigh-in. Because the 77.7 is .3 over the starting weight of 77.4, I aim to wait out the full 3 hours to give myself a chance to break even.

At 10:30 in the morning, I had finally gone to the bathroom, and that reduced my weight to about 77.4 kg. This is excellent because it means I am at the breakeven point with 90 minutes left before time to officially weigh in. I am feeling thirsty now and would like something to eat. But I am going to wait it out at least another hour and see if I can get my weight down at least another .1 kg. This would actually give me a weight loss on this first day of the 7-day test of 60-minute exercise sessions.

I dropped .1 kg, which is pretty much what was expected. And for this first day of my test, I actually lost .1 kg.

Test Beginning Weight: 77.4 kg

Day 1 Result
lost .6 kg during run
lost .1 kg (down to 77.3 kg)

Overall Result
average .6 kg lost during runs
lost .1 kg after 1 day

There is nothing else to note except one thing about my diet. I need to keep in mind that I will be running 30 minutes shorter than usual. Thus, I ideally should be eating a little less to account for the slightly lower need for energy. This is something I need to keep in mind when tracking diet. I’d say maxing out at 79.5 would be pushing it in this situation. A max weight of 79.3 today would probably be a more realistic amount that would at least give me a chance of maintaining or losing a little. Today, I was somewhat fortunate to lose a little despite maxing out at 79.7. I suspect that most such days would result in a weight gain, not a weight loss. That is why 79.3 seems to be a much safer max weight.

Day 366 – Details Of My 60-Minute Exercise Experiment That Starts Tomorrow

Day 366

I am now in my second year of weight maintenance and am about to begin a series of different experiments. The first one will last exactly 7 days. I will be running exactly 60 minutes at a typical pace. In other words, the goal is not to run faster and burn as many calories in 60 minutes as I normally do in 90. The goal is to burn calories at roughly the same rate. Of course, if I have a little extra energy because the run is shorter, then I will speed up a little. If it feels natural to speed up a little, I will not shy away from doing that.

The point I am making is that this is not a test of high-intensity exercise. Instead, I plan to stick to medium-intensity exercise and see if I can at least maintain my weight by doing one-hour sessions and eating a little less. I already know that I probably won’t lose weight, but the purpose is to see if I can maintain. Losing is not necessary at this point. If I need to lose some, I already know that I will need to run for closer to 90 minutes. But can I just maintain with 60-minute workouts? Finding this out is the only purpose of doing this experiment.

One 1-week experiment might not yield a reliable result. While I am definitely not a scientist, my experience in Pentamize tracking shows me that 7 days may not be enough because there are 7-day good streaks and bad streaks, and average results. I will return to do another 7-day experiment at least a couple more times. Then, I will average all of them together. 21 days of results is typically going to be far more reliable than only 7 at reaching an estimated true average. There can be some wild exceptions, such as one week that was really good or really bad. Nonetheless, the point is that I won’t know for sure after this first week-long test what the average is. But the reason for doing daily tracking is to eventually be able to estimate the true average.

For Day 366, I lost .1 kg, which was a bit of a disappointment coming off a cheat day. Often, I will lose a large amount after a cheat day. But for some reason, that didn’t happen this time even though I had a pretty good 90-minute run.

My max weight was around 79.7, and I dropped to 78.7 overnight. Then, I slowly dropped to 78.4 before the run and had a weak result of only 1.0 kg. So I finished at 77.4, which was .1 kg better than yesterday’s finish.

Tomorrow, I will be starting my one-week test of 60-minute jogging sessions. As stated above, the plan is to keep doing medium-intensity sessions even though they are 30 minutes shorter than my usual 90 minutes. It’s okay if I gain some weight over this weekly period. I just want to get this test done. Then, I can regroup and later do 75-minute runs if necessary. The hope is to find a time that is less than 90 minutes that will allow me to maintain my weight. Then, if I gain some due to a cheat day or something, I can jump back to 90 minutes until I lose that weight.

Day 365 – Mega Cheat Day After Successful Year Of Weight Maintenance

Day 365

This Pentamize weight maintenance blog is now one year old. At the outset, I started at 75.0 kg. Yesterday, my anniversary weight result was 76.4 kg, or 168 pounds. So while I have been up and down, I have finished within 3 pounds of my target weight. The 75 is too hard to maintain all the time, but 76.4 is good weight maintenance for me.

It’s been a while since having a cheat day, so this was the perfect time to have one. We tried out a new buffet restaurant. It was a brunch buffet, and I had like 4 or 5 plates of all kinds of stuff. I also had some coke and ice cream after eating at the restaurant.

While I ate a little less than usual the rest of the day, the weight gain was substantial because of that buffet. I maxed out on the day at about 79.5 kg. That is an increase of 3.1 kg. Actually, I have done far worse than that before on even crazier cheat days. So the 3.1 will definitely result in weight gain even after I work out tomorrow, it won’t be as bad as it could have been. I imagine that I will be back in the 77 range and will just slowly lose back that weight over the next week or so.

Going forward, I think it’s time to do several kinds of diet and exercise experiments. While I am happy with my new lifestyle, it seems I am having to exercise far too much. Even with no cheat days, I went several weeks running about 86 minutes on average almost every day and still had difficulty staying in the 76 range. That is far too much exercise in my opinion. It would probably be better to try out some kind of different diet that allows me to reduce the amount of necessary exercise for maintaining my weight.

Another thing I can do is to run less but try to program my mind to eat less. Doing it that way can theoretically end up with the same results if diet and exercise are balanced in the right proportions. The key is to just allow my body to adjust to less food since it needs less food for the reduced amount of exercise, as compared to more exercise. That is, more exercise generally calls for more food since added energy is needed to complete these workouts. The converse is also true. Less exercise theoretically requires less food. Of course, everything must be individualized to the person and tested through Pentamize tracking or other methods.

I don’t know if my tracking earlier was right or wrong, but I woke up and was still 78.9 kg. That is a pretty ugly figure. However, weight gain was already expected today after such a big cheat day. I may be even more than 1 kg over after a long run. This doesn’t worry me at all since I am used to recovering now. However, since I have now successfully maintained my weight for a year, I don’t want to focus as much on fast recoveries. I am more interested in testing different workouts and diets to see if I can make it easier on myself. These constant 90-minute runs are doable but not exactly preferred, either. Today, I do need to run for about 90 minutes to burn off all the extra calories.

Regardless of today’s final result, I am going to do a test of running 60 minutes 7 days in a row. This test will start 2 days from now, which is Day 367 for this blog. If I gain weight, that is okay. The purpose of this first 60-minute week-long test is to practice modifying my food intake. Naturally, I will have to eat less to maintain or lose weight, as compared to regular jogging sessions of 90 minutes.

The run was at 10:45 to 12:15, and my weight had dropped to about 78.5 by the beginning of the session. So I dropped pretty well between getting up and starting the run, but not enough to come remotely close to breaking even by the end of the exercise session.

After a fairly average run that was in cool but not cold weather, I lost 1.1 kg. So I ended this cheat day at 77.4 kg, which was a large increase of 1.0 kg, or about 2.2 pounds. That’s on the high end but not totally unexpected.

I will run 90 minutes one more day, which is Day 366. Then, I will start the one-week 60-minute sessions test 2 days from now.