Weird Day Ends In Breakeven Result

Day 374

After a very successful 7-test of my one-hour running sessions and new diet tracking plan, I got up to 78.2 kg from a start of 76.6 kg. This was after the first 2 meals and was an increase of 1.6 kg. Such an increase is a pretty good start because it also included the water that I drank to rehydrate after exercising.

I am not focused so much today on diet because my test is completed. I will need to continue testing these days that include a 60-minute run with a target max weight increase of 2.0 kg. However, today is not a day that I will include in testing because I am not going to be too concerned about the results. I am still going to run one hour in the morning, though. But this is a day for reflection and a slight reward instead of hardcore diet tracking. I’m not saying it’s a cheat day because it’s not. But it’s close enough that I don’t want to include it in testing.

Regardless, it seems that this new method (one hour plus the 2.0 kg goal) is going to allow me to maintain my weight. So this should allow me to get more rest on most days since that extra 30 minutes will not be necessary. I still may run 90 minutes on days when I eat too much or my weight just doesn’t fall much overnight, putting me in jeopardy of a substantial daily weight gain.

In short, I can probably now afford to run only 60 minutes on most days. And on times when I do need a little extra exercise, my body is more likely to have the energy to do that. I have never liked running for 90 minutes, so this is a welcome change.

Due to scheduling, I will be having strawberry smoothies later than my usual finishing time. That can be bad. However, I have managed to keep my weight increae pretty low so far. It is 7:30 at night, and my weight is 78.0 kg. That is 1.4 kg over today’s starting weight. That’s a very good mark as long as I don’t go too crazy on the smoothies.

Even after having some smoothies and a little meat, my weight rose to only 78.3 kg, which was only 1.7 kg above the day’s starting weight of 76.6 kg. Although I did not even intend to exercise strict discipline today, my weight gain was way less than yesterday and almost all days during the 7-day test. And my weight still fell pretty nicely overnight to 77.5 kg.

One thing that remains certain is that my body absolutely needs a substantial amount of exercise in order to maintain weight. Just being lazy is not going to cut it. But it sure feels nice to be able to reduce my typical workout from 90 to 60 minutes. My body feels a lot better because of it. Of course, some people would actually love doing that almost every day. At least for me, though, it’s not so easy on the joints. The difference in joint discomfort between 60 minutes and 90 minutes is pretty large.

My exercise result was not very good. I only dropped to about 76.8 kg, and .7 kg is a rather low number. Over the next hour, my weight dropped about .1 kg, to 76.7. This has turned into an odd, disappointing day. My weight only went up 1.7 kg all day. Yet, I still may end up only breaking even or even slightly gaining. Well, this goes to show that the focus must always be to do the right thing every day and then only worry when you see that days or weeks of results are not positive. Some days are just weird, but that weirdness is actually normal.

After almost 3 hours, I finally got my weight to drop to 76.6 kg, for a breakeven day. This day was just strange from start to finish. But if the end result is a breakeven day, that’s not bad at all since I am in weight maintenance mode, not even actual weight loss mode.

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