60-Minute Exercise Experiment Ends With Substantial Weight Loss

Day 373

I have arrived at the last day of my week-long experiment of 60-minute running sessions. Before starting this, I would have actually been happy to just break even. However, results have been way better than that, with a weight loss of 1.0 kg overall for the first 6 days. I am clearly going to lose weight by the end of this test, as there is no way my weight will go up 1.0 kg.

I am hoping to lose a little more weight today, but it’s important not to do anything dramatically different compared to the first 6 days. I want a test result of 7 typical dyas, not 6 typical days and then some crazy finish, such as starving or running like a madman.

I am going to stick to the diet guideline that I established on the 2nd day. That is to try to limit my weight increase during the day to 2.0 kg. Over the 6 previous days, I have gone up to but successfully stopped at 2.0 on some days and got up to about 2.3 on other days. On one strange day, I was under 2.0, but that has proven to be exceedingly difficult. So 2.0 is a good goal that is not excessively easy to meet, but is reasonable enough that I can hit it sometimes or at least try not to go too far over. Like I said, about the highest has been 2.3.

Today had a pretty good start to my diet. I ate and went to the bathroom and was still only up to 77.6, which is an increase of 1.2 kg so far.

Note: It would not be wise to specifically try to lose the .3 kg gained on the 6th day (yesterday and Day 372 of this blog). That is not the approach that I am taking because, as explained above, that would not be a typical day. I just want to have one more typical day of diet and exercise and get the final result for this test.

Somewhat unexpectedly, I rose to about 2.1, had something to drink, rose to about 2.3, and then dropped back down to 2.1. This was at about 5 in the afternoon. I am already in the danger zone, so a final meal weighing about .2 kg is my limit if that is possible. It probably is possible by just eating a little cucumber and a small amount of meat.

Well, things didn’t go so well. I rose to about 78.9 kg, or 2.5 kg over the starting weight of 76.4. However, there are no regrets here. I needed that food and will accept any result. This is my first week, and I am learning how to deal with my diet. It takes practice to nail down every aspect of a Pentamize weight loss plan. The exercise part is often easy, but there are so many possible diet choices that it can take time to find out what foods work for the amount of food you can eat and still lose or maintain weight with your chosen exercise regimen. Of course, the opposite can be true for some people. If your diet is in order but you have not done a lot of exercise tracking recently, then it may take time to test and make a good exercise plan.

I still may have a chance to lose some weight on this 7th and final day. But it’s not looking too good yet. Things can change quickly, though. I went to the bathroom and dropped to 78.8, so this will hopefully continue.

This last day just isn’t going well. I went to bed and weighed 78.5 kg, which was still 2.1 kg over. Then, I woke up at 7 in the morning and weighed 77.8 kg. That is a pretty average weight drop overnight of .7 kg. I will have to drop about .4 combined before and after the run plus have a decent loss from exercise of about 1.0 kg to break even today. This is not good, but I think it will be somewhat close to the breakeven point.

Right before my 1-hour run, I weighed in at 77.5 kg. That was a nice drop from the 77.8 right after waking up. And it was about 3 hours later, which is right around the rather typical .1 kg per hour of weight loss even when not exercising. I will now at least get close to breaking even. But it’s going to depend on whether I have a decent weight loss during the running session.

My weight lost during the jogging session was very poor. I only dropped to 76.8 kg, which is a measly .7 kg. I had about an hour left after that before the final weigh-in today and the final one for this 7-day test.

Although the last 2 days have been a disappointment, the test is still working out to a major positive. All I wanted to do is see if I could break even. I haven’t just broken even. I have lost weight even before finishing up with the final weigh-in. I am now .6 kg below the starting weight of 77.4. Hopefully, I can get that to .7 or .8 here in the next hour.

Right before it was time to weigh in, I needed to go to the bathroom. Maybe this will help, but today is definitely going to end in weight gain. Losing only .7 kg during the run is very hard to overcome, and nearly impossible after a daytime gain of 2.5 kg.

Fortunately, that did drop me to 76.6 kg. So I finished the day with a weight gain of .2 kg. This made for an excellent 7-day test with an overall weight loss of .8 kg. Although the last 2 days were bad, the first 5 were excellent. All I wanted to do was just see if I could avoid gaining weight over this one-week period. So this test was a huge success.

Starting Weight: 77.4 kg

Day 1: lost .1 kg
Day 2: lost .5 kg
Day 3: lost .4 kg
Day 4: lost .2 kg
Day 5: lost .1 kg
Day 6: gained .3 kg
Day 7: gained .2 kg

Weight After Day 7: 76.6 kg
Overall Loss and Average: .8 kg and avg. of about .11 kg per day of weight loss

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