6th Day Of Test Finally Shows a Weight Gain

Day 372

It’s amazing that I am still going strong for 5 days in a row for this new test. Every single day, I have lost weight when running for 60 minutes. I did not even do very well for my 60-minute days when first starting weight maintenance mode and checking different session durations. The one difference I am aware of this time is my diet has changed. And that is a result of more effective diet tracking and a strategy for much to eat on days that include a 60-minute run.

Today, my diet is getting off to a better start than yesterday. I shot up by 1.8 kg after the first meal yesterday. But today, I ate, went to the bathroom, and had increased only 1.2 kg. That was from 76.1 to 77.3. This is close to a 50% improvement on my diet. That includes water consumed after the run.

I was surprised when checking after a while and seeing my weight at 78.1 kg. That is a larger increase than expected. So this probably means I will need to have just one more meal and stop eating the rest of the night. I will probably be rising to approximately 78.4, which is pretty close to yesterday’s max increase. It would also be 2.3 kg over my starting weight. Since 2.0 kg is the goal, that is not too bad. Sometimes, it is just not possible to stay at or under that 2.0. So I am not too worried. I have lost weight all 5 days so far on this test. So no worries unless I go above 2.5, which would probably become a problem.

My weight rose to 78.4 kg, which worked out to the same 2.3 kg increase as yesterday. At that point, I felt like I may need just a little more food before sleep time. However, the problem is my weight already increased .3 kg over the 2.0 goal. This means it’s time to sacrifice. If I get down to 78.1 before bedtime, then I will eat a very small amount of food (about .1 kg only). Otherwise, the only choice is to abstain from eating completely.

Note that I do not endorse starving. If I really were feeling some strong hunger pangs, then I would eat and take the risk. And if I saw in the morning that I was way over the amount needed to break even, then I could work out extra or just accept the weight gain if it’s not a total disaster. At any rate, I am not going to change the 60-minute run time in the morning because I am on my 6th day of a 7-day test for these one-hour workouts.

I ate one last small meal, waited a while, and then weighed in at 78.1 kg. That was right before bed and was exactly 2.0 kg over the 76.1 starting weight. So while I went past 2.0, things will be okay if I drop a decent amount while sleeping.

I just couldn’t sleep last night for some reason. So I got back up and was finally able to go to bed at about 4 in the morning. I weighed 77.5 at that time. That was a good start and already .6 kg than what I weighed when trying to go to sleep. The next weigh-in was right before my run, which was at 10:45 in the morning. For some reason, I still weighed 77.4 kg. That is very strange to see almost no drop in 6+ hours. Well, maybe this is better because losing weight every day while running 60 minutes is completely unrealistic, especially when I do get up to a 2.3 kg increase. Still, not losing hardly any weight over 6 hours is usually weird. But I barely went to the bathroom, so it is possible.

Over the first 5 days of the current experiment, I lost 1.3 kg. So a bit of gain today is not going to significantly hurt the overall results. But this could be pretty bad, pending the results of the run. And it’s extremely windy out there, which is probably going to slow me down and reduce the overall weight loss during the session. Nonetheless, you have to have some days with weight gain. Otherwise, whatever you are doing is not sustainable at all unless you are planning on dying pretty soon.

I lost 1.0 kg during a jog that ended with a heart rate of about 136. That was enough to reduce my weight to 76.4 kg. However, even after a small pee, I was still 76.4. So that was today’s final weight, which means that I gained .3 kg.

I have one day to go in my test. No drastic measures or anything are called for, which wouldn’t even be good for a test because it would skew the results. So I will try to limit my increase to 2.0 kg, have a decent run, and see what happens.

Starting Weight: 77.4 kg

Day 1: lost .1 kg
Day 2: lost .5 kg
Day 3: lost .4 kg
Day 4: lost .2 kg
Day 5: lost .1 kg
Day 6: gained .3 kg

Weight After Day 6: 76.4 kg
Overall Loss and Average: 1.0 kg and avg. of about .17 kg per day of weight loss

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