5 Days Into Test And Still Losing Weight Every Day

Day 371

After 4 glorious days of my 60-minute-exercise test, I have lost 1.2 kg and have also lost weight every single day. If history holds true, this will probably be difficult to maintain for the next 3 days. Around this time, I usually experience a day where I get extra hungry or thirsty or both, causing more daytime weight gain that makes it too difficult to take that weight off even with exercise.

Today, my weight did rise faster, reaching 78.0 kg quickly. That was 1.8 kg over the 76.2 starting weight. At that time, there was no way to stop eating because it was far too early in the day and after only one meal and some water to rehydrate after Day 370’s running session (with the sessions being at the end of the blogging day under my current routine).

After my second small snack, I was up 2.0 kg. And that was still not enough. I was going to need at least one more meal to tide me over for the rest of the day. It’s not clear yet what result is going to come from this daily extra increase. At times, my weight will drop dramatically overnight or during exercise, saving me from a day of weight gain. However, I suspect that it is going to be very difficult to lose weight by the end of tomorrow morning’s session.

Because my body seems to really need more food today, I am not going to starve it. At the same time, the idea in this situation is to strive to eat only the amount necessary to get through the day without any serious hunger pangs. I may have to endure slight hunger pangs.

It’s very hard to describe the severity of hunger pangs, and it seems like these feelings are different from person to person. This is why I created the Pentamize tracking system. It takes a lot of the feelings out of the equation and just tells you with hard numbers when to stop eating. However, a problem arises when you reach your limit based on the numbers but feel that you still need to eat more. This is happening to me today. The only clear thing I can say in this scenario is to keep tracking the rest of the day and eat only the amount necessary to get through the remainder of the day.

At about 6 in the evening, I had a meal and rose to about 78.5 kg. That was 2.3 kg over the starting weight. My body feels better now, and I will just drink a little more water the rest of the day and perhaps have a very small snack if my weight drops to 78.1 or so before bedtime. But it looks like I will have a small chance to break even or lose weight by the end of this daily period. I’ll just need a decent drop overnight for that to happen.

At 8, I had dropped to about 78.1, successfully getting me down to the point that I can have a very small snack to tide me over for the rest of the night. Any amount is a risk. But I need just a little more energy, so the risk is worth it since I don’t anticipate a particularly bad result now, anyway. The only way I would gain a lot of weight now would be if I have an unusually low weight drop while sleeping. But that is out of my hands, so there is no point in worrying about it.

Things did not go so well overnight. I was about 77.5 when waking up, even after getting up later than usual. This was kind of expected, as I just couldn’t keep losing weight every single day. There may be a way to counter this by changing diet on days when I get hungry. For example, when I see that I am hungrier than usual, loading up on vegetables might help. But it would not be appropriate to radically change my diet during the middle of this 60-minute-exercise experiment. Even though this process is not perfectly scientific, I certainly don’t want to make it worse by radically changing diet, which is one of two main factors that I am supposed to be keeping relatively constant (the other being the 60-minute jogging sessions). For you scientists and smart people, I realize these are not perfect constants like you can use in a lab. There really is no such thing in weight loss, except maybe the calories of certain foods. In weight loss, “constant” is a relative term because almost everything you can test varies all the time.

Anyway, whatever weight I end up gaining today is probably going to make this 7-day test more realistic. And again, it’s clear that 7 days is not enough to get a true average. But I have to start somewhere, and one huge lesson I have learned so far is that setting a max daily weight increase of 2.0 kg is pretty much where I need to be if I am going to be successful maintaining my weight with 60-minute jogging. I went over that 2.0 today to about 2.3. So it’s no surprise here that it looks like I will be gaining some unless the weight falls off a lot faster than usual.

Actually, I ended up dropping fast to about 77.1 kg. This was after a long trip to the bathroom, so that helped me a great deal. If not for that, there was a risk of a large weight gain. As it stands now, I actually have a chance to break even or lose weight. I am now on the borderline of breaking even since that will require .9 kg more of weight loss. Some runs produce more than that, and some produce less.

I had a somewhat average run, finishing at a heart rate of about 132. Despite that, the scale showed that I lost 1.0 kg, which put me at a weight of 76.1 kg. At that point, I had locked up a 5th day of weight loss in a row, corresponding to all 5 days so far in my 7-day test. Despite eating about .3 kg more yesterday, I have still managed to lose a small amount of weight. This first week of testing for 60-minute exercise sessions is doing far better than my recent results on 90-minute sessions. It’s not clear what that means yet, except the good news is that it is showing that a regimen of less exercise but also with less eating is another good option for my own weight loss. While the numbers are too close and it is too soon to draw any conclusions, it seems clear here that, as long as I can watch my diet, I don’t need to work out for 90 minutes all the time. It’s apparently just a matter of nailing down the diet part of the equation instead of focusing on so much exercise. Again, I can’t draw conclusions yet. But this test is going very well.

I finished at 76.1 kg, which was a weight loss of .1 kg. What appeared like it might be a bad day turned into a slight good day this time. This leaves me with 2 days left in the test. But I may just extend this schedule and keep going since it is showing such great results.

Starting Weight: 77.4 kg

Day 1: lost .1 kg
Day 2: lost .5 kg
Day 3: lost .4 kg
Day 4: lost .2 kg
Day 5: lost .1 kg

Weight After Day 5: 76.1 kg
Overall Loss and Average: 1.3 kg and avg. of .26 kg per day of weight loss

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