Lost Weight Now 4 Days In a Row For Current Test

Day 370

After 2 of the best days I could have imagined in my 60-minute-exercise test, I am starting to wonder if I am just getting lucky here. Seriously, though, a loss 2 days ago of .5 kg and then a loss of .4 yesterday is a whopping weight loss of .9 kg in only 2 days. The majority of days in my tracking period have consisted of 90-minute runs. So these results have come from 30 minutes less exercise daily.

Clearly, the key to my success has not been in the actual exercise. Yes, that exercise is a necessary component. But the real key has been effective diet control. After the first day of this test, I settled in on a goal of staying within a daily max weight increase of 2.0 kg. I hit 2.0 exactly 2 days ago and a very low 1.6 yesterday. Despite that, 2 days ago actually had an even better result, but that’s not surprising because there is natural variability in digestion and other things that affect weigh loss, gain, and maintenance. Weight loss during exercise also varies, with my results being 1.1 the day before yesterday and .9 yesterday.

Let me compare the past 2 days (Days 2 and in the test) with Day 1. On the first day, I lost only .6 kg during the run. It seemed to be a little bit slower, but the .6 was still surprisingly low. Yet, I did manage to lose .1 kg that day. Now, as far as diet on that first day, I gained a max of 2.3 kg, or .3 over my current goal. I had not set the 2.0 goal yet because that was my first day working on this new 60-minute experiment. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. But after increasing 2.3 the first time and then losing .1 kg overall that day, 2.3 seemed good but risky. So I rounded down to 2.0 as a likely goal that would be valuable to me if I could stick to it. And that has been very successful the past 2 days.

For the 4th day, my weight was going up a little faster. I started at 76.4 and then rose to 77.7 after the first meal. Then, I went to the bathroom and was drinking coffee, and my weight rose to 77.9 without eating anything else (only water from drinking coffee, which has almost zero calories by itself). That put me up to 1.5 kg already at about 3 in the afternoon. So there is likely no way I can stick to the crazy 1.6 figure from yesterday. However, I can perhaps keep my increase from going past 2.0 by making sure that my meals are small. Big meals have always hurt me because you can end up overeating when you let yourself enjoy one big meal. It’s not that eating smaller meals has no risk, as you can still overeat. All I can say is that, in practice and through my Pentamize tracking experience, smaller meals let me keep better control over my diet.

I finished up close to 78.4 kg, so the 2.0 kg was more or less met. It may have been off by .1 kg or so, but not much more. I still had about 3 hours left before bedtime. So my weight will hopefully drop some even before sleeping.

I got up early because of a headache and weighed in at about 77.5 kg. That was a big drop already. I think this may end up being another huge day, as I have something like 7 hours before the end of my run. So there is the run plus all natural weight loss during that rather long period of time. On the other hand, waking up so early might not be helpful in the grand scheme of things. But even just the run will get me close to even.

It’s going to be really funny if I discover that I have been running 90 minutes for almost 2 years now for no good reason. These results I have been getting for days now suggest that 60 minutes plus better tracking may actually yield better results. Yes, it’s possible that my diet tracking has just got better. But I’m not sure if that is the case because limiting to my diet to 2.0 kg of weight increase during the day doesn’t seem feasible. When I tried to hold it to 2.5 on 90-minute days, even that was difficult.

I have read that some people can conceivably have a problem with actually exercising too much. I am not talking about overexertion or injuries. Rather, the more you exercise, the more you need to eat. It’s at least possible that a certain level of exercise can promote overeating so much that the amount you lose from the exercise is not sufficient to overcome the additional food consumption. Or maybe it’s enough to overcome the added consumption, but a lighter exercise regimen may be better overall in some situations. It’s too early for me to conclude anything yet. I will say that I previously did some tests with 60-minute runs and was not nearly as successful as with the 90-minute sessions. The difference now is setting the 2.0 goal, which I did not specifically try before. This is apparently the difference that is helping me at the moment since there are no other changes.

I didn’t get back to sleep. But a couple of hours later, my weight had gone down to 77.2 kg. This is continuing to be a huge opportunity to lose more weight. All I need is just the one-hour run to be close to breakeven now. So any bathroom time and natural loss will result in a weight loss. I’m not going to run all that fast this morning because my energy feels at just an average level. But any decent run should be good enough.

I am definitely not feeling like a fast run. Nonetheless, just finishing should be good enough. Right before the run, my weight was 77.1 kg, or only .7 kg above today’s starting weight. Big success is coming up in about an hour!

My weight loss during the run was not so great. I finished at 76.3 kg, which was a loss of .8 kg. Then, I dropped .1 kg from urinating and had an official weigh-in of 76.2 kg. That was a daily weight loss of .2 kg for this 4th day of the current test. I have now lost at least a little weight all 4 days.

Test Beginning Weight: 77.4 kg

Day 1 Result
lost .1 kg (down to 77.3 kg)

Day 2 Result
lost .5 kg (down to 76.8 kg)

Day 3 Result
lost .4 kg (down to 76.4 kg)

Day 4 Result
lost .2 kg (down to 76.2 kg)

Overall Result
lost 1.2 kg after 4 days (average .3 kg per day)

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