Another Big Weight Loss On 3rd Day Of One-Hour Exercise Test

Day 369

This is the 3rd day of my 60-minute test, which will last 7 days. So far, I am off to a fantastic and better-than-expected start. I have lost .6 kg in 2 days, for an average of .3 per day.

Another thing I have honed in on is how to proceed with modifying my diet. As explained in more detail in yesterday’s Day 368 blog post, my goal each day is to limit my daytime weight increase to 2.0 kg. Going under is not going to be much of a problem because that would almost require starving, which I am not going to do. Going over is something that I could easily do. While I am not a huge eater, I do like eating. So this is why I have to continuously do my Pentamize tracking to stay close to the 2.0 kg goal.

Since I started at 76.8 kg today, that means my max weight before sleeping should be no more than about 78.8 kg. This is certainly not an easy thing to do. But the goal is to achieve it or at least not go too much over. If I get up to the 2.0, then the idea is to sacrifice some, but without starving.

At 2 in the afternoon, my weight was around 78.0 kg. So I was doing pretty good so far. 3 more snacks or rather small meals will probably allow me to max out at or below 78.8.

After 2 more small snacks, I rose to 78.2 kg. This was excellent, and it gave me room for one more small meal of some fruit. I was well below 78.8 and not likely to even reach it. Expectedly, I rose to 78.4 for the last small meal. That put me way below the 2.0 kg mark. I rose to a max of only 1.6 kg before bedtime. This is even better than the 2.0 kg from yesterday. However, the end result may or may not be better. My run was so good yesterday that I probably can’t equal it 2 days in a row.

Surely, there will be days when I exceed 2.0 kg even though I am running only 60 minutes. But it’s starting to look like I can at least average this. So this 60-minute plan is looking good so far. The key was always going to be to properly modify my calorie intake. I have done that very well so far and hope my body will be able to get used to this on an ongoing basis. It sure feels good to run 30 minutes less and still get good-enough results to maintain my weight and actually even lose some so far during this test.

I didn’t drop that much in weight overnight, waking up and weighing in at 77.8 kg. So I am suddenly at risk of actually gaining weight despite doing so well on diet this time. Well, I knew this would happen at times with 60-minute run days. So I will just go out, do my workout, and keep doing the same thing. At any rate, it’s not that surprising since yesterday was so good. It’s hard to have that kind of success 2 days in a row even when running 90 minutes. Also, it’s still possible to lose a little weight. If I have a good result on my run and also go to the bathroom a couple of times, it could still finish up at under 76.8 kg (the starting point today).

I started the run at 77.6 kg. After a pretty hard run, I lost .9 kg, ending the 60-minute session at a heart rate of about 148. The .9 kg is fine, although it was not quite as good as yesterday’s crazy 1.1 kg. After finishing up in the bathroom, I had a final weigh-in of 76.4 kg. That was another great weight loss of about .4 kg. This test is a phenomenal success so far.

I know this crazy pace can’t continue. But things should be okay as long as I stick to goo diet choices.

Test Beginning Weight: 77.4 kg

Day 1 Result
lost .1 kg (down to 77.3 kg)

Day 2 Result
lost .5 kg (down to 76.8 kg)

Day 3 Result
lost .4 kg (down to 76.4 kg)

Overall Result
lost 1.0 kg after 3 days (average .33 kg per day)

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