Brilliant Day Of Weight Loss On Second Day Of 60-Minute Test

Day 368

This is the second day of my 7-day test of daily 60-minute running sessions. Yesterday, I got off to a good start, losing .1 kg. As you will see below, today turned out much better. I will be discussing in this blog the diet and exercise factors that I think catapulted me to great success today. It was much better than I would have though was even possible. I even ate pizza today and still lost a bunch of weight!

I started off the day thinking about what kind of weight increase would give me a chance to break even or possibly even lose weight today. In making this determination, I had to keep in mind that I would probably have to consume less calories, as compared to days with a 90-minute run.

On 90-minute run days, I did Pentamize diet tracking and previously determined that a daytime maximum weight increase of about 2.5 was a good goal to give myself a solid chance to break even or lose a little weight. Just using common-sense, unsophisticated math here, it became obvious that my max increase on a 60-minute run day would have to be somewhat less than 2.5 kg. Note that these kinds of numbers cannot be put into a chart and applied to everyone trying to lose weight. You’ll have to get your own estimate since everyone has a different metabolism.

My starting weight today was 77.3 kg. So adding 2.5 kg to 77.3 gets 79.8 kg. This would likely be a little too much daytime weight gain for a 60-minute run day. So I decided to zero in on 2.0 kg as a good goal today, but keeping in mind that this can be modified up or down later as more tracking results become available over the course of time. Nonetheless, if 2.5 is a good number for a 90-minute run day, then 2.0 does seem about right for a 60-minute session. I am not a mathematician, and these numbers are strictly supposed to be estimates. In fact, 60 is 67% of 90, and 67% of 2.5 would be right at 1.7 kg, not 2.0 kg. But I am giving myself a little leeway and saying 2.0 kg because 1.7 would be very difficult to do, based on my experience. Adjustments can be made over time depending on results.

I was very successful on my diet and did only rise to a max of about 79.3 today. I even 4 pieces of pizza. This kind of poor food choice is still okay, depending on the situation. I hit 79.3 pretty early, and it gave me time to drop to about 78.8 before bedtime. Then, I woke up and weighed 78.1 kg. Even though that .7 is just so-so, the great diet discipline today pushed me into a great position.

Next, I had a faster-than-average run and unexpectedly lost about 1.1 kg. That put me down to 76.9 kg, which meant I was already .4 kg below the starting weight. This day was turning out to be a humongous success. It’s hard to get this kind of success even when running for 90 minutes, although occasional crazy days of losing 1.0 kg or a little more have happened.

Note: Although the 2.0 kg figure that I chose today is probably a good one, it does not mean that I will achieve such great results every day. For some reason, I lost a larger amount of weight than expected during the run. I cannot always run as fast as today, so the results are not always going to be this rosy. Nonetheless, even if I had lost only .6 kg like yesterday, it still would have given me a chance to break even or even lose a little weight. The .6 from yesterday was very low for some reason, and the 1.1 today was very high for yet another unclear reason. Regardless, if we figure that the average is close to .8 kg, then it looks at this early stage that the 2.0 figure is good.

The journey down to 76.9 was awesome. However, it slowed down after that. I did finish at 76.8, though, which made for a daily weight loss of .5 kg. That is huge on this second day of the test. While I obviously don’t expect this all the time (it’s clearly way better than average), it does show me that, with the right diet, maybe 60 minutes is enough to at least maintain the same weight over time. More may be necessary to lose weight after cheating or a vacation or something. But if 60 is enough to maintain when also making proper diet adjustments, that would make me very happy.

Test Beginning Weight: 77.4 kg

Day 1 Result
lost .1 kg (down to 77.3 kg)

Day 2 Result
lost .5 kg (down to 76.8 kg)

Overall Result
lost .6 kg after 2 days (average .3 kg per day)

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