First Day of 60-Minute Exercise Test; Small Weight Loss Recorded

Day 367

My max weight for this first day of the 7-day test was 79.7 kg. That was higher than preferred since it is about the same as the last 2 days. But since those 2 days had a 90-minute run, there is a pretty big risk here of gaining weight on this first day. Again, though, I can’t afford to worry about short-term weight gain for this test. The whole idea is to find out what happens regardless of the results.

Before going to sleep, my weight had gone down to about 79.3 kg. Then, I had a pretty good overnight result, losing close to 1.0 kg. The scale showed 78.3 kg.

As expected, the 60-minute run did not yield as much weight loss as most 90-minute sessions. The scale said I was about 77.7 after that shorter run. That is a paltry .6 kg of weight loss. It should have been higher than that. I was expecting about .8 kg since my pace was pretty good throughout. My heart rate was 140 at the end. It’s possible that I was running slower than perceived. I had some constipation, and it was slowing me down. So my perception of how fast I was running may have been skewed by that since I was possibly exerting more energy than usual for the same pace. Anyway, there is no way to definitively say one way or another. But I hope my average is closer to .8 than .6, as a daily session loss of only .6 is almost certainly not going to be enough to maintain my weight. Anyhow, this is just one day of results, so it means almost nothing yet.

I had 3 more hours to go after the run before my final daily weigh-in. Because the 77.7 is .3 over the starting weight of 77.4, I aim to wait out the full 3 hours to give myself a chance to break even.

At 10:30 in the morning, I had finally gone to the bathroom, and that reduced my weight to about 77.4 kg. This is excellent because it means I am at the breakeven point with 90 minutes left before time to officially weigh in. I am feeling thirsty now and would like something to eat. But I am going to wait it out at least another hour and see if I can get my weight down at least another .1 kg. This would actually give me a weight loss on this first day of the 7-day test of 60-minute exercise sessions.

I dropped .1 kg, which is pretty much what was expected. And for this first day of my test, I actually lost .1 kg.

Test Beginning Weight: 77.4 kg

Day 1 Result
lost .6 kg during run
lost .1 kg (down to 77.3 kg)

Overall Result
average .6 kg lost during runs
lost .1 kg after 1 day

There is nothing else to note except one thing about my diet. I need to keep in mind that I will be running 30 minutes shorter than usual. Thus, I ideally should be eating a little less to account for the slightly lower need for energy. This is something I need to keep in mind when tracking diet. I’d say maxing out at 79.5 would be pushing it in this situation. A max weight of 79.3 today would probably be a more realistic amount that would at least give me a chance of maintaining or losing a little. Today, I was somewhat fortunate to lose a little despite maxing out at 79.7. I suspect that most such days would result in a weight gain, not a weight loss. That is why 79.3 seems to be a much safer max weight.

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