Day 366 – Details Of My 60-Minute Exercise Experiment That Starts Tomorrow

Day 366

I am now in my second year of weight maintenance and am about to begin a series of different experiments. The first one will last exactly 7 days. I will be running exactly 60 minutes at a typical pace. In other words, the goal is not to run faster and burn as many calories in 60 minutes as I normally do in 90. The goal is to burn calories at roughly the same rate. Of course, if I have a little extra energy because the run is shorter, then I will speed up a little. If it feels natural to speed up a little, I will not shy away from doing that.

The point I am making is that this is not a test of high-intensity exercise. Instead, I plan to stick to medium-intensity exercise and see if I can at least maintain my weight by doing one-hour sessions and eating a little less. I already know that I probably won’t lose weight, but the purpose is to see if I can maintain. Losing is not necessary at this point. If I need to lose some, I already know that I will need to run for closer to 90 minutes. But can I just maintain with 60-minute workouts? Finding this out is the only purpose of doing this experiment.

One 1-week experiment might not yield a reliable result. While I am definitely not a scientist, my experience in Pentamize tracking shows me that 7 days may not be enough because there are 7-day good streaks and bad streaks, and average results. I will return to do another 7-day experiment at least a couple more times. Then, I will average all of them together. 21 days of results is typically going to be far more reliable than only 7 at reaching an estimated true average. There can be some wild exceptions, such as one week that was really good or really bad. Nonetheless, the point is that I won’t know for sure after this first week-long test what the average is. But the reason for doing daily tracking is to eventually be able to estimate the true average.

For Day 366, I lost .1 kg, which was a bit of a disappointment coming off a cheat day. Often, I will lose a large amount after a cheat day. But for some reason, that didn’t happen this time even though I had a pretty good 90-minute run.

My max weight was around 79.7, and I dropped to 78.7 overnight. Then, I slowly dropped to 78.4 before the run and had a weak result of only 1.0 kg. So I finished at 77.4, which was .1 kg better than yesterday’s finish.

Tomorrow, I will be starting my one-week test of 60-minute jogging sessions. As stated above, the plan is to keep doing medium-intensity sessions even though they are 30 minutes shorter than my usual 90 minutes. It’s okay if I gain some weight over this weekly period. I just want to get this test done. Then, I can regroup and later do 75-minute runs if necessary. The hope is to find a time that is less than 90 minutes that will allow me to maintain my weight. Then, if I gain some due to a cheat day or something, I can jump back to 90 minutes until I lose that weight.

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