Day 365 – Mega Cheat Day After Successful Year Of Weight Maintenance

Day 365

This Pentamize weight maintenance blog is now one year old. At the outset, I started at 75.0 kg. Yesterday, my anniversary weight result was 76.4 kg, or 168 pounds. So while I have been up and down, I have finished within 3 pounds of my target weight. The 75 is too hard to maintain all the time, but 76.4 is good weight maintenance for me.

It’s been a while since having a cheat day, so this was the perfect time to have one. We tried out a new buffet restaurant. It was a brunch buffet, and I had like 4 or 5 plates of all kinds of stuff. I also had some coke and ice cream after eating at the restaurant.

While I ate a little less than usual the rest of the day, the weight gain was substantial because of that buffet. I maxed out on the day at about 79.5 kg. That is an increase of 3.1 kg. Actually, I have done far worse than that before on even crazier cheat days. So the 3.1 will definitely result in weight gain even after I work out tomorrow, it won’t be as bad as it could have been. I imagine that I will be back in the 77 range and will just slowly lose back that weight over the next week or so.

Going forward, I think it’s time to do several kinds of diet and exercise experiments. While I am happy with my new lifestyle, it seems I am having to exercise far too much. Even with no cheat days, I went several weeks running about 86 minutes on average almost every day and still had difficulty staying in the 76 range. That is far too much exercise in my opinion. It would probably be better to try out some kind of different diet that allows me to reduce the amount of necessary exercise for maintaining my weight.

Another thing I can do is to run less but try to program my mind to eat less. Doing it that way can theoretically end up with the same results if diet and exercise are balanced in the right proportions. The key is to just allow my body to adjust to less food since it needs less food for the reduced amount of exercise, as compared to more exercise. That is, more exercise generally calls for more food since added energy is needed to complete these workouts. The converse is also true. Less exercise theoretically requires less food. Of course, everything must be individualized to the person and tested through Pentamize tracking or other methods.

I don’t know if my tracking earlier was right or wrong, but I woke up and was still 78.9 kg. That is a pretty ugly figure. However, weight gain was already expected today after such a big cheat day. I may be even more than 1 kg over after a long run. This doesn’t worry me at all since I am used to recovering now. However, since I have now successfully maintained my weight for a year, I don’t want to focus as much on fast recoveries. I am more interested in testing different workouts and diets to see if I can make it easier on myself. These constant 90-minute runs are doable but not exactly preferred, either. Today, I do need to run for about 90 minutes to burn off all the extra calories.

Regardless of today’s final result, I am going to do a test of running 60 minutes 7 days in a row. This test will start 2 days from now, which is Day 367 for this blog. If I gain weight, that is okay. The purpose of this first 60-minute week-long test is to practice modifying my food intake. Naturally, I will have to eat less to maintain or lose weight, as compared to regular jogging sessions of 90 minutes.

The run was at 10:45 to 12:15, and my weight had dropped to about 78.5 by the beginning of the session. So I dropped pretty well between getting up and starting the run, but not enough to come remotely close to breaking even by the end of the exercise session.

After a fairly average run that was in cool but not cold weather, I lost 1.1 kg. So I ended this cheat day at 77.4 kg, which was a large increase of 1.0 kg, or about 2.2 pounds. That’s on the high end but not totally unexpected.

I will run 90 minutes one more day, which is Day 366. Then, I will start the one-week 60-minute sessions test 2 days from now.

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