My Official One-Year Anniversary Weigh-In Is Today

Day 364

I have finally reached the big day for my one-year official weigh-in. Technically, it’s about a day early. But the Day 364 final weight today is also the beginning weight for Day 365.

Unfortunately, I had a meltdown yesterday. It was not from making any huge mistakes. I overate a little by having a snack before running. But even that was a small snack. It seems more likely that my body just had a natural upward correction after losing .6 kg the 2 days before that. Although gaining back the .6 in one day is a disappointment (especially at this time), it’s not unprecedented and not alarming. But it does mean this last day needs to include even more diet discipline.

With a start of 77.1, I decided that a max weight today of about 78.9 would be a pretty good goal to help me lose weight today. But 78.9 is only a daytime increase of 1.8 kg. That is on the low end, as it also includes water. I was not able to stop at 78.9, but I decided to eat a little yogurt at that time and then abstain from eating the rest of the day. So I ate that and had a max weight of about 79.2 kg. And that was also at about 5 in the afternoon. So while the 78.9 goal was not met, hitting 79.2 at only 5 gave me plenty of time to lose weight before sleeping. This is a better position that the past few days and appears to set me up well for tomorrow morning’s 2-hour run.

I say “appears to” because it’s impossible to predict how much I will lose overnight. But I woke up and was about 78.3 yesterday. I seem to be in much better position today and will likely finish in the mid 76 range, which would be about 3 pounds over the 75.0 kg target maintenance weight. Yes, this is a prediction only, but it seems like a good estimate as long as I abstain from eating the rest of the day.

From 5 in the afternoon, I successfully abstained from eating anything else. At 8 in the morning, my weight had dropped from about 79.2 to 77.9 kg, for a total drop of 1.3 kg in 15 hours. That is close to my recently tabulated figure of approximately .1 kg per hour. So while this is not an especially great reduction, it is normal.

With a start of 77.9 kg and 2 hours of running ahead of me, I am now assured of finishing in the 76 range. It just isn’t clear exactly where I will finish, but it will definitely be below 77.0. My one-year weigh-in is in approximately 3 hours since the jogging session will start a little early. Reasonable success is assured now, although it’s going to be an A-, not an A+. I can’t reach the exact weight maintenance target of 75.0 kg. But getting within 2 to 3 pounds is a solid result because my max weight before getting really serious had ballooned to 106 kg, or about 233 pounds.

Note: 75 kg is 165 pounds, 76 kg is 167 pounds, and 77 kg is 169 pounds.

During the run, I started out at a pace that was probably slightly above average. About 30 minutes in, I decided it would be more realistic to not go for 2 hours. It’s not normal for me, and it kind of felt like cheating. So instead, I picked up the pace and decided to run for the usual 90 minutes. My run finished 6 minutes early, which just happened to be when I made it back to the house.

This was one of the hardest runs of about 90 minutes that I have ever had. My heart rate was a whopping 168 at the end. It was definitely lower than that as the average for the whole run. But I estimate that that average was over 140.

Although I did not run for 2 hours, the hope was that the fast pace would allow me to lose about 1.5 kg or more. In fact, I lost about 1.5 kg, finishing at 76.4 kg.

My one-year anniversary weigh-in was also a 76.4 kg, which is 168 pounds. Although it is 3 pounds over my target weight of 165, I am marking this down as a success. My goal is to stay close to 165 pounds. It is not necessary to be at exactly that weight, and getting down to it and especially below has proven to be extremely difficult. Think of it like a test, with 75 kg (165 pounds) being a 100 on the test. I got well over 90, so this was an A or at least an A-.

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