Small Diet Mistakes Can Hurt Big Time

Day 363

With only 2 days left until my one-year weight maintenance weigh-in, the main goal today is to avoid getting out of hand on my diet. This means I need to use Pentamize tracking throughout the day to avoid accidentally gaining too much weight.

Yesterday’s max weight was 79.3 kg. So it would be a great idea to try to avoid going over that. 79.3 would be a daily top increase of 2.8 kg over today’s starting weight of 76.5. Ideally, it should be a little lower than that. But it’s not imperative. I always focus on tracking and avoiding huge mistakes instead of starving to stay at 2.5 kg or lower. That doesn’t seem like a healthy approach to diet for me even though I am trying to maintain my weight (and lose some when I gain too much at times, such as on vacation).

At 5:30 in the afternoon, my weight had risen to 78.9 kg. That put me in a spot where I can really only eat one more fairly small meal or two even smaller snacks. I think I will eat two small snacks and try to keep myself at 79.3 or under. This seems doable at this point in the day. I am also not all that hungry, which should make this an easier goal to reach.

After waking up at 7:30, my weight had dropped to 78.3 kg. This is not bad at all, as my weight was about 78.5 at the same time the last couple of days. It gives me a chance to either break even or lose a little weight. But even if my weight doesn’t drop as expected (bad days happen even if you do everything right), this doesn’t look like it will be a particularly bad day. I still need to go to the bathroom and also have about 3 more hours before running at approximately 11 in the morning.

I ate a small amount of food before running, which will not help my overall result here. However, it hopefully won’t hurt me for the official weigh-in tomorrow morning. And it will probably only affect me by about .1 to .2 kg for this morning’s final weight. That may be enough weight to push me into a weight-gain situation for this daily period. I weighed in at 78.3 before the run, and I was 78.3 when waking up 3 hours before that. Looks like I have screwed up today’s result. That probably means a 2-hour run tomorrow morning. I will not do 2 hours today because there will be a risk of overeating, which could hurt my one-year weigh-in tomorrow morning.

This is an example of how pretty small diet mistakes can lead to big problems with weight loss or maintenance. This does not mean you have to strive to be perfect or never cheat. It just means you need to avoid making these small mistakes on a regular basis. That small meal of .2 kg or whatever it was that I ate this morning was a mistake that is going to hurt me. I had already eaten enough for this 24-hour period. In my case, I will be able to make it up tomorrow. But not everyone has time to make it up. So it’s better to avoid such mistakes all together, particularly if you are short on time and won’t be able to compensate by doing extra exercise.

Today just turned out all bad. I fell from 78.3 to only 77.2 for the 90-minute run. Granted, it was actually 85 minutes. But at most, an extra 5 minutes may have knocked off .1 kg. Then, I went to the bathroom and was still 77.1. That was with about 20 minutes left until the day’s official weigh-in (my run started about 15 minutes earlier than yesterday, so I decided to wait a few extra minutes).

Well, this is what I meant by small mistakes sometimes compounding into bigger mistakes. Eating before the run may or may not have negatively affected by exercise session, as well. It was only a small snack, though, to be honest. My main point is that, once you have a system in place that is working for you, then try to stick to that system each day except when you know you can afford to cheat a little. My “rewards” ideas (rewarding yourself for hard work) is delved into with more specific details in my Pentamize book, which you can get from the home page of this blog.

This day’s final result was a disaster. I weighed in at 77.1 even after waiting a while longer. That made for a weight gain of .6 kg today, up from 76.5. Since I have only one day before my official weigh-in, this result forces me to run for 2 hours. That won’t be a hard thing since it’s so important to finish strong. All I want is to finish in the 76 range now. And if I do that, it will be within about 4 pounds of my target maintenance weight. That is successful enough for me. I have gone on 2 trips during this period of time, gained substantial weight, and lost it again both times.

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