Small Weight Loss On a Day With More Vegetables

Day 362

I now have only 3 90-minute runs left until my one-year weigh-in. Yesterday was a nice breakthrough, as I lost .5 kg and got back down well into the 76 range. That ending weight was 76.6 kg. So I have a good chance now of finishing the year out in the 76 range. The goal is to avoid losing weight on any day the next 3 days.

To start out these next 3 days, I have done a so-so job. My weight rose to a max of about 79.3 kg, which is an increase of 2.7 kg over the starting mark. That is better than yesterday’s 2.9. But as can be seen from the end result of a large weight loss of 2.9 kg (end result being a weight loss of .5 kg by the end of the daily period), the increase during the day is only one factor that determines success or failure. Although the 2.9 was pretty high, it dropped off really fast for some reason and continued to drop well all the way until my exercise session was over in the early afternoon.

When you look at how well my weight dropped yesterday, the 2.7 increase today is not necessarily that great. My weight might not drop the same way the rest of the day. Nonetheless, I don’t concern myself too much with things that I can’t control at any given time. That weight drop varies for a million different reasons. The important part is to try to avoid going much over about 2.5 kg of increase during the day. On a given day, the rest is up to short-term luck.

I ate more vegetables today, giving me a better chance to lose weight. However, as I discussed a few days ago, vegetables don’t always show the same rate of digestion. If you eat a lot of vegetables in terms of weight on a given day, the digestion could lag, causing you to actually gain weight on that particular day. But even if this happens, you may see that the following day is productive. This can mean that you just needed a few more hours for everything to digest. Since I am working on only 3 days left until the big weigh-in, hopefully this lagging will not happen now.

At 11 in the morning, I started a run weighing around 78.0 kg. This was almost the same as yesterday’s 77.9. I ran pretty hard today, finishing up at a heart rate of 144. I lost about 1.4 kg, getting my weight down to 76.6 kg. About 15 minutes later, I did a final weigh-in at 76.5 kg. That was good enough for the minimum weight loss of .1 kg.

There are now 2 more workouts until my official anniversary weigh-in. I have lost .6 kg the past 2 days. In a way, that’s not good timing because this often means it’s time for my body to readjust and retain some weight. So I’ll have to be extra careful on my diet these next 2 days. Since I am having a cheat day after that, there is a little extra incentive here to maintain my discipline for 48 more hours.

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