Better Diet Tracking And Control Result In Weight Loss Of .5 KG

Day 361

I am getting so close to the one-year mark of this blog now that I can taste it. I have 4 more workouts to go and will then do my official weigh-in. Success is in reach. For me, I just want to finish at 77.0 kg or below. That puts me within about 5 pounds of my target maintenance goal of 75.0 kg. That specific goal has proven to be very difficult to maintain. Thus, I am considering this year to be a success as long as I am within about 5 pounds of that mark (5 pounds is slightly over 2 kg).

Yesterday definitely did not help me in reaching this goal. I was 76.9 kg and rose to 77.1. However, there are plenty of things to consider about why I messed up and how I can do better these final 4 days.

First of all, I simply ate way too much. From a start of 76.9, I maxed out at around 79.8 kg. That is an increase of 2.9 kg. A figure of 2.9 is more than preferred. In my experience tracking my max daily weight increase, about 2.5 is a reasonable cutoff to give me a decent chance of losing weight when I do a 90-minute run. It would be less than 2.5 kg if not exercising or exercising less. So the 2.9 from yesterday was risky and did, in fact, hurt me. A gain of .2 is not that bad. But with only 5 days left until the official one-year weigh-in, now is not the time to make those kinds of mistakes. It’s time to sacrifice.

Yesterday, I was set to have one last meal and estimated that my weight would be about 79.5 kg. But it ended up being 79.8. I realize this is hardcore, rigorous Pentamize tracking. But this is the exact kind of hardcore tracking that has allowed me to lose weight. Before I tracked, I was overeating. After I started tracking religiously is when my weight loss rate increased by about 400 percent. And that increase started to occur instantly. My book gives more details on this story. But the results were immediate (meaning improved results the first week).

Where diet and exercise weight tracking is concerned, what it comes down to for me is that I am serious enough about losing and maintaining weight that the sacrifice of weighing in all the time is well worth it. In fact, I have gotten so used to it that it’s kind of enjoyable, like playing a video game or weighing your baby from time to time to see how much he or she is growing.

I was doing much better at 6 in the evening today, as compared to yesterday. I finished all meals and weighed 79.2 kg. That is one of the best days so far as long as I don’t eat any more. I am going to drink one more cup of coffee and am done completely for the night (no water or anything). This should be a solid chance to lose weight, although it is still going to depend on overnight weight loss.

By doing much better on diet today, my weight was accordingly less at bedtime and when waking up. I was 78.9 kg at night and then 78.2 kg in the morning. That 78.2 was about .3 kg better than the average 78.5 of the past few days. Finally, this is a pretty good day. I don’t think I can possibly maintain weight without doing a significant amount of exercise. But lately, it has seemed far too difficult to stay in the 76 range. Today, I will at least get in that range again if I have a decent exercise result.

I am running a little bit late today and am down to 77.9 kg. I will be weighing in right after the run, so I need to lose only .8 kg to break even. Anything more will be a weight loss for the day.

After a pretty tough run that sapped my energy quite a bit, I was very happy to weigh in at 76.6 kg. That made for a much better overall day than expected. I lost .5 kg since my starting weight was 77.1. So I am now 3 days away from my very first official anniversary weigh-in. I will consider doing a 2-hour run on the last day (Wednesday morning session, and it is Sunday as I am writing this) if I am within striking distance of 75.9. Otherwise, I will just run the typical 90 minutes for the next 3 days.

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