Bad Diet Tracking Causes Weight Gain Of .2 KG Today

Day 360

With only 5 workouts to go until my one-year weigh-in, I am suddenly experiencing pain in my lower back again. This is weird timing. My back has not hurt like this all year long. In fact, it’s been about 2 years since my back has been better. Hopefully, it’s just a normal strain that goes away on its own.

My diet hasn’t gone very well today. Luckily, I was able to get back down to 76.9 kg for yesterday’s official weigh-in, which is also today’s starting weight. Unfortunately, though, I got up to 79.5 at about 5 in the afternoon. I will have to cease eating the rest of the night. Otherwise, I will have no chance of losing weight by the end of this 24-hour daily period. Yesterday’s top weight was also approximately 79.5. But I have finished eating at an earlier time today. So that will hopefully help.

I will probably get a little hungry before going to bed. But it’s time to sacrifice now, with only 5 more 90-minute jogging sessions left. This is especially true because the back pain might require me to run slower than usual in the morning. We’ll see about that. But if I have to limp on through it or, in the worse-case scenario, walk, then that is what I will do. Nothing is going to stop me now unless it’s excrutiating pain.

Update: I somehow made a mistake when checking my weight. I rose far too much, reaching about 79.8 kg. This was unexpected. I must have eaten more food than expected. This puts me in a big bind now. And to make matters worse, my back is hurting even though I am just walking around. It looks like 5 long days ahead of me.

It was a mixed bag after weighing in near 79.8. I still don’t know why my weight rose so much. Maybe it was a large banana that put me up there. At any rate, I dropped pretty fast before bedtime and was actually down to around 79.1 kg. However, my overnight results were poor again. For like the 3rd day in a row, I was 78.5 kg when getting up.

I have to run early today. So I will probably be over 76.9 after the run. And I will just have to wait it out about 3 hours and see if my weight drops over that time.

After this morning’s session, I will be down to only 4 more sessions until the big anniversary weigh-in. It’s looking most likely that I will finish somewhere in the 76 range. Since that is only about 2 to 4 pounds over the 75 kg mark, it’s successful enough for me. If I am going to reach 75 kg again, I have been thinking the only way that is likely to happen is if I change my diet. Some experimentation is in order the second year of this blog to see if I can make that happen. Perhaps getting back to less meat and more red pepper will work. I was doing that in full weight loss mode and had great success with it.

Even after a small pee, I was 78.5 before the run. After the session, I weighed in at 77.2 kg. That was with 3 hours left to go until today’s final weigh-in. So I have a chance to break even or even show a very small weight loss. A small weight gain is also still possible.

I seem to have gotten a bad reading with the 77.2. It was apparently around 77.4. But after going to the bathroom a couple of times, I ended the day at 77.1 kg. This was a pretty small weight gain of .2 kg. Rising to about 79.8 last night was just a little too much to overcome. I have to be more careful about my diet today and the next 4 days. That was my fault not being more careful. However, this is a good reminder and also shows you a great example of why my Pentamize tracking is important. If you don’t actively track, you really don’t know how much you are eating and are bound to make mistakes. The more knowledge, the better.

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