Now Less Than a Week Until Hitting One-Year Weight Maintenance Anniversary

Day 359

I have done pretty badly the past 3 days. After a great run of 6 days with no weight gain on any single day, I have gained .6 kg in 3 days. That is an average of .2 per day, but only one day was a significantly bad gain of .5 kg. Then, I lost .1 and gained .2 the following 2 days. So overall, it was just the one day that really hurt me badly.

With 6 more workouts to go until my official one-year weigh-in, I am exactly 2.0 kg over my target weight. That is about 4.5 pounds. I would be happy enough if this is my finishing weight for the 1-year anniversary. Of course, the lower the weight, the better. But staying within 5 pounds of the target weight is acceptable to me. I would consider that a successful one-year weight maintenance story, particularly because I used to weight 106 kg, which is about 233 pounds. So 5 pounds over my target of 75 is excellent in my book. Still, I am going to exercise every day until then to get as close to 75 as possible (without starving or crazy levels of exercise).

Today, I had a pretty typical diet. But it was looking pretty good at 4 in the afternoon, when I weighed 78.6 kg. My maximum weight yesterday was 79.5, and I am way below that. I also already had my .5 kg of daily yogurt. So it looks like I have a great opportunity today to lose some weight. My thinking is that two more small meals will help me do that. The idea is to finish at about 79.0 kg. A little more or a little less is fine, but I should definitely not go over 79.2 kg.

After the really great start, I finished eating for the day right before weighing in at 79.1 kg. So that goal of not going over 79.2 worked out well. And this was at 6 in the evening, which was several hours before bedtime. This is looking really good because my weight was about 79.0 at bedtime yesterday. It should be below that tonight. I am going to have one more cup of coffee. But it’s only water and black coffee. So it will only add water weight. This shouldn’t hurt me at all. I just have to avoid eating the rest of the night.

Well, things just didn’t go well overnight, which I have been having troubling adjusting to as of late. I’m still not sure what is going on lately with some of these low overnight results. But I was 78.5 after getting up, and that was after waiting to go to the bathroom twice. So the overnight loss was actually worse than that. Although my first morning weigh-in yesterday was also 78.5, I will have to keep losing naturally over the next 3 hours or so before the run to have a decent chance of breaking even. It looks like my weight is going to go up again today. But it’s not terrible overall. Hopefully, this is just a natural slump and things will be better tomorrow.

I fell a little to 78.3 before the run and had a pretty good session that was probably just a little faster the past couple of days. I lost 1.3 kg, getting down to 77.0. Then, my official weigh-in after hitting the bathroom was 76.9. That made for a day with the minimum trackable weight loss of .1 kg. Still, that always adds up to a good day for me.

My body is starting to feel some fatigue since it has been weeks since taking a break. However, I have only 5 more sessions until my official Pentamize blog one-year weigh-in. There’s no time to rest now. However, I am completely ditching the previous idea of running for 2 hours on Monday. Forget it. I’ll just stick with 90 minutes 5 more times in a row here.

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