Reasons To Set a Tough Target Maintenance Weight

Day 358

Although Day 365 is obviously the official one-year anniversary of this Pentamize blog, I will be doing my official weigh-in on Day 364. It needs to be one day early because I have my celebration on Day 365. One day early is good enough to be official for me. That’s not what I would call cheating.

Unfortunately, my diet was not looking so great today. I was up to about 79.5 kg, but there was no real cheating or anything like that. Some of it was soup, which can sometimes raise the weight of my daily diet more than normal. Although I dropped down to 79.4, I was still feeling a little hungry. Frankly, I could eat a lot more. Even at this rate, I am sacrificing by eating less than desired. In no way is my stomach full or anything like that, either. I have been eaten my usual small snacks and meals, and the 79.5 was an increase of 2.7 kg, up from 76.8. I like to keep it at 2.5 kg and below. But this is not possible every day.

I finished off the night eating about .05 kg of unsalted, unsweetened crackers. So my weight was still approximately 79.4 kg at that time. It looks like I am going to gain weight today unless I lose a lot overnight. It was about 1.0 kg last night, and this and frankly more is needed tonight. In fact, my weight was around 79.0 at bedtime last night. So I am in trouble. But you have to eat when you are legitimately hungry. So I must accept this and the fact that 77 appears to be my more natural maintenance weight. I have been down to 75.0, which is my official target, more than once. But it has proven over this year to be a difficult weight to maintain. However, I am not going to raise that target weight now or for my second year of this blog. That is very risky because it could cause me to get lazy.

That laziness issue is why I recommend that you choose a tough maintenance weight. If you gain 4 pounds due to a cheat day or vacation or whatever, it ought to be hard to get back down to your target maintenance weight. An easy time suggests that you may be setting a goal that is too easy to reach. The problem with that approach is that you could end up compounding the issue when you do need to modify your target weight upwards. Let’s look at an example:

1. You set your target weight at 100 kg. This is very easy for you to maintain or get back to if you take a trip and gain 5 pounds. You know you could actually get down to 98 kg with some decent hard work. But you decide 100 is good enough for you.

2. Now, let’s say your body seems to change over time, and it becomes pretty difficult to maintain 100 kg. So you feel you want to raise that amount a little. So you raise it to 103 kg since that seems easy to maintain.

In Step 1, you started with a target maintenance weight of 100 when it arguably should have been 98. So you are 2 kg more than you could be. In Step 2, you set it at 103 when it arguably should have been 99 or 100. Now, you are 3 to 4 kg over what you could be.

If you are happy with 103 kg after Step 2, it’s not like it’s a huge problem. But 3 to 4 kg can be a noticeable difference. And unless you are happy with that visible difference (sometimes it is visible, but sometimes perhaps not), then it’s arguably better to set a more difficult target weight to maintain.

Although it seems that my body may be changing a little (a slightly worse metabolism, but I am not positive yet), I am committed to sticking to 75.0 as a target for now. I just can’t let laziness creep into this new lifestyle of mine. If I can no longer maintain 77, then I might consider raising to 76. But we are a long ways from there because I still reach the 76 range on a regular basis despite the fact that the 75 range has been hard to reach lately.

There are also other things I can try. The main idea is to modify my diet by eating more vegetables and less meat. This may help me get or stay closer to 75 or a more consistent basis. So until I have tested other options, it is not time to increase my target weight.

For Day 358, my overnight weight loss was very low. I dropped only about .5 kg, or more or less half of yesterday’s amount. However, since my weight had gone down to about 79.0 before bedtime, the 78.5 wakeup was not as bad as it could have been. It’s still 1.7 over yesterday’s final weight. So even a 90-minute jogging session is probably not going to save me from at least a little weight loss. This could be really bad if my weight doesn’t go down at all by exercise time.

I wasn’t able to get back down to 76.8, but the damage was not too bad. I weighed in at 77.0. That does kind of sting creeping back up to the 77 range. But with 6 days left, I can hopefully turn this back around and at least finish up my year in the 76 or 75 range. I am thinking it will be very hard to hit the 75s.

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