Bad Day Ends Streak Of 6 Days With No Weight Gain

Day 356

I am coming off of a great day where I pushed myself to the limit on exercise. The plan was to run for a full 2 hours. I did get home 5 minutes early and went ahead and called it a day there. My weight loss during this session was around 1.4 kg, and I finished with a final weight of 76.4 kg. That was good enough for a daily loss of .4 kg.

Today, I obviously needed to drink quite a bit of water to rehydrate after such a long exercise session. So my weight was rising more quickly than on most recent days. I can accept this because of the situation. At the same time, it would be good not to blow it and gain back all the weight I just lost yesterday. So some discipline is in order even though I have reason to be a little thirstier and hungrier than usual. I will be running 90 minutes regardless of my daytime weight gain.

My max weight today was about 79.3 kg, as opposed to yesterday’s 79.1. So I am at a bit of a disadvantage at this moment. But we’ll have to see what happens. A lot of what I ate today was vegetables. So this may turn out good by the end of the 24-hour period. However, an increase during the daytime of 2.9 kg is a bit on the high side.

I weighed in at 78.4 kg when getting up. This number is higher than yesterday’s 77.9. However, I expect to lose more before running, as there are a couple of hours left until that time. Still, I am at risk of gaining a little weight today. But there could be reasons for this. In my experience, taking in a large amount of vegetables, which I did yesterday, will give differing results when looking at 24-hour results. I will talk more about this topic on tomorrow’s blog, as it is important to understand the limitations of daily tracking.

I weighed 78.1 right before running. In a session that lasted about 85 minutes, my weight dropped 1.1 kg. That is decent for cooler weather, and it got me down to 77.0 kg. This was mark was still way above yesterday’s 76.4 ending mark. And I ended today at 76.9 kg, which was a bad weight gain of .5 kg. However, I am still doing okay because yesterday was the 6th day in a row without gaining weight on any single day. That trend always has to end soon enough. So today was probably time for it to happen. I am still in the 76 range and have 9 more days to hit the one-year mark. Over these 9 days, I would like to stay in the 76 range and maybe get into the 75s. But that’s not imperative.

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