Good Weight Loss After a 2-Hour Running Session

Day 355

I have finally reached the day for my 120-minute run. This is the first of probably what will be two such sessions before this blog’s anniversary date. I plan on doing one more next Monday, as well. That is Day 363, which is only 2 days before the one-year mark for this weight maintenance blog.

That seems like a great time to do it. Then, I will complete 3 more 90-minute runs and do my one-year weigh-in on the morning of Thursday, September 21, 2017.

As to what my weight should be at that time, I will be happy as long as my weight is no more than 76.9 kg. Hopefully, it will be even better. However, 76.9 is only 4 pounds above the target weight of 75.0 kg. Although some real perfectionists might not consider that a success, I do because I am well aware of how hard it is for me to personally maintain the 75. I chose a very hard weight to maintain instead of choosing an easy one that might allow me to slack off too much.

In my second year, I will be doing some other experiments that have not been done in this first year. One is to add pushups and situps. Instead of running for 90 minutes, I will be testing several days of running a shorter duration and adding some situp and pushup workouts to that.

Due to timing, there is some risk that I will enter at least one more rough patch. Being on a streak of 5 days without gaining weight on any of those days is a pretty long time that will often turn bad on a given day even if you work out. This is a normal cycle in my experience. However, in this case, this probably will not happen tomorrow due to the 120-minute jogging session coming up in the morning. The only way to mess that up is to eat way too much today. That’s the one mistake to avoid.

At about 6 in the evening, I finished up eating my food for the day. And I weighed in at 79.1 kg. All that I will have now is about a cup of coffee. This figure is about .3 kg better than yesterday’s max and is a great position to be in, and that doesn’t even consider my 2-hour run in the morning.

For this special running session, I will attempt to maintain a pretty average pace. This duration is not normal at all for me, as I have only run 2 full nonstop hours one or two times. So it’s probably best to keep an average pace. But if I have enough energy near the end, I may speed up.

My weight went down nice and hard to about 78.5 before bedtime. That was a pace of close to .1 kg per hour. I wrote about that kind of pace earlier, noting that a sitting natural weight loss of about .1 kg seems normal for me. However, it is sometimes more and sometimes less than that. But an overall drop of .6 kg between eating and going to bed is very good. If this continues during sleep, it could be a monster day by the time that 2-hour session is over.

My overnight weight loss was disappointing, dropping me only .6 kg, to 77.9. However, that is still .4 kg better than the waking-up mark from yesterday. The starting weight for my run will also be 77.9. I will have to lose 1.1 kg to break even or more to lose weight. With a 120-minute jogging session ahead of me, I will certainly lose weight now unless I have the strangest low result ever.

Thankfully, I had a decent result on a run that ended 5 minutes early. My ending weight was 76.4 kg. That is a daily weight loss of .4 kg. Normally, I would slow things down tomorrow. But in this case, I have 10 more days till the one-year anniversary date of this blog. So I will do the typical 90 minutes tomorrow. There’s no time to let up now.

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