Trying For 5th Day Of Weight Loss In a Row

Day 354

It is now Saturday, September 9, 2017. I am one day away from my scheduled 2-hour run, which is actually on Monday morning. But what I mean is that this special run is my Day 355 session. The Day 354 session is on Sunday morning, so it is technically “today’s” exercise session.

I have also lost weight 4 days in a row, recovering very nicely from a slump that started at a weight of around 76.7 that saw me rise to 77.6. I don’t really know why my weight went up that much despite working out every day. But these streaks happen all the time, and I am right back down to 76.8 kg, as of this morning’s official starting weight.

The goal is to go ahead and run 90 minutes today and try to lose weight for the 5th day in a row. If I can do that, I will have 6 days in a row almost certainly locked up because of the 2-hour session on Day 355. However, this is far from a certainty. If I mess up my diet today or another weird overnight result, it’s not clear. But I will be happy regardless of today’s result as long as I try. The 2-hour run will help me recover even if today’s goal is not met.

I did so-so on my diet today. From a start of 76.8, I rose to a maximum of 79.4. This is 2.6 kg, which is .3 kg more of an increase than yesterday. However, it is the same max weight of 79.4. So at this time of the day, it puts me at a breakeven position. Of course, there is no way to accurately predict what will happen the rest of the day because of the way results naturally vary due to untrackable factors (digestion and so forth). Nonetheless, it is not a bad performance as far as diet, as quite a bit of that at the end of my eating day was from strawberry smoothies, which tend to weigh quite a bit. But that weight, which is mostly liquid, tends to fall off fast (results can obviously vary, though, regardless of the type of food or drink).

I fell asleep before weighing in, so my weight before sleeping is unreported. However, after waking up, it was exactly the same as yesterday – 78.3. So I will at least be around the breakeven point at today’s final weigh-in. However, getting down to 76.8 is going to be pretty tough unless I have good results on the run or go the bathroom a lot. At any rate, the 2-hour session is tomorrow morning.

My run result was a smidgen better than yesterday. I weighed in at 77.1, which showed a loss of 1.2 kg. Like yesterday, it was a little cool outside. But my heart rate was around 136 this time, as opposed to 128. That slight uptick in intensity may have been what helped me lose a little more. But it was still only a .1 kg difference, so the end result was close to the same. If you are not used to Pentamize tracking and haven’t read much yet on weight lost during exercise, keep in mind that weight loss can be different by session even if you have the exact same intensity. That’s because the amount lost does depend on many variables, including the weather and all sorts of factors that you can’t really track.

I got down to 76.9 after going to the bathroom. It seemed like my weight was stuck there since it didn’t even go down .1 kg after a short walk to run an errand. I am giving it 10 more minutes and will do a final weigh-in. If this stops my streak of 4 days in a weight loss in a row, it’s not that bad since my weight has dropped so much over the past 4 days. And today is practically breakeven no matter what happens here.

In fact, I finished at 76.8 kg, resulting in a breakeven day. So while the streak of weight loss is over, I am now on a 5-day streak of either losing weight or breaking even. I am happy with this scenario.

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