4th Day In a Row Of Losing Weight Now In The Books

Day 353

I had a really weird day yesterday. After having a great time in terms of diet discipline, things went sour. I had risen from 77.2 to 79.2 throughout the day, which was a very solid increase of only 2.0 kg. But after going to bed weighing about 78.9 kg, I only dropped to 78.5 kg. And several hours later, I was still 78.1 when starting my run. Then, I had a decent running session that was pretty much average. My weight dropped 1.0 kg, which was kind of disappointing but far from terrible. So I was down to 77.1 and finished the day with a small weight loss of .1 kg.

Today, I was doing pretty good on diet up to 5:30 p.m. My weight had risen to 78.9 kg. At that point, I was still a little hungry. But to try to keep the past two days of weight loss going, I knew that I needed to put the brakes on eating and stick to only one more small meal the rest of the day. Hopefully, I will lose more weight overnight this time as compared to the ridiculously small amount last night. I feel like my body is due for a big weight-loss day. It’s just a matter of keeping my diet going and waiting for a day where my weight naturally drops more overnight.

My max weight today was around 79.4, which was a little more than yesterday (79.2). But it seemed like my body needed that little bit of extra. So I don’t see any reason to change anything here. Hopefully, my weight will drop more efficiently than yesterday. That was the key thing that hurt me yesterday because my diet and exercise should have been enough to lose more than .1 kg.

As usual on Saturday, I ran earlier in the morning. Before that, though, my weight was 78.3 kg. So I lost about .9 kg overnight, which is obviously way better than yesterday’s .4. However, because I was running earlier, my weight before exercising was .2 kg more than yesterday. This is not a problem, though. It just means that I will have to wait longer after the session to eat. So that extra .2 will likely burn off by that time. This means that I probably need to lose at least .9 kg or maybe even 1.0 kg during the run to break even today. Anything more than that would be great. But even if I don’t lost that from jogging, it’s still possible to do that from going to the bathroom. So I am looking pretty good so far for probably losing a little weight by the time of my weigh-in at about 12 noon.

My fairly average running session resulted in a weight loss of 1.1 kg, which dropped me to 77.2. Then, I went to the bathroom shortly after and was 77.1. At that point, I was breaking even on the day. But I had about 2 1/2 hours until the official weigh-in. So it was just a waiting game at that point. I could do something really crazy like work out some more. But that is what I refer to as “extreme measures,” and I don’t do that very often at all. Besides, I have already decided to run 2 straight hours on Monday, which is only 2 days away. So now is not the time to do anything extra.

I was 76.8 after weighing in approximately one hour early. That was good enough for a daily weight loss of .3 kg, due to the fact that yesterday’s final weight was 77.1 kg. Even though I actually ate more yesterday, my final result today was .2 kg better in terms of the amount of weight lost.

I now have one more 90-minute run on Sunday morning and will then do the special 2-hour jog on Monday morning. My left ankle is still hurting a little. But by maintaining a fairly average pace throughout my sessions, I am getting by with no serious pain problems.

This is also the 4th day in a row of losing weight. During these 4 days, I have dropped from 77.6 to 76.8 kg. The daily drops have been .1 kg twice and .3 kg twice.

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