Better Diet But Low Overnight Results End Up With Slight Weight Loss

Day 352

Something different happened today in my Pentamize tracking that I have not seen lately. At 4 in the afternoon, I weighed 78.5 kg. That was only an increase of 1.3 kg, from the start of 77.2. This puts me in potentially a very good position to lose a lot of weight over this daily period. Lately, my weight has been more like 79.0 to 79.5 at this time of day. That is a big difference, and I will explore some possible reasons for this occurrence.

The biggest thing that I noticed today is that I did not drink as much water. This certainly does not mean that not drinking water is not a good thing. I would never say that. However, I did drink some water. But instead of chugging water after the run, I had just a small amount of liquid and started drinking my usual black coffee (only water and coffee, not milk, sugar, or anything else). So I got some water from the coffee but did not separately drink much after running this morning. That appears to have been the big difference between today and recent days.

At 4:30, I had a little more to eat and poured myself another cup of coffee to help make sure I stay hydrated throughout the day. Yes, I know that some people say that drinking coffee doesn’t count. But I have seen conflicting studies on this, and I have never had any apparent problem getting most of my water from black coffee. If it were really that big of a problem, I’d probably be dead already.

At any rate, my normal practice with water consumption is to drink coffee but to drink a little extra water after exercising or when I randomly feel thirsty enough that the coffee doesn’t seem like it’s sufficient to quench the thirst.

At 5:30, I had had another meal and weighed 78.9 kg. This was still a very good number. I have one more meal to go and am continuing to get my water only from coffee. My max weight today was around 79.2. This is far below yesterday’s mark of 80.1. And it was an increase of 2.0 kg only, as compared to yesterday’s 2.6. From this point on, I’d say I have a great chance of losing some weight. But it’s still going to depend on how much I lose overnight and then how much I lose in the 3 to 4 hours before waking up and running.

Goodness gracious. Another ridiculous night resulted in only .4 kg of weight loss. So I was still 78.5 kg when getting up. That puts me near the same as yesterday, although there is no way to measure this perfectly until it’s time to run since I am measuring at different times.

I dropped an additional .4 kg before the run, putting me at 78.1 kg. Then, I had another pretty poor result for my running session, losing only .1 kg. However, that was enough for a the minimum weight loss of .1 kg. My finishing mark was 77.1, down from yesterday’s 77.2.

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