Extra Exercise Planned In Preparation For This Weight Maintenance Blog’s One-Year Anniversary

Day 351

I had promised myself that I would bite the bullet and run for 2 full hours today in the event that I gained weight yesterday. However, I just came in under the previous mark of 77.6, losing .1 kg and ending at 77.5. So the plan is to do 90 minutes again today.

I am making a firm commitment to run for 2 hours (a full 120 minutes with no breaks at all) on Monday, September 11, 2017. That is 5 days from now. The purpose of this is to do a little extra for the one-year anniversary of this blog, which is exactly 14 days from the day of this blog post. Then, I will run 2 hours at least once the next week (maybe Monday, September 18, but nothing is decided yet).

The one-year anniversary is on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. However, I will be exercising that day again and then do my one-year official weigh-in on the morning of Thursday, September 21, 2017. I will probably also go ahead and run 2 hours on Thursday morning to finish up nicely.

Regardless of my finishing weight on the one-year anniversary, it should be acceptable as long as I avoid having any more cheat days until that time. I probably won’t have any break days, either. As long as I am 76 something on the special Thursday morning, then I will treat myself to a celebratory cheat day. The reason for doing 1 to 3 2-hour sessions is to improve my chances of at least being in the 76 range on the special anniversary.

After one year, I am just going to indefinitely continue this blog. I see no reason to stop, as my tracking is very important to maintaining my weight. And since I am spending time tracking, I may as well continue writing this blog. However, I might combine more days into one instead of having a blog entry almost every day.

Today, I rose from 77.5 to 79.5 after having just one decent meal. That consisted of a few teaspoons of rice, two chicken legs, some vegetable soup, a little bit of fruit juice, and some water. The 79.5 is pretty high already. However, since some of it was from vegetables, some of this weight will hopefully drop off easily overnight. However, because that is not a certainty, I already have to be careful about my diet. It will be best not to eat more than about .4 additional kilograms the rest of the day. That means one .25 kg cup of yogurt and some meatballs. This is already looking like it’s going to be a tough day. But we’ll see if the weight drops better than usual since quite a bit of it consisted of vegetables.

I rose to about 80.1 as the maximum, which is an increase of 2.6 kg from the start of 77.5. This is not great but not that bad either.

After a relatively short sleep (I woke up at 4 for some reason), I dropped from 79.6 to 79.0. This seems like a good number compared to yesterday, where I was 79.1 at about 7 in the morning and 78.7 at about 10 in the morning. I am getting a little sleepy again and will try to get a few more winks in.

My weight dropped really nicely before running. I was down to 78.2. The downer was that the run, despite having a pretty decent pace, only resulted in a loss of .9 kg. I really expected more than that and don’t know why it was so low. However, it is starting to get cool outside, which may result in less sweat and, accordingly, less weight loss per average session. Nonetheless, the significant weight lost before the run helped me lose weight today. I finished at 77.2, for a daily loss of .3 kg.

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