How much weight per hour should you naturally lose?

Day 348

A lot of people would never dream of determining how much they lose per hour through natural weight loss. Everyone loses weight throughout the day, but at an uneven rate in my Pentamize tracking experience. I have lost .3 kg in an hour but lost none at all for about 3 hours at other times and even different periods of the same day. But just like anything else to do with weight loss and maintenance, it’s the average that counts. Go down to the 7th paragraph for more on this topic.

I don’t currently have a strong opinion on how important it is to have knowledge of this topic or how exactly it might help you. But since I track my weight every day, it’s something interesting I am recording to see if lessons can be learned from it. At the very least, though, knowing what is normal for you can be helpful in case you see that your numbers are off for some reason. So it’s another tracking measure that could be helpful in determining whether you need to make modifications to your diet or exercise. For example, a more vigorous exercise regimen may be able to increase your average weight loss per hour since exercise can improve your metabolism.

Fortunately, I had a slight turnaround yesterday and lost .2 kg. So I am still well within my normal upward fluctuation range. Read Day 347’s blog (yesterday) for an introduction to this topic.

For today’s diet, it would be best not to exceed 79.6 kg at any time during the day. This figure comes from the fact that I topped out at about 79.8 kg yesterday. Since I am starting at .2 kg less today as compared to yesterday (77.3 kg instead of 77.5), then 79.6 would account for that difference.

Ideally, of course, I would like to be below 79.6 all day. But an increase to 79.6 would be 2.3 kg, which is a reasonable amount. In fact, I did finish all food at about 7 in the evening, weighing approximately 79.6 at that time. So I have done okay on diet today. The only other thing to do is run 90 minutes again tomorrow morning and hope it works out.

My recent struggles have come from the fact that I have been losing so little overnight. Yesterday, it was only .4 kg. However, there is a silver lining on some days. For example, I kept losing weight after waking up this morning before the run. When adding the .4 kg overnight and .4 in the few hours before running, that means I lost .8 kg in the 12 hours starting from bedtime and ending right before my run.

I have not meticulously tracked to determine a good rate of natural weight loss per hour during waking hours. This is actually hard to track for at least 2 reasons: eating and drinking during these same hours and also going to the bathroom. So what I am starting to do more is to track periods of awake time where I am not eating or drinking anything, such as late at night and early in the morning. And so far, it seems that a good rate is about .1 kg per hour. Sometimes, it is less than that, and sometimes it is more. It seems to fluctuate in a manner similar to sleeping time, which shows wildly differing rates of less than .5 kg per hour on some nights and close to 1.5 kg per hour on other nights. Here again, though, a figure of about .1 kg per hour seems to be a normal rate and one in which weight loss or maintenance is possible, provided that you have an effective diet and exercise plan.


The amount lost per hour can be a lot more if you overeat. So a high number is not necessarily a good thing. If the weight is coming off fast because you overate, then the net result may still be bad. As a result, you need to measure your amount lost on a day when you actually do follow your normal diet and exercise plan. Doing it on cheat days and break days is probably not going to be very helpful since hopefully you don’t have many such days.

Now, let me continue with my daily summary. After rising to 79.6 at about 7 at night, my weight didn’t hardly drop at all between then and bedtime, which was at about 10:30. I was still at 79.5. See. Just today, this is an example of what I was talking about. I didn’t drop hardly at all over these hours. Yet, I did do better overnight. My weight was 78.6 when getting up, which was an overnight drop of .9 kg. Thus, the results today are pretty similar to yesterday, but with a different distribution of drops if looked at on an hourly basis. This is what I mean when saying that these various tracking factors, while important, do not exist alone. They are factors that need to be considered. When you are trying to solve any problem, more information is generally better than less information, provided you do not hit information overload. But the big picture is what counts. That is, are your combined diet and exercise plans sufficient to result in desired weight loss or maintenance? Everything can be analyzed for clues. But in the end, of course, the only thing that ends up mattering is how much you weigh.

For some reason, I was not dropping after getting up and before running. I weighed myself about 3 hours later at 78.7 kg. Perhaps I had a faulty weigh-in earlier, which sometimes happens when you get on the scales only once. So this is not looking good now. I may be in trouble of gaining weight yet again. Well, at least I did lose some yesterday. Maintenance mode is often like this – going up and down on a regular basis.

The craziness continued today, but it was pretty good crazy to end the day. Despite its being cool and a little rainy outside, I lost all the way down to 77.3 kg. So I lost about 1.3 to 1.4 kg, which is the more expected figure. I did run pretty fast today, finishing up at a heart rate of about 156.

The 77.3 mark means that I broke even today. I suppose I could have done better on my diet, but I do not believe that a 2.3 kg daily increase is excessive. Maybe my body just wasn’t primed for weight loss today.

In my next blog post, I am going to assess my recent weight loss overnight to see how important it really is.

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