More Tips On How To Weigh Yourself With a Digital Bathroom Scale

Day 318

In today’s blog post, I will go into more detail on how to weigh yourself with Pentamize tracking. This is far from a perfect system, but it will suffice to give reasonable estimates of your weight (typically within a fraction of a pound or kilogram).

As yesterday’s post mentioned, you will need to have a digital bathroom scale that measures in tenths of a pound or kilogram, or both. This is because you can go many days between weighing, for example, 57.9 kg and 57.0 kg. If you are using an older-style scale with this one-pound or similar lines, that is not going to allow you to gauge small weight losses and gains. Second, using the naked eye to weigh yourself with those older scales can be difficult, especially if you are alone and have to read the scale at the same exact time you are weighing in. Depending on how small the lines are, you might not even be able to weigh yourself. And it’s vital to be able to weigh in alone since there might not be anyone there to help you every time.

The next thing to consider is how to weigh yourself for reasonable accuracy. You may find, like me, that these digital scales are pretty reliable. However, they are not perfect and give slightly inconsistent readings. So there are a couple of tips you need to follow when weighing yourself with one of these digital bathroom scales.

First, you will want to put your feet in the same position every time you weigh in. The measurements can differ a little based on the positioning of your feet. I have tested this and have sometimes seen a difference of close to a pound. It doesn’t really matter where you put your feet as long as both feet are completely resting on the scale. It’s more important to position the feet in the same place each time to give more reliable weigh-in results.

The second thing you need to know is that, even when you put your feet in the same position, you can get somewhat different results. This can happen due to pressing down either lightly or softly when stepping on the scale. I try to lightly step down on the scale every time. But again, try to remain consistent with how hard or how lightly you put your feet down.

Even if you put your feet down with the same pressure each time, you will still get slightly inconsistent readings. For example, I often see differences of .3 kg and sometimes even more when weighing in twice. To deal with this, I typically weigh in until I see the same exact number 2 or 3 times in a row. This makes that weight more likely be a good estimate.

If you weigh in only one time, your estimate can be way off the average. Let me give you an example. I will sometimes step on the scale the first time and weigh in at, for example, 78.4 kg. But when weighing in again, I suddenly see either 78.1 or 78.7 kg or some other close weight. In this case, I will need to weigh in a 3rd time and maybe even more times to try to get the best estimate. Often, that estimate will end up being .2 or .3 kg off the first weigh-in of 78.4 kg. If I weigh in 3 more times and see 78.2 every time, then the best estimate is probably 78.2, with 78.4 likely a bit too high.

I suppose there is no perfect weigh to weigh yourself using one of these marginally accurate scales. They are just that – marginally accurate and not perfectly consistent. So if I weigh in 3 times and am not seeing the same results every time, then I try to make sure my feet are in the same exact position and weigh some more to see if the results are consistent with the same exact feet placement. If all else fails, I occasionally have to average results to get the best estimate I can get.

All in all, digital bathroom scales give good results. They aren’t perfect, and you may have to weigh in multiple times to get a good estimate and may sometimes have to average slightly differing numbers.

Today, I was around 80.0 to 80.2 when going to bed. For some reason, I woke up at about 4:30 in the morning and weighed in at about 79.4 kg. That number was already better than the 79.5 figure at 11 in the morning yesterday. Depending on how much my weight drops over the next few hours, this could be a huge difference and yet another large weight loss.

I will be running at 7:30 in the morning today. So that leaves 3 more hours to lose some extra weight, 90 minutes to run, and then about 3 to 4 more hours before the final weigh-in.

I ate more fruits and vegetables today and oatmeal instead of meat. I’m not sure if that made a big difference. In fact, my increase during the day was about the same today as it was yesterday (about 2.0 kg between the end of the run and bedtime). The truth is that yesterday was good, and today looks like another good opportunity for weight loss.

After the run, which was from 7:30 to 9, I weighed in at 78.1 kg after a session that saw me drop a modest 1.1 kg, down from 79.2. My weight barely dropped at all from 4:30 to 7:30. Despite that, I am looking at at least a little weight loss here since my starting weight was 78.2. I have passed that by .1 kg and have about 2 more hours before my weigh-in. Although the weigh-in yesterday was past 12 noon, I will probably do it about an hour earlier today.

I actually weighed in a couple of hours early due to being way too thirsty. My final weight was 78.0 kg. That makes for a daily weight loss of .2 kg – a fine follow-up figure after yesterday’s large .5 kg loss. Combining today and yesterday, I have made up the weird .6 kg weight gain from 2 days ago and lost an additional .1 kg.

Lost .5 KG After Yesterday’s Crazy .6 KG Weight Gain

Day 317

Today, I want to give just a small teaser about using a digital bathroom scale before talking about it in more detail in tomorrow’s blog post. A digital bathroom scale has its drawbacks, as these scales don’t give perfectly consistent readings. At the same time, it’s important to use a digital scale, as opposed to one of those scales that only has single lines for each pound or kilogram, because Pentamize tracking cannot be done when only using whole pounds or kilograms. You need to be able to measure in tenths, not just whole numbers. You need to know whether you just lost .5 pounds or .3 kgs. This is the only way to track progress on a daily or semi-daily basis. Now that you know the reason you need a digital scale, look at tomorrow’s blog post for more details on how to properly use one for Pentamize tracking.

Today, my weight when going to bed and waking up was similar to recent days. I was about 80.7 at bedtime and 79.8 when getting up. This is a bit on the high side if you consider that I was down to 78.0 just 3 days ago. But when considering that I rose to 78.7 yesterday, I appear to be in good position to get well below that 78.7 after finishing this morning’s run.

In terms of diet, I have actually done better today than recently because you must factor in the fact that I started at the higher weight of 78.7, as opposed to the 78.0 and 78.1 of the 2 days previous to that. This is a positive sign and shows that I had better diet discipline today. However, I did make a little mistake. I had some pizza even after eating a sandwich in the early evening. So while I may have eaten a little too much, it was decent discipline overall and clearly better than the typical recent day.

Now, I just need to have decent results on my 90-minute run. What would really be bad would be more rain. And it rained hard earlier this morning. But the rain has stopped at the moment. Hopefully, it will stay away until I can get out there. It’s a little after 10 in the morning now, and I plan to run at about 11 to 12:30.

Well, I ran, and it did rain during the middle portion of the workout. But it did not slow me down that much. I finished with a heart rate of about 156. Before the last 20 minutes or so, though, my pace was pretty average. I lost 1.3 kg, getting down to 78.2. And that is a very good weight loss today of .5 kg.

Today was the right time to increase back to 90 minutes, and it was almost enough to be able to go back down to 60 or so again. However, in this spot, I can imagine myself having a chance of getting back into the 77 range. Additionally, tomorrow morning’s weigh-in will be my 2-week post-vacation mark. So it would be nice to have another day of weight loss and gauge my 2-week average. Thus, I am leaning towards doing a 90-minute jog in the morning. It won’t be a hard run. My feeling right now is that it will probably be a rather average pace with a slight increase in speed at the end if the energy is there to do that. Otherwise, finishing in the 120 heart-beat range would be fine. I just want to give myself at least a chance to lose a little more weight tomorrow.

Results Of 2 60-Minute Runs Show a Slight Weight Loss

Day 316

Starting Weight: 78.1 kg
Ending Weight: 78.7 kg
Result: gained .6 kg

Over the past 2 days, I finally got around to reducing my session durations from 90 minutes to about 60 minutes. To be precise, I ran almost exactly 60 minutes on Day 314 and almost exactly 65 minutes on Day 315. The overall result was actually a slight weight loss of .1 kg.

On Day 314, I lost .2 kg, and on Day 315, I gained .1 kg. This occurred even though my run on Day 315 was actually slightly longer. However, this was not surprising because my weight unexpectedly rose far too much yesterday. It got pretty close to 81.0 kg.

These results are encouraging. I have always wanted to reduce my 90-minute runs permanently if possible. The reason that has not worked out is that I would have to have no break days and no cheat days. So I always end up having to run 90-minute exercise sessions to make that up. If I were to always run only about 60 minutes, I would probably come close to breaking even, but only if working out almost every single day and watching my diet like a hawk.

Not only do I not have that level of discipline. I doubt that it’s even good for me psychologically because it takes away the balanced lifestyle that I am trying to maintain. I enjoy me some coke and good food at times and don’t want to completely erase that from my life. It’s part of the balance. However, part of the balance has to include some long 90-minute runs to make up for the imperfect diet. It’s not a perfect lifestyle, but it has been balancing out so far.

I’ll be darned if I didn’t do the same thing today as yesterday. My weight was fine up until about 5 or 6, at about 80.0 kg. Then, I needed to eat a little more but went too far. I got up to about 80.7 kg at 9:30 at night. This puts me right back in the same situation as yesterday.

I got up at about 6:45 and weighed in at 79.6 kg. This is a little better than yesterday and may give me a chance to lose some weight. However, I’d prefer to keep the run under 90 minutes for the 3rd day in a row. But instead of 60 minutes, it seems more appropriate in this spot to go for 75 minutes since I actually gained a small amount of weight yesterday. It’s time to make that back, but the situation is not urgent at all. Son continuing to keep it below 90 minutes is an acceptable calculated risk at this time. I can and will jump back up to 90 minutes soon, but that’s not necessary for this morning’s run.

After checking at 10, I weighed in at 79.7 kg. This may mean that my quick weigh-in at 6:45 was wrong, as I quickly checked it only one time. The scale doesn’t really work that way, as it is often off the first time and can vary within a few tenths of a kilogram. See tomorrow’s blog post for some tips on how to weigh yourself with a digital bathroom scale.

The 79.7 mark is bad – really bad. It appears that my weight is not dropping much at all since waking up a little over 3 hours ago. I do need to go the bathroom first and will then go on my run. But the numbers are not looking good at this point.

After the bathroom, I ending up getting a better estimate and was sitting at 79.3 kg. Unfortunately, it started raining really hard. So I was forced to delay the jogging session for a while even though I am starting to get thirsty. But in order to maintain reliable and consistent weigh-ins, I have to abstain until after the run. I’ll give it 30 minutes or so and hope the rain stops. If not, there is a stadium with a roof that I can run under, although that is not my preference. I do use it when I have no other choice except getting drenched.

Today, I had extremely low (almost a record level) weight loss during a run that was almost 75 minutes (73 to 74 minutes). After hitting 79.3, which was not so bad, I ran and only dropped to 78.7 kg. That is a paltry loss of only .6 kg and one of the worst results I have ever recorded in my Pentamize tracking history.

It appears that the rain took its toll. I had to run slow because I was avoiding water puddles for the bulk of the session. This is the only thing I can think of that would cause such a bad result.

With a finish to the day of 78.7 kg, that means I gained a large amount of .6 kg today. This is not demoralizing, but it would be far more disappointing if I didn’t not understand what is going on. The rain slowed me down, and that is probably the reason. My 79.3 kg pre-run weight was decent. So I’ll just make sure that tomorrow is a good 90-minute jogging session so I can start to make this up.

You Don’t Need Much Scientific Knowledge To Lose Weight

Day 315

As I stated in my previous blog for Day 314, I am on a nice 3-day streak of weight loss. Over this period, I have lost 1.2 kg. So the plan today is to try to maintain a reasonable diet and run perhaps 75 minutes or so. Since I have hit 78.0 very quickly after finishing my vacation at 81.0 (that’s 3 kg of weight loss in less than a week and a half), it’s kind of time to slow down on the exercise. However, a full break day is not in order yet, as I don’t like to do that when having a good streak going.

Unfortunately, something happened today that I didn’t quite expect. I rose dramatically, going up to about 80.8 by 8 at night. This is far more than I was expecting to put back on. It’s not even clear to me why my weight went up so much during the day. But this is going to put me in major jeopardy of gaining by the end of the run in the morning unless I drop a large amount overnight.

There is no lesson today since it seems I did not really eat all that much. I did eat a little bit of ice cream cake and some chips, but it was one small piece and not many chips and was definitely not something that would have caused that much weight gain. Hopefully, this is just extended water retention and will drop overnight. Unless it is the water thing that is causing this, though, it’s not clear what is going on.

If you get my book, it’s vital to keep in mind that you probably won’t be able to understand everything about your body’s digestion even if formulating a successful Pentamize weight loss plan. You won’t always be able to comprehend why you retain more weight on one day as compared to another. Pentamize is not based on advanced scientific knowledge of biological processes. It’s based on testing things until you find out what works for you. Typically, this is even more important than having loads of book smarts on biology and other subjects, though, because no book can determine the best weight loss plan for you. Only you can do that through your own diet and exercise tracking and testing.

I’m not knocking book smarts, as I have 7 years of college education. But there are some things you are just never going to figure out about how your body processes food. And this is particularly true when the results differ so much from day to day. However, the important part to remember is you don’t need this information to lose weight. You only need to know the average results of your plan. And that is what you can determine through Pentamize tracking. Look at today as an example. I will probably end up gaining weight today and don’t really know why. But that has not stopped me from losing over 60 pounds from my max weight, with about 50 pounds of it getting shed after devising the Pentamize system.

After waking up and urinating, I weighed in at 79.8 kg. This was at about 6 in the morning and roughly .3 kg higher than yesterday at the same time. This looks like it’s going to be a bad day, but it could have been a lot worse. I still plan to run 75 minutes and accept whatever results come from this. It will probably be a good idea to watch my diet a little more closely for Day 316, though.

At 7:45 in the morning, I had dropped to around 79.6 kg. That’s a moderately helpful drop and makes me feel a little better. But it’s still approximately .3 over at the same time of day yesterday.

After a good drop to 79.2 before the run (three hours after the previous weigh-in), I was in much better shape to break even or at least gain only a small amount. And I ended up officially gaining only .1 kg today after a 65-minute run that showed a weight loss of about 1.1 kg. That run result was similar to yesterday, and it was another hard run at the end that showed a heart rate of about 164.

Lost Weight Even When Reducing Jogging Time to 60 Minutes

After two days of losing 1.0 kg and losing a total of 2.8 kg (almost 6 pounds) in 9 days, it’s high time to reduce my running session duration. This “break,” which isn’t even an actual break, is long overdue now.

Over this period, I took an actual break (no exercise at all) the first day after vacation and then have run 8 90-minute sessions in a row. Obviously, this is a great deal of exercising for most people. However, look at the results. I have lost more than half a pound a day on average. And I did this even though my diet hasn’t actually been all that great. I ate about 3/4 of a large pizza one day and drank some coke on two of those days. Nonetheless, this substantial amount of exercise has paid off.

I decided yesterday that I would run about 60 minutes today instead of 90 regardless of what happens with yesterday’s result. Fortunately, it was still a good weight loss of about .3 kg. I ran harder than usual to get that result, knowing that the run would be shorter today.

My diet was so-so today. I rose up to about 80.0 to 80.2 by bedtime. That is a total increase of 1.8 to 2.0 kg, measuring from the start of the day to bedtime. Since it has been a whole 3 kg at times (that includes water, not just food), this is not so bad.

It was somewhat disappointing to wake up and weigh in at 79.4 kg. That was a pretty small drop of about .6 to .8 kg. This smaller drop could put me in jeopardy of gaining a little weight today. But considering the results of the past 2 days, that is kind of expected to happen soon, anyway. I am within about 6 to 7 pounds of my target maintenance weight. Based on my experience, it gets harder and harder to take that last little bit of weight off. So 1.0 kg in 2 days is phenomenal given this overall situation. Thus, I won’t even be disappointed if gaining a little bit of weight today.

Over the next 4 hours, my weight slowly dropped to 79.1 kg. That put me in decent shape to hopefully break even by losing at least .9 kg in the one-hour run.

I somewhat surprisingly lost 1.1 kg during that run and actually lost weight again today. I finished at 78.0, which was a weight loss of .2 kg on the day. This was not totally shocking, though, because I finished real hard in the last 20 minutes and got up to a heart rate of about 160 at the end of the session. I did also sweat a lot today, as it was a little warm but not what I would call “hot.”

This makes a loss of 1.2 kg over 3 days. That is a killer pace. It can’t continue on forever here. But as long as this continues, I will at least work out some instead of taking any full break days. One thing I like to do is keep a good streak alive. So even if reducing my amount of exercise in terms of duration or intensity, I will try to keep this streak alive. Perhaps a slower 75-minute run will be good tomorrow. I’ll decide that later. But it sounds like a reasonable middle ground between the recent hard runs of 90 and 60 minutes and taking a full break, which definitely won’t allow me to keep this streak going.