Need Better Diet Discipline Today

Day 344

Today is an especially good time to focus on my diet. I will likely have a slow run in the morning, so diet is even more important than many other days, where I might have the energy to run a little faster. I am not feeling all that energized now, which is still okay as long as I complete the run. But it does mean that diet is crucial. Any overeating is probably going to sink me like yesterday, where I ate a little too much and ended up gaining .2 kg.

The first part of my eating diet started pretty well. Even with water after running, I rose to 78.9 kg. That is a reasonable 2.0 kg, which is expected when you drink a lot of water in a short period of time in addition to eating. However, I still needed some additional food and eventually rose to about 79.6 kg. That is a total increase of 2.7 kg at the top mark. Like I said yesterday, it’s probably advisable to keep this number at about 2.5 kg in my case. But 2.7 is better than the 3.1 of yesterday’s maximum. Hopefully, I will also lose more overnight, where the .5 yesterday was a real downer. Although I went to bed yesterday at a weight of 79.2 and may go to bed weighing a little more, what I really need is to lose more overnight. This is what I am hoping for. At any rate, I am pretty happy with the increase of 2.7 kg. That is a full .4 kg better than yesterday.

A little while before hitting bed, I had gone down to 79.2. So things are looking great at the moment. Now, I just hope things are better overnight.

The yo-yo of overnight weight loss continues. But it was good news this time. I lost about .9 kg overnight, hitting 78.3 at wakeup time. So the recent numbers are now .4, .4, .5, .8, 1.1, .5, and .9. This kind of crazy inconsistency is why you may not be able to rely on overnight weight loss tracking as a strong factor in managing your weight loss plan. It is a factor that should be considered. But you want to be aware of everything else at the same time and tracking other relevant factors. My book has more on this. But those main factors are, of course, how much you lose from exercise and your net weight gain from eating. Net weight gain from eating is tricky because even the same person can have 2 different diet plans with the same gross weight gain from eating that has different net weight gain amounts. That is why a lot of people count calories. However, for those who don’t like to count calories, I have devised other methods that are laid out in my book.

Well, things went bad after waking up. I dropped to 78.1 and then ran for 90 minutes. Then, for some reason, I only lost .9 kg during the run. After going to the bathroom, I finished the day at 77.1 kg, for a daily weight gain of .2 kg. That is not a large gain, but it was just disappointing to end with a weight gain when I was doing so well at wakeup time. However, these things do even out over time. So it’s on to better days. If you are reading this, also remember that I am in maintenance mode. So it’s natural to have more days where you gain a little weight once you have pretty much already reached your goal and don’t have or at least don’t have much extra weight to lose. If you are already in pretty good shape, you are going to naturally gain on some days even when you exercise.

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