The Natural Ups And Downs Of a Weight Loss Day

Day 343

I had a really surprising weight loss of .5 kg yesterday. This resulted in a drop from 77.2 to 76.7. The reason it was so surprising, though, is that my weight was 80.0 when going to bed.

For those who have never actually tracked a whole day to see how weight loss works, I will show you how my weight went up and then down yesterday (Day 342). Keep in mind that my days for weight loss tracking start at about 12 noon, not midnight. And I have a typical sleep schedule from around 10 at night to 6:30 in the morning (times vary, but it’s a normal nighttime sleep schedule).

My official ending weight on Day 341 was 77.2 kg. From there, I drank a good deal of water after the run (my runs are at the end of each 24-hour period these days). Then, I had some vegetables and meat and strawberry smoothies. I also had some banana bread, which is not a good diet food. However, it was just one piece of bread, not an excessive amount.

From eating and drinking, I rose to approximately 80.1 kg, which was 2.9 kg over the starting mark of 77.2. 2.9 kg is roughly 6 pounds. Some may be surprised that I would gain 6 pounds on the day before sleeping but then actually lose .5 kg by the end of the day. Well, this is quite possible and actually pretty normal. But I believe the 2.9 kg is a little too much because you have to remember that includes going to the bathroom throughout the day. Nonetheless, depending on your typical diet, including water consumption, 2.9 kg, or 6 pounds, could be too much or might just be right for you.

Now, having reached the 80.1, I went to bed soon after a weighed 80.0.

After going to bed, the rest of the 24-hour period is losing weight, not gaining weight. I personally do not drink or eat anything after getting up until after exercising. So I woke up weighing about 78.9 kg. That was a weight loss overnight of 1.1 kg, which is about 2.5 pounds. So at that point, I was then 1.7 kg over the starting weight, down from the 2.9 kg the night before.

I ran for 90 minutes about 5 hours after waking up. At that time, I had dropped to 78.4 kg, which was an additional .5 kg since waking up. That averages out to about .1 kg per hour, or .22 pounds per hour. And that is without exercising or anything else. That is just normal weight loss due to digestion and any other related processes. So before the run, I had dropped from 80.1 the night before to 78.4 kg, which is 1.7 kg. You should start to see now how it is possible to gain 6 pounds during the day and lose it all before the next afternoon’s official weigh-in. At that point, I had 1.2 kg to lose to break even. Of course, I could not do this without exercise. Otherwise, I would have gained weight big time.

So I run and am surprisingly around 76.9 after that exercise session. So at that point, I had already lost weight (instead of losing 1.2, I actually lost 1.5 during the run). Right after going to the bathroom, I then officially weighed in at 76.7 kg. That made for a weight loss of .5 kg for Day 342, or a little more than a pound.

As you can see, it’s possible to gain something like 6 pounds during the day and then have a good night’s sleep and workout and still end up losing weight. However, do not take 6 pounds (3.2 kg in this example) as a baseline for yourself. This may be way too muc for you. Or depending upon your metabolism and exercise lifestyle, it could be even less than what you should gain. This could apply, for example, if you exercise a great amount and need even more food for exercise energy purposes. The purpose of this blog post is to show you an example of how weight goes way up and then way down in the same 24-hour period. But as to how much your weight should be going up and down, you will need to do your own Pentamize tracking to make that determination. For me, I like to actually keep it well below 3.0 kg. But it probably worked out this time because a lot of that was from healthy vegetables, which are obviously not fattening.

Today, I feel that I need to go to bed at a weight that is substantially less than 80.0 kg, which is what it was yesterday. Although that worked out well in the end, it was an unusual drop that probably won’t happen today. So it would be good to go to bed weighing 79.5 or less. After my last meal, I weighed 79.8 kg. That is an increase of 3.1 kg throughout the day, which is just about the same as the 3.2 yesterday. And it was still about 3 hours before bedtime. So there was a little time to lose a bit more weight. At any rate, at least I am below 80.0, which is likely way too much because the drop from bedtime to afternoon weigh-in yesterday was extremely high. I can’t rely on such a drop on a regular basis. Otherwise, I would probably actually gain weight over time.

The 3.1 kg increase today during the daytime is not good. I didn’t have many vegetables today, but I did have some fruit. All in all, today’s diet was probably not as nutritious because the carb content was higher (a little too much bread). At any rate, I am certainly not in terrible shape. But a 2.5 to 2.8 is probably the range that I should be looking for unless I were to drink a very large amount of water. In that case, 3 kg might be just fine. However, I am not generally a big water drinker.

I dropped a lot to 79.2 before going to bed. Unfortunately, I had another poor night of overnight weight loss, losing only .5 to get down to 78.7. Unless my weight falls a lot over the next 4 hours (before my run), then I am in trouble and will probably gain some weight today. I can’t get all the way down to 76.7 kg with any run at all unless it’s something crazy, like at least a half marathon or more. Obviously, I am not going to do that since I am not even trained up for that distance. And it would take a long time for my slow butt.

This leaves the recent overnight weight loss figures at .4 twice in a row, .5, .8, 1.1, and .5 again. These numbers are literally all over the map.

My during-run weight loss was 1.1 kg, which was a decrease from 78.2 to 77.1 kg. Then, I dropped a little more from going to the bathroom, finishing the day at 76.9 kg. That was a pretty small weight gain of .2 kg. With a little more diet discipline, I think I can turn a day like this into one with a little weight loss instead of one with a little gain. But this appears to be within a normal range since I lost so much yesterday.

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