Surprising Loss Of .5 KG Today And Back In 76 Range

Day 342

Today, I will first lay out the weight that I have lost overnight the past 4 days. I am tracking this to see how it is affecting my overall weight loss or gain.

I have lost .4, .4, .5, and .8 the past 4 days. And during that time, I have gained .6 kg, lost .3 kg, gained .4 kg, and lost .4 kg. So when my weight lost overnight is .4 or .5, it seems to be putting me at great risk of gaining weight over that 24-hour period. I had one odd day where I actually lost .3 kg despite losing only .4 overnight. Not surprisingly, the day with .8 kg of overnight loss also resulted in a weight loss of .4 kg for that daily period.

Since the weight lost overnight suddenly jumped to .8 yesterday, I am hoping that the 3 days before that are just a weird temporary anomaly. Those numbers are well below my average. So I am hopefully back to a more normal weight loss while sleeping. Nonetheless, I will closely track and analyze these overnight results for another week or so to get an idea of the bigger picture.

Today, my weight rose all the way to 80.0 before I cut myself off from eating or drinking anything else for the night. That was at 7:45 in the evening. This 80.0 is more than what I was yesterday, and I am definitely in danger of gaining weight. However, the outcome is certainly not clear yet. I ate a lot of vegetables today, so the actual content of my diet was not so bad. I also had some strawberry smoothies with milk and a fairly small amount of sugar. These probably also added quite a bit to my intraday weight gain.

I don’t mind much if I end up gaining a little weight today. There are some days when you just need a little more food than usual. And especially if you eat green vegetables, it’s not going to be surprising when you gain more than when eating mostly meat or other higher-calorie products. Naturally, it takes a lot of green vegetables by weight to get enough calories into your system. So for this reason, I can’t really predict how things are going to work out tonight and in the morning.

Well, I lost more weight overnight compared to most recent days. My weight dropped from 80.0 to 78.9, or 1.1 kg. It’s starting to look a lot like the recent trend was possibly a temporary biological response to the very long streak of weight loss I had right before the trend started. The last 2 days, which showed overnight losses of .8 and 1.1, are more than double the 3 days before that.

I still may ultimately gain a little weight today due to eating a bit too much yesterday. But at least the overnight weight loss situation appears to be normal. I was getting worried that my metabolism had changed for the worse or something. I’ll keep tracking and analyzing this closely for a while. But it’s more important to get ahold of my diet, which has gotten slightly out of control recently.

3 hours later and an about an hour before my run, I had dropped nicely to 78.7 kg. So this could possibly turn into a good day or at least a breakeven scenario. I probably still need to lose a little more weight to break even because my pace will be slow again today.

I lost a whole bunch of weight after 10. First, I started the run at about 78.4 kg. Then, despite having a pretty average run, I was around 76.9. Then, I had a final weight of 76.7 kg. That means the run produced a loss of about 1.5 kg, and I surprisingly lost .5 kg today overall. That was totally unexpected. Maybe the fact that I ate more vegetables yesterday is the reason why my weight went a little too high but then came back down by the end of the 24-hour period. It also helped that I seemed to be sweating a lot during the running session even though my speed wasn’t fast. It warmed up more today than the past few days.

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