Going To Test Slower Runs For a While And Possibly Modify Diet

Day 341

Yesterday was one of those days I was happy with in some ways despite the poor results. I gained .4 kg. But when putting it all together, it becomes clear that there is plenty to be happy about. Of course, I want to get better results, as this would be a long-term disaster. Nonetheless, I expect those results to come soon as long I maintain the right lifestyle.

I am going to recap why I am actually fine with yesterday’s weight gain of .4 kg. To be clear, I did run 90 minutes. So results would have been a meltdown if I had not exercised at all. And my diet really didn’t seem that bad. But the main problem is that I didn’t lose much weight at all overnight. In about 8 hours of sleep, I only lost .5 kg, which even includes peeing after waking up. That .5 follows 2 days in a row of losing only .4 kg.

Now, here is why I am happy. I ran for 90 minutes and only lost 1.0 kg, which is well below average. However, this was a slow run because I simply could not take another fast run yesterday. My heart rate was only about 120. So if I had had better overnight results, then a much slower run than usual would have been enough to lose weight or break even. It’s just that the overnight results were very poor, making it very hard to break even or lose weight with a slow run.

As far as how slow it was, I wanted to take and keep a pace that I could do virtually every day. Unlike most days, I hardly sped up at all in the last 30 or even 15 or 20 minutes. All I wanted to do was keep a pace that I could envision myself doing on a daily basis and only taking a break occasionally. So as long as I can see better results from diet, my feeling is that I should be able to maintain this lifestyle almost indefinitely. I need to be able to maintain with slower runs because these daily runs where the last 20 minutes are hard and often pushing a heart rate of 150 or even more have been wearing me down lately. Make no mistake. I have recently lost a lot of weight after a vacation. I started at 81 kg and weighed in this morning at 77.6 kg. That is a lot of weight and was burned off in less than 4 weeks. But I just can’t keep that pace because it physically but especially mentally starts to burn me out.

So what I am going to keep doing for now is testing slower runs and modifying my diet (if necessary) to at least be able to break even on average while doing these slower runs. And if I can no longer modify my diet, then I can at least have a hard run from time to time to lose weight if necessary. I am constantly working on this diet-exercise balance, as it is one of the keys to my Pentamize weight loss success.

If I can’t even break even with slower runs, then I may be forced to add a second session that is shorter, such as 30 or 45 minutes. This is what I often refer to as extreme measures, but it’s not time to do that yet.

My weight was higher today when I checked it close to bedtime. It was about 79.7, and I was 78.9 when waking up. So at least the weight dropped a little more overnight. The recent overnight drops are now .4, .4, .5, and .8. If the weight continues to drop before the run (it’s about 6 in the morning when I am writing this), then I will be in much better shape than yesterday. But there are no guarantees at this time.

A couple of hours after getting up, my weight had gone down to about 78.6 kg. Things are now moving in a much better direction than yesterday. It’s about 8 in the morning. So I have about 2 more hours before the run. And at this point, even a loss of only 1.0 kg during that run would give me a breakeven day. So I am likely to lose some weight today. It’ss not clear how much, though. But if my weight drops a little more naturally, it could be up to about .5 kg.

I kept a slow pace and ended nicely today. My final weight was 77.2 kg. That was a weight loss of .4 kg, which erased yesterday’s gain. My run was about the same, and my diet didn’t seem to be all that different. However, what seemed to help a lot was that I lost more weight overnight. In fact, if you compare yesterday’s overnight weight loss to today’s, it was .8 (today) and .5 (yesterday). So I lost .3 more overnight and .4 more overall. So a lot of the weight loss today appears to be attributable to that.

However, some other factors that are difficult to track must have also helped me. If it were only the overnight weight loss difference, then I still would have gained .1 kg. As I said, though, other factors, such as how much water weight you lose in a day, are difficult or impossible to track. The key is to track what you can so that you are successful on the average day, as these untrackable factors naturally average out. But you can do things with diet and exercise to control the trackable factors. So you need to focus on that and let the untrackable factors take care of themselves.

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