Streak Of No Weight Gain Ends At 11 Days

Day 337

It’s been a heck of a run of weight loss and and especially great the last 2 days. On Day 335, I lost .5 kg, and I lost .4 yesterday. And yesterday was also the 11th day in a row without gaining weight on any of those days. And 10 of them showed a weight loss, with just one breaking even.

Now, today is starting to look like the end of the streak for at least a couple of reasons. But the good part is that I have hit the 76 range again, dropping from 77.0 to 76.6 yesterday. And over the course of this period, I have dropped a very commendable 2.8 kg, or almost 6 pounds. That is like half a pound a day for 11 days. Don’t confuse this with people doing crazy stuff to lose stuff. I am well aware that athletes can lose 20 pounds overnight to do a weigh-in. But those are not healthy techniques for general weight loss. I am losing this weight without starving or using any kind of ridiculous substances or drugs to lose the weight. It’s all reasonable diet and exercise. 6 pounds over this period with a proper lifestyle is a lot of weight. Of course, it’s not as impressive as dehydrating yourself or other kinds of nonsense. But those techniques are not healthy.

As great as this streak has been, particularly the last two days have been so good that I don’t think this is sustainable. I have lost .9 kg in only 2 days. The pendulum of weight loss doesn’t just keep swinging in one direction. Although I am doing pretty good today, I was up to 79.1 after taking a short nap in the evening. And my body needed a little bit more food. So unless I lose a lot of weight overnight, I just won’t be able to hit 76.6 even after running for 90 minutes. It’s just asking too much because it’s not even normal to lose at least .9 kg in 3 days. And that’s what I need to do to keep the streak alive. That pendulum has gone so fast in the weight-loss direction in two days that it’s likely going to slow down and reverse direction either today or tomorrow. And based on what I am seeing so far, it looks like today may be the end because it’s going to be difficult to do a hard run in the morning. My body can easily run for 90 minutes because it is trained for that duration. However, doing it fast enough is going to be the problem unless my weight drops more than usual tonight when sleeping.

The main thing that I want to avoid today is to keep from going back up to 77.0 or higher. I want to stay in the 76 range. If a hard run seems necessary to do that, then that might be enough to motivate me for a harder run. But at this point, the streak of weight loss ending at 11 days is not really a disappointment at all. So I am not inclined to push myself too hard for that unless I am within about 1.5 kg at the start of the session. If I am over 1.5 kg, then I am not going to push it because it is unlikely that I can shed more weight than that with one of my 90-minute sessions.

Ouch. This streak is definitely over now. But it’s been one heck of a ride for 11 days. I went to bed weighing 79.4 kg. It was still at least possible at that time to turn things around. But when I woke up after a good night’s sleep, my weight had only dropped to 78.7 even after going to the bathroom the first time. This is too small a drop to get back down to 76.6 kg. So my main goal now is to avoid going back above 76.9 kg. In other words, it would be nice to stay in the 76 range. However, I have lost so much weight recently that this was bound to happen. And any result can’t be too terribly disappointing.

A little later, I went to the bathroom. But that only dropped me to 78.6 kg. However, at 10, I finished going to the bathroom and weighed in at 78.2 kg. This is looking a lot better now. Sometimes, you will see a quick drop like this in the few hours after getting up even though the weight lost while sleeping was not that much. In this case, it’s a pretty fast drop of about .5 kg. So maybe this is delayed digestion or something like that since I did eat a bit around 9 at night. At any rate, it would be hard to keep the streak alive because I don’t feel ready for a hard run now. But this should keep me in the 76 range instead of going back up into the 77s. That’s a partial victory in my book.

Despite having a pretty good run and a weight loss of 1.4 kg, there was just too much weight to make up. I ended at 76.9 kg, thus ending my streak of no weight gain at 11 days. I gained .3 kg today. Now that the streak is over, I will focus more on exercising only as much as needed to break even or lose a little weight. For now, the need to keep running 90 minutes a day is gone. However, that will still be necessary on some days. To put it another way, I am back in Pentamize maintenance mode, not recovery mode and certainly not full weight loss mode. So I can reduce runs when possible, based on tracking at the time.

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