I’ve Recovered From My Vacation (4 KG); Trying For 11th Day Without Gaining Weight And To Hit 76 Range

Day 336

Yesterday was a much better day than expected, with a weight loss of .5 kg. After a wild 3 1/2 weeks, I have now completely recovered from my London vacation.

Over this period, I lost 4 kg, which is about 9 pounds. That is an average of almost 3 pounds a week. My starting weight before the vacation started was right at 77.0 kg, and my weight the morning after coming back was 81.0. That is where I get the 4 kg. Actually, I was a little over 83 on the evening that I came back. However, even without exercising that night, it dropped to 81.0 by morning. That is the largest drop I remember seeing without any exercise. However, I officially started the recovery at 81.0 because the 83 was mostly due to a large meal an hour or so before weighing in the evening of my return flight. So to avoid being misleading (although technically true), I felt that the 81.0 mark was the reasonable starting point, which left me with 4.0 kg to lose.

A loss of about 3 pounds a week is close to what I achieved in Pentamize full weight loss mode. When I had a lot of weight to lose (more than 50 pounds), my average per week was about 2.7 pounds. So the approximate 3 pounds over this period is not that surprising since I have worked out virtually every day. I did have 3 cheat days, as well. Without the cheat days, I presume that even more pounds would have been shed over this recovery period. At any rate, it’s all good because I ran 90 minutes almost every day to make up for those cheat day. And about 3 pounds a week for about 3 1/2 weeks is definitely about as much as can be expected, at least when comparing to my full Pentamize full weight loss mode.

During that full mode, I literally worked out every day for about 6 months. However, some were very slow days of only 30 minutes on an elliptical trainer or some other fairly low-intensity exercise. Over this period, I worked out even harder than full weight-loss mode when you consider that there no 30-minute workouts, all of them were about 65 minutes or more, and all of them were in the medium-intensity range (pushing towards high intensity at the end of a few of these runs).

One thing is for sure. When running yesterday, I almost hit a brick wall. I am going to keep going for now with 90-minute sessions only because I have a 10-day streak going. Otherwise, I would immediately drop to 60 or 70 minutes for tomorrow morning’s run. But this kind of streak doesn’t happen much. So I am not going to give up on it until it runs its course.

My streak may be in trouble today simply because the results were a little too good yesterday. In fact, over the last 2 days, I have lost a very large .8 kg. That is certainly not the kind of pace that can be maintained much longer. There is going to be a day soon where, no matter what I do (short of starving), I will see at least a small weight gain.

Today, I got up to about 79.3 kg at 5 in the afternoon. To have any chance of getting back down to 77.0 after tomorrow morning’s run, I must start to sacrifice now. This probably not eating the rest of the day or eating a small snack of maybe .1 or .2 kg. Even that is going to be pushing my luck because my body feels like it needs a slower run in the morning. I’ll still be happy if the streak ends as long as I don’t gain .1 or .2 kg. And I will not kill myself during the run. Rather, it’s more important to reasonably sacrifice on diet the rest of the night.

I did have to eat a little more food, as my energy level was getting a bit too low. After that and going to the bathroom a couple of times, I went to bed weighing about 79.2 kg. So despite eating, it was a sufficiently small amount that I actually lost a little weight between 5 and bedtime.

My weight loss overnight was not great but not terrible. I weighed in at 78.5 kg right after hitting the bathroom. But that was at about 6 in the morning, leaving me some time to lose more before the run. I’ll probably need to lose a little more to keep the streak going because my run is expected to be slower this morning. Maybe I can manage to push it a little towards the end. But I don’t feel as if I can match the somewhat higher intensity of the runs I did the past 2 days.

Before the run, things went well, and the session also worked out great. My body is really feeling some pressure now of running 90 minutes every day. But at least the hard work is showing in the results. I started the run at 78.1 kg, ran a little slower for most of this session, but still managed to lose 1.5 kg. So I got way down to 76.6 kg, which was a weight loss of .4 kg today.

The streak is now at 11 days after today’s results. And I have lost 2.8 kg, which is between 5.5 and 6 pounds. This is one of the craziest streaks that I have ever had now. It probably won’t last much longer. Not sure if my body can keep going for 90 minutes every day. We’ll see how I feel in the morning. It is helping that my left ankle continues to hurt less than before.

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