Another “Reasonable Sacrifice” Day Helps Achieve Big Results

After 8 days in a row of not losing weight (7 losing and one breaking even), I had a risky diet today. We grilled (not my idea, but you know how these things go sometimes), but I tried not to go too crazy.

I had some coke and a little ice cream. But I tried to eat less meat than on last week’s cheat days and definitely consciously chose to eat less rice (carbs are the death of me when it comes to diet). All in all, I rose from 77.8 to about 80.3 by 6 in the evening. Although still a little bit hungry, it was time to sacrifice the rest of the day. At that point, I decided the best thing to do was to only drink more water (includes straight black coffee in my case) the rest of the evening. This is the only way I can ensure a decent chance of losing weight again today. If I were to eat even .2 or .3 kg more, the odds of not gaining weight would be slim. So I must sacrifice the rest of the day to give myself a chance to keep the streak alive. As always, I am talking about a reasonable sacrifice, not starving.

Jumping from 77.8 to 80.3 is 2.5 kg. That is definitely too much with no exercise but not so bad with a 90-minute run scheduled for morning. The difficulty is that I have not dropped much overnight the past few days. It’s not clear why this change has occurred, but I have to be even more careful about dieting now, track throughout the day, and then stop when I reach the weight where I think a breakeven or weight loss is probable by morning. That is not feasible on a break day, as I almost always gain weight on a break day. But when a good workout is scheduled, I have a good chance of losing weight well more than 50 percent of days (clearly, something would be wrong if I were working out and still not losing weight even 50 percent of the time). It’s mostly a matter of diet tracking. Of course, a lot of people do this with calorie counting. But that’s too complicated for me. So I use my own Pentamize tracking techniques, which you can learn in my book.

My weight started dropping quite nicely after I decided to stop at 80.3. I was about 79.8 when going to bed, which was a nice drop and the lowest bedtime mark in a while. Then, after sleeping about 7 hours, I went down to 79.0 kg. While this was not a huge drop overnight, I had gotten up at about 5:30 in the morning. So this is very early. If my weight keeps dropping, that .8 could get a lot bigger. More importantly, though, the 79.0 is way better than any mark I have hit when waking up in a long time. This is looking similar to that day a few days ago when I lost .7 kg. At any rate, my streak of not gaining weight on any single day is about to jump to 9 days in a row. And with a great start like this, I’ll be running 90 minutes to maximize this opportunity. I might even hit 77.0, which would be a complete recovery from the London vacation. However, I am not counting those chickens yet because that would require a daily weight loss of .8 kg. That is not going to happen unless my weight drops quite a bit more before running time, which is about 4 hours away.

My weight just wouldn’t hardly drop after getting up. I was still at 78.9 kg when starting my 90-minute run. What saved me was sacrificing last night. If not for that, I probably would have been in big trouble. Although I ran pretty hard, the result was not as good as yesterday. I lost 1.4 kg, getting down to 77.5 kg. So while I didn’t lose as much during the run, my overall weight loss today was .3 kg. That is better than yesterday’s .1 kg and also secures 9 days in a row of not gaining weight. 8 of them showed an actual loss, and one was a breakeven day. And over this period of 9 days, I have lost 1.9 kg, which is about 4 pounds.

I am going to keep working out until this streak ends. If I can do it again tomorrow, that will make 10 days in a row.

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