A Little More Than a Month To Go Until Hitting One Year For This Blog

Day 332

In 3 days, I will have one month left (30 days) until hitting one year for this blog. That is a whole year of Pentamize weight maintenance. Although I am not exactly at my target maintenance weight of 75.0, a 78.1 (as measured yesterday) is within about 7 pounds. Since I was 106 kg at my max, this is certainly a weight maintenance success in my book. But I want to move back closer to 75.0 before hitting that one-year mark. It’s not necessary to hit that exactly. But 78 to 79 feels slightly short of success at the one-year mark. So I need to keep up the good work. Then, if I feel like it, a celebration may be in order on Day 366. But I am not going to do that unless getting around 76.0 or better.

I am currently in a recovery mode for two reasons. The first is a short vacation to London, but one with way too much food and drink. I rose from 77.0 to 81.0 kg, which is nearly 9 pounds. That was in about a week’s time. Then, I got back down to 78.0 and had two cheat days in a row. The cheat days put me back up to 79.4 kg. Since then, I have lost weight or broken even every day, as follows:

1. lost .3 kg
2. lost .1 kg
3. lost .7 kg
4. lost .1 kg
5. broke even
6. lost .1 kg

Because going a full week without gaining weight on any single day is a great accomplishment, I intend on running for 90 minutes again in the morning. This will be the plan unless I somehow weigh a lot less than expected in the morning (before exercise time). That is not very likely because I rose quickly to about 80.1 kg after the run. Although a lot of this was water, it also included quite a bit of food. My diet is not going great so far today. So I need to be careful and avoid gaining so much that even a 90-minute jog might not be enough to break even or lose weight.

At 9 at night, I finished up eating and was about 80.2 kg. This is a little better than yesterday, which saw me at around 80.4 at bedtime. I could eat more but am not really hungry. So today is more like a small sacrifice and even less than the “reasonable sacrifice” of the past 2 days (read the blog posts for more details on that).

I had toyed with the idea of taking a break today. But I ate too much for that. So it’s back to a 90-minute run, especially because I will likely hit at least hit 78.0 and recover from the 2 cheat days a week ago. Plus, when I am on a hot streak, it’s not good to kill it with a break day. I like to keep that streak alive if possible.

I had the same somewhat poor results overnight. In terms of diet, my results were great. I went to bed at 80.1 but woke up at 79.4, which was another disappointment. I had hoped to be at about 80.0. But for some reason, the past few days have shown a clear change. At night, I haven’t been losing much weight. So while I am doing pretty much everything right the past few days in both diet and exercise, it is a struggle to lose weight on most days.

I had a pretty fast run and finished with a heart rate of about 148. Despite that, the result was just okay. I lost 1.2 kg, weighing in at 78.2 kg. At that point, I was actually .1 kg over, but my run was early this morning. So I still had some time before weighing in. Incidentally, my run was over about 6 minutes early. But at most, that is probably only a difference of about .1 kg.

I weighed in about 2 hours early, but that was still good enough to show a weight loss of .2 kg. My official daily ending weight was 77.9 kg.

77.9 achieves 2 things. First, it means I have recovered from the 2 cheat days a week ago. So it took me 7 days to completely recover from those 2 cheat days. This is why it is advisable to have only 1 or 2 cheat days a month. Otherwise, you are going to be in recovery mode all the time instead of just being in regular maintenance mode. The second thing this has achieved is that it is my lowest mark since returning from vacation. The previous lowest mark was 78.0. And today just edged that out by .1 kg. So my vacation recovery is back on track and looking the best yet at this point. However, my pre-vacation weight was 77.0. So I still have some more work to do to declare victory on this post-vacation recovery.

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