Second “Reasonable Sacrifice” Day In a Row

Day 331

Even though I only broke even on Day 330, it was still an overall success. I ran 70 minutes instead of the usual 90. So if I had done a longer run, I would have lost weight. But the bigger success was that I used the “reasonable sacrifice” diet method to prevent weight gain. And I almost certainly would have gained weight if I had not used that method.

Today, I aim to use the reasonable sacrifice method again, and will be doing this more often for a while. The main reason is not even to lose weight faster in this recovery period, which is not that important. The real importance of being more careful about my diet and tracking rigorously to facilitate that purpose is to be able to exercise less. I have run 90 minutes almost every day for a while now. So the idea is to exercise less and eat less at the same time. I don’t mean doing this every single day. But doing it half of the time or more is a good goal that will allow me to reduce my exercise times on a fair amount of days. My body is getting tired of the constant 90-minute jogging sessions. It’s just a little too much if done more than 6 days a week on average over several weeks. I like the long sessions sometimes, but not every day.

The reasonable sacrifice method does not mean that you have to stay hungry all the time. What I do is track closely and then stop eating when I am reaching the weight that is likely to put me in danger of gaining weight over that 24-hour period. Yesterday’s blog has an example of this. And I will continue this in today’s blog to create a 2-day example of the reasonable sacrifice method. An example with 2 days is a little more informative if you have not done this before.

Yesterday, I was about 80.4 kg when going to bed, and that was about .4 kg lower than the day before. That kind of number probably puts me around the breakeven point yesterday because I had decided to run 75 minutes. With 15 minutes less of exercise, about the most to be expected is to break even in this situation since my weight loss from exercise is likely to be about .4 kg less than the weight lost when running 90 minutes. That would pretty much cancel out the fact that I weighed .4 kg less at bedtime. This is just a matter of simple math.

In the morning, I am going to run 90 minutes again. And since I would like to actually lose some weight if possible, the reasonable sacrifice method calls for me to stop eating when I reach around 80.6 kg. Of course, it’s fine if I never reach that. But if I do approach that, it’s about the point when I need to stop eating for the rest of the day. Notice that I am getting the 80.6 from the fact that I was 80.8 when going to bed 2 days ago, not yesterday. Thus, stopping at about 80.6 gives me a .2 kg advantage at bedtime if I am 80.6 when hitting the sack.

The idea is to stop eating at 80.6 and then have some water or something to drink the rest of the day. And that will hopefully allow me to go to bed at 80.6 or even less.

At 4 in the afternoon, I weighed in at 80.4. So I was getting close to that mark. 4 is too early to completely stop eating. So I ate one more fairly small meal, went to the bathroom, and then weighed in at 80.5 kg. This is looking good so far, and I am not that hungry.

I ended up eating a chicken cordon bleu patty to finish off eating for the night. This only raised me to 80.6 kg after going to the bathroom again. Overall, this is a great weight at 8 at night.

I had another poor result overnight, dropping to only 79.9 again, as measured right after going to the bathroom. However, there is some time to drop a little more because that was at 6:30 in the morning. By about 8, I had dropped to 79.8. It would be nice to get down to at least 79.3 again, like before yesterday’s run. However, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. It’s good that the run will be 30 minutes because it looks like I am going to need every bit of it. The plan is to run from 11 to 12:30.

My weight finally got down to about 79.5 before the run. This gives me a decent opportunity to lose weight, but it’s definitely not certain. If I don’t need to go the bathroom after, it will be very close to the breakeven point of 78.2.

I finished my run and weighed in at 78.1 kg. That is a slim weight loss of .1 kg. The run result was good for an average run that ended at a heart rate of about 144. But the smallish drop overnight was not enough to help produce a big weight loss today. I am still waiting for a day where I drop a lot of weight overnight. And that will be the day when I get a solid overall loss of .4 kg or more. I have never been able to predict when that is going to happen because there is too much randomness to weight loss results.
However, there is an advantage to running at the end of the 24-hour period for each daily weigh-in. By doing that, you can figure out how much you need to work out since weight lost from exercise sessions can be estimated to a reasonable degree of reliability as long as you build up a sufficient history of Pentamize exercise tracking. How much you lose while sleeping, though, seems impossible to predict in my experience. This is when the wildly inconsistent variables, such as digestion time, come into play more. But since these other variables don’t “move” much over the course of an exercise session (thing working out an hour as opposed to sleeping for 7 hours), then it’s easier to predict weight lost during exercise.

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