Time To Get Back To The “Reasonable Sacrifice” Method Through Diet Tracking

I have now lost weight 4 days in a row after having 2 cheat days in a row. One good thing is that I was able to actually slow my pace down (my body needed it) and still lose weight on Days 327 and 328. However, Day 329 was a huge challenge. I didn’t drop much weight overnight and had to run way too hard to lose weight on this day. Perhaps because I decided early to run only 75 minutes today, I got a burst of energy and finished strong, allowing me to just barely lose weight (.1 kg). I would have been way overweight on Day 329 if not for the faster running session.

Today, I already know I will be running only 75 minutes in the morning. So I know it’s a good idea to be more careful about my diet. I am going to get back to hardcore diet tracking and sacrificing if necessary.

Yesterday, I was about 80.8 kg when going to bed. So it’s going to be important to track and try to not get up to that amount or at least not exceed that amount. If I have another overnight disaster and only drop .6 kg like yesterday, I am screwed and will have no chance at all to lose weight with just a 75-minute run. So it’s best to try to be well below 80.8 kg at bedtime.

The idea is to sacrifice and, quite simply, stop eating if I get close to 80.8 kg. Many times during my Pentamize tracking, I would weigh myself multiple times a day even though this is some serious micromanaging of diet. But it works if you are willing to know about when you need to stop and then completely stop eating the rest of the day even if you are a little hungry. Now, as to how you know what weight you need to stop at, that depends on your overall tracking trends. And this is the whole purpose of doing Pentamize tracking – it shows you when to quit eating or how much you need to exercise, depending on the situation you are facing at a particular point in time. Get my book to learn the entire tracking system.

Today, I was a little hungry when reaching about 80.8 2 or 3 hours before bedtime. This is the perfect spot to sacrifice a little because I don’t have to starve to do it. If you really feel you are starving, then eat just enough to quell that feeling, but not so much that you destroy your chance to lose weight or break even by the end of the current 24-hour period. Again, the point of sacrificing on diet is not to starve, at least the way I do it. The point is to abstain when you are a little hungry if you need to abstain that day based on your projections for your final daily weight. Today, my estimate is that I can’t pass 80.8 kg. Even then, it may be difficult. But again, this method is a balance between starving and no sacrifice. I don’t want to starve. But a “reasonable sacrifice” is the goal.

At 9:15 at night, I was back down to about 80.5 kg. This is the exact kind of result I expected from this “reasonable sacrifice” I have been laying out in this blog post.

I went to bed weighing about 80.4 kg. Unfortunately, the same thing happened overnight that happened yesterday. Inexplicably, I woke up and was 79.9 kg. While this result is dreadful in terms of overnight weight loss, it is a striking example and proof that I was right to use the “reasonable sacrifice” method today. I can’t for the life of me understand this situation. But I committed to doing only 75 minutes today, so that’s exactly what I am going to do.

About an hour later, I was 79.8 kg. This is going slow, and I’ll likely gain weight today despite doing everything right in terms of diet. I suppose I could eat even less. But that whole starving thing doesn’t work for me.

By 10:15 in the morning, things were looking a little better. I had dropped to 79.4 kg. That number is way better than yesterday at the same time, when I was still about 79.9 kg. And now that “reasonable sacrifice” is looking a whole lot smarter.

I might still gain a small amount of weight today (nothing is certain yet). But if that happens, it will mainly be due to the fact that I am firm on my decision to do a shorter run. The important thing is that the results would have been much worse if not for using this method.

I will actually be weighing in about an hour earlier today compared to yesterday. It doesn’t matter to me whether it affects the final result. I am getting hungry and want to go run now. But for tracking purposes, I can’t eat until after exercising. So I need to run earlier today.

Whew! I somehow managed to break even today despite running only 70 minutes. But the last 40 minutes of that run were faster, and with a much faster last 20 minutes. That run saw my weight drop by 1.0 kg, which is pretty good for a 70-minute run. That put me down to 78.3 kg. Then, I officially weighed in with a 78.2.

Although today’s “reasonable sacrifice” method only resulted in breaking even, this is a big positive. It means I most likely would have gained weight if I had not used the method.

Now, I have lost weight 4 days in a row with a breakeven day today. So that is 5 days without gaining weight.

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