Another Wild Day Results In a Little Weight Loss

Day 327

After a crazy time on Day 326, I actually managed to lose a little weight. With the cheating days behind me, I am back on the march to losing the 6 to 8 pounds I need to get around my target weight of 75 kg. It will be a long haul, and I am well aware of how hard this is for me. And my body is tired, along with a left ankle that continues to have significant but luckily only moderate pain.

This is the kind of time that might make some people fail. The one thing my Pentamize system cannot do is literally give you the motivation and willpower to do the work. Some people have it, and some don’t. Some have way more than me, especially when it comes to diet. I only have moderate discipline when it comes to diet and probably above-average discipline when it comes to exercise. Still, others will have less motivation and willpower than me, and your results might not be the same. However, you can always focus on at least losing some weight if you are overweight now and maintaining that. We can all improve even if the improvement is not the exact same level as me or any other random person. Just focus on improving yourself. Continue to set a target weight that you can personally achieve and maintain. And if that’s truly all you can maintain, then it’s still a success.

I did so-so on my diet today. My max weight was about 81.3 kg, and my weight then dropped to about 81.2 kg for bedtime. After sleeping roughly 7 hours, my weight had dropped a fairly small amount. I was 80.4 kg. That amount is .2 kg better than yesterday. However, this may improve some since it was 80.6 at about 7 in the morning. There is a little more time until 7, so my weight may drop a little more.

The past 2 nights, my weight has dropped less overnight. But this may be due to the fact that I am now trying to eat less. And when you eat less during the day, you tend to have less weight to lose overnight. So I am trying not to focus on that one factor because it can be misleading. Other major factors in my Pentamize system include the amount of weight increase during the day and the amount lost during exercise. These things must balance out for you to maintain weight, and you do a little extra in order to actually lose weight. So looking at just one of them can be very misleading.

Almost unbelievably, my weight was still stuck at 80.4 at 9 in the morning. Sometimes, it seems the only thing I can do is starve. It looks like I might actually gain weight today after having a .3 kg advantage at bedtime last night. I can work out today for another 90 minutes, but it must be a slow pace. And that is very unlikely to drop me from 80.4 to 79.1, which is what I would need to break even. So unless I go to the bathroom after, I am screwed this time.

Before running, I did drop to 80.2 kg. This puts me in a little better spot, but it’s going to be close to a breakeven weight by the end of the workout. I have to run slow, so I might not even break even. But this is okay as long as I know the effort was there. Proper effort does not always give results on the same day. But if you are persistent in giving the right amount and type of effort, the positive results come.

Today, I ran much slower and hardly sped up at all in the final part of the running session. Yet, I lost 1.2 kg. I know I worked a lot harder yesterday but still somehow lost more weight today. These results are crazy. The 1.2 kg was just enough for me to record another small weight loss today. I finished at 79.0 kg.

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