Wild Day Finally Ends With Weight Loss Of .3 KG

Day 326

I noticed some unusual things going on today when doing my Pentamize tracking. Although my diet was demonstrably better in terms of weight, there was a point in the day when I consciously cut myself off and stopped eating early and even stopped drinking water. Yet, my weight just kind of stuck there.

I had reached about 81.6 close to 5:30 in the evening, which was good compared to yesterday. In fact, I went to bed at about 82.2 yesterday. So this was already an advantage of about .6 kg, with some time left to lose even more weight before hitting the sack. That is when things got weird.

Despite going to the bathroom 2 or 3 times and eating nothing else, my weight didn’t seem to be falling. It was just stuck at 81.6. It was not until about 9:30 at night, when I decided to go to bed early, that my weight finally dropped to 81.5. I would expected at least a .3 kg drop and maybe a lot more during that period. But for whatever reason, my weight just kind of stuck there.

Things didn’t get much better overnight. Despite sleeping over 8 hours, I woke up, had a very long pee, and still my weight was 80.6 kg. Although that was a drop of .9 kg, it seemed like it should have been a lot more. My diet was far better today than yesterday, or at least seemed to be. I ate a banana, a bell pepper, about 3 hot dog weiners, a little bit of bread, and a fairly small serving of pasta. Although the bread and pasta are high-carb products that are not good for my weight-management efforts, these were not large helpings and don’t seem like they would have hurt me too badly.

At rany rate, my weight of 80.6 at about 7 in the morning was the same as yesterday’s mark at about the same time. That means the .7 kg advantage was COMPLETELY ERASED, as if I had no advantage at all. This is disappointing, as it means there is now probably no choice but to run 90 minutes again. I felt like I sacrificed a lot for that advantage, but it’s time to buckle down and sacrifice even more.

My run started out slow and finished quite fast, with a heart rate of about 148. Yet, according to the scale, I lost only 1.1 kg, which reduced my weight to 79.3 kg. That was yet another downer on a day of many downers. Despite that, I went to the bathroom and had an official weigh-in of 79.1 kg. That 79.1 did show a daily weight loss of .3 kg. So while the tracking showed a lot of crazy stuff today, I still managed to lose weight. And a loss of .3 kg in one day is certainly not something to complain about.

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