Gained About 9 Pounds At a Party (Read Full Post For Clear Analysis And To Avoid Confusion)

Day 324

As the headline suggests, you need to read this full blog post to avoid confusion. Otherwise, the headline is misleading. Although gaining weight today, it was not a full 9 pounds over the 24-hour period. The purpose of this post is to show an example of large weight gain from having a party and then how that weight may come back off quickly. However, this is not an endorsement of cheating on your diet because, depending on the situation, all of the weight won’t come back off, leaving you a lot of work to do to lose it all back in the ensuing days and possibly even weeks.

After 2 days of weight loss, that progress was destined to come crashing down because we had a little party at the house. So I had no chance today to break through that 78.0 barrier and get down to the 77 range. But this is fine as long as I am in good spirits and ready to get back to work.

My weight rose pretty dramatically today due to all the cheating. Mostly, I drank a large amount of coke, a lot of meat from the grill, and a good deal more rice than I would normally consume. That was topped off with a little ice cream, as well. But the biggest culprit was probably all that coke.

Starting at 78.1 kg today, my weight rose up to about 82 the 2 or 3 times that I checked it during the day. And when I went to bed, it was at about 82.1 kg. That is a huge 8.8 pounds. Now, if you have never weighed yourself during the middle of a day, don’t be shocked at this number. Although it is a heck of an increase in some respects, a lot of that weight increase is fluid only, including a lot of water. The recommended daily intake of water is about 4 pounds all by itself. So depending on how fast you drink it, you will rise fast like this, especially if you also overeat at the same time.

Note: I am in no way saying that gaining about 9 pounds is the norm. In fact, to compare with my own numbers, this increase on a normal day is more like 7 pounds instead of 9 pounds. Thus, I shot about 2 pounds over today when measuring at bedtime. And it is very common for me to lose a little weight even when gaining 7 pounds during the day. But doing this after gaining 9 pounds is just not going to happen unless that 2 pounds is from water only. Well, most of it today was from food and coke, and that is the 2 pounds that is going to probably stick for a while even after a workout. That is also the part that is going to require a hard recovery.

After sleeping for about 5 hours and getting up at about 4:30 to 5 in the morning, that weight was plummeting pretty fast. It dropped from 82.1 to 81.1. So at least it is falling, which is to be expected when a good deal of the weight is from water. If the weight increase is from pure water, you can expect a very large drop over the next 12 hours or so, including sleep time. However, a lot of my weight was from coke. Since that has a lot of sugar, you won’t drop as much. However, you can still drop a great deal even when drinking non-diet coke because it is mostly water.

Correction: After weighing more closely, it looks like my weight was more like 81.3 to 81.4. It then dropped to about 81.2 by 7 in the morning. The weight is not dropping as much as I expected. But there are times when it does drop dramatically overnight. In fact, just recently, when coming back from vacation, my weight dropped from slightly over 83 down to 81.0 overnight. That is a drop of over 2 kg and over 4 pounds just overnight. Today, the drop is less. Sometimes, you may see a good recovery drop over 2 or 3 days instead of a huge drop in one day. While I don’t have a ready example, I have seen that in my Pentamize tracking.

Even at 10 in the morning, my weight was still about 80.9 kg. This was far greater weight than I was expecting. At a minimum, my weight seems like it should have dropped to at least 80.5.

I was thinking about running 2 hours, but this isn’t in the cards for me today from a mental perspective. So I am going to run for 90 minutes and hopefully at least get down in the mid 79 range. That will still be a huge overall gain on the day, but will certainly be way less than 9 pounds.

After a solid 87-minute run, I weighed in at 79.2 kg. That was a very good loss of 1.6 kg, down from 80.8 kg. Then, I officially weighed in at 79.1 kg after urinating.

Looking at the whole day, I gained right about 1.0 kg. Although that is a large gain, the result is pretty much what I expected – a big gain but nothing like the approximate 4 kg that I had increased between weighing in yesterday and going to bed last night. So that 9 pounds mentioned above is highly misleading if you don’t look at the whole picture.

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